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    Coffee at most. 
    Those drinks fake you out into feeling like you actually have the energy and then it turns into a vicious cycle of needing them because you're just so dang exhausted. 
    Take an extra rest day as an active recovery day as you need it while you're getting yourself weaned off those drinks. 
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    Rachel Nicole,
    Do you need a pre and or post workout meal?  I don't.  Sometimes I run first thing in the morning.  Sometimes right after I get off work.  I actually prefer the first in the morning empty stomach runs.  Some people say they "have to" eat something before they run.  I don't.  I am tired of letting other people dictate my food needs.  Try it out, see for yourself.  If I run after work I'll eat lunch between 12:00-12:30 and run at 4:00.  As long as you are eating enough at your meals you may find you do ok with 3 meals still.  For the record I am currently running 5-9 miles 3 times a week.  I have done this when training for a half marathon, I just signed up for my first full marathon and am planning on doing the same.  I don't have a hard time eating big good fatty meals though, either
    I am certainly not saying that you have to do this, or that it's right for everyone, but I want to ask you to challenge what you are being told you "need".  N=1, right?  You are your own experiment of one.
      I do run with a box of raisins (natural electrolytes!  woohoo!) in my pouch - just in case - when I go more than a certain number of miles. I carry water.  This is what works for me.  I tried nut butters and different concoctions, I had a hard time swallowing and got tired of making.  Sheer lazyness caused me to decide to try and go without.  For the Marathon I'm looking at trying a coconut water/lemon or lime juice (or watermelon chunks!) salt concoction.  Either that or some of these little pre-bottled coconut water kids drink (I told you, lazy!) if the ingredients check out.  "vitamins added"
    Ok, I'll stop blathering on