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    True Primal reacted to Angelia in Possible pre-workout meal option?   
    Well, now that you mention it, I'm not sure either...?  I read the WHOLE30 book and that is what it suggests to get your body amped up and ready to start burning.  In my mind running is a workout, so I was looking for ways for me to get in a pre-workout meal.  I've been running routinely for about 5 years prior to my W30 and never had anything to eat prior to running, but if it would help my performance, my energy, my fat burning/muscle building then I was ready to try it.  As stated, I've thus far not figured out something that works for me - so maybe I DON'T need this piece!  How eye-opening! 
    Thank you so much for your input, @slc_melissa and @True Primal !!  At ease!
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    True Primal got a reaction from Angelia in Possible pre-workout meal option?   
    If fitness is a hobby and you're not struggling to keep weight on, I'm not sure why you think you need a preworkout meal for running. Have you tried just eating after? Post-workout nutrition spike for recovery/rebuild seems more important there.
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    True Primal got a reaction from Angelia in Possible pre-workout meal option?   
    You're saying you run in the morning before work, and then hit the gym in the evening after work? Are you struggling to get enough calories for the day?
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    True Primal got a reaction from DonnaGail in Pancakes/Trail food   
    Chomps are definitely "power fuel" in my mind, also Nick's Sticks.
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    True Primal got a reaction from ultrarunnergirl in New Pre- and Post-Workout Guidelines - Has Anyone Tried It?   
    The article that is linked above is focused on exercise performance with a bias towards carbohydrate fueling.  If there's one time of day where you would try to bump up insulin with low-fat fruit and protein, then during a workout would seem to be that time.  I like blending berries (blackberries, though blueberries work well also) and drinking that right before working out.  Consuming additional hard food *during* a general strength/fitness workout seems impractical to me though.  That's just not the time to be trying to chew anything.
    In any case though, since the purpose is exercise performance, the thing to do would be measure your exercise performance.  Perhaps experiment with different amounts/types of food and see what works best?
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    True Primal got a reaction from ShieldMaiden in Bacon Fat as Cooking Fat?   
    Yes - hanging it from the oven racks is the new peak performance way.  Baking it laid flat is so 30,000 BC.  Or maybe reverse those two.
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    True Primal reacted to kirbz in New Pre- and Post-Workout Guidelines - Has Anyone Tried It?   
    You make another great point. I'm probably not necessarily going to find advice on fueling strategies for something like 10 hours of hiking here. :-) I'll probably have to figure that out for myself or rely on other research. Thanks for sharing the link. That article was very interesting. 
    I'm also reading a book called Training for the New Alpinism, which includes information on nutrition and fueling (which I haven't gotten to yet). Hopefully that advice won't be mutually exclusive of Whole30 and I can follow their advice while aligning generally with Paleo/Whole30 foods. :-) 
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    True Primal got a reaction from Lorna from Canada in Protein (beef fat)   
    Thanks, those are interesting!  They focus on lipophilic toxin molecules accumulating in fat.  It certainly makes sense for some toxins to be more likely to accumulate there.
    I still wonder, more holistically, though, if it's really a win to trim the fat off of low-quality meat.  For example, if you feed glyphosate-coated grains to cattle, where does the glyphosate mostly go?  Glyphosate doesn't appear to be lipophilic.  And that's just one molecule (though perhaps one of the more relevant ones).  It seems like it would come down to a question of what are the most commonly found concerning toxins in factor-farmed meat, and whether those are lipophilic or not?
    Incidentally, we only use pastured 100% grass-fed beef in True Primal soup.  It might be worthwhile to create a page on this topic, both in general and as a selling point for our soup, but will need to do more investigation.
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    True Primal reacted to Lorna from Canada in Protein (beef fat)
    There's a couple to get you started.
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    True Primal reacted to Alibird in Corrections to the Whole30 Fast & Easy cookbook?   
    Is there a way to get post publication corrections for a cookbook? P218 of the Whole30 Fast & Easy cookbook has the time to cook listed as 6 hours on low and 8 hours on high, which is obviously incorrect. Is there a correction anywhere? 
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    True Primal reacted to Jihanna in Butter or ghee   
    I keep my ghee and coconut oil on the same shelf. Here in Georgia, it can get pretty warm, and I've noticed that while my coconut oil will usually stay solid until it hits around the 80s, my ghee has pretty constantly stayed at least partially melted unless it's been a rather chilly day... but that said, I've never had an issue with the ghee functioning or tasting like it should. If it worries you, though, you could always store it in the fridge.
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    True Primal reacted to Lorna from Canada in Bacon! Please Help   
    That is very good to know @True Primal. Hubs and I take pre-cooked bacon when we backpack or canoe trip - I was thinking I'd have to give up bacon on these excursions which would be very sad since we just discovered an amazing shelf stable egg product last year (OvaEasy and our bacon and egg and potato hash breakfast miles from the nearest road (or cell tower but that's another story) are an amazing part of our trips. I'm excited - can you tell? 
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    True Primal got a reaction from Lorna from Canada in Bacon! Please Help   
    FYI, pedersonsfarms makes Fully Cooked Uncured No Sugar Added Hickory Smoked Bacon. It's a little more expensive than grocery bacon, but since it's shelf-stable it can ship anywhere.
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    True Primal reacted to SugarcubeOD in 365 Pea Protein Powder - OK on Whole 30?   
    Smoothies are not recommended but they are not technically against the rules.