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  1. The squaffles and fries sound like junk made to look/sound healthy, and SWYPO, Just as easy to boil some potatoes. The salmon sound good though.
  2. I think that you can be pretty flexible, I live in deepest Cumbria and I suspect my nearest Spaghetti Squash is London! Butternut is fine as a substitute. If you want fancy buy a spiralizer and make butternut noodle and things like courgetti with it. Quite frankly, life is too short to worry.. I just make cubes and eat them with what ever Im eating. Meat is expensive.... I must say that Americans have it easy, with the price of things over there. Here I'm not prepared to spend too much on meat. I but a bit of grass fed on line from Green Pastures... Its not organic but they just dont wa
  3. Stock cubes Anybody know of any compliant ones?
  4. British problem. I enjoy my tea..that's Yorkshire Tea. With milk. Other milk substitutes are just Wrong in tea. Hate coffee, dislike fruit teas. They are insipid and overpriced, I'd rather drink water. So what do other people drink? Oh lemon in black tea is OK once in a while, but will rot the enamel on your teeth if drunk by the gallon as I do my tea. Ideas, please.