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  1. Happy Monday everyone! Somehow, I managed to survive what I am calling the Weekend of All the Pizza. First, my family wanted pizza and beer while we watching the Drum Corps International finals on Saturday night. I had my salad with cold leftover rib eye and Tessa Mae ranch, so all was good, but the cold beer did look appealing. Then I had to order more pizza for the student leadership at my job ( I am a university band secretary) and the whole building smelled of pepperoni. More salad and ribeye. More water.... I last had pizza on July 30, just before I started this Whole 30. My face broke out the next day (Really? Acne AND Wrinkles! there ouught to be a law) Just kept thinking that the pizza would taste good at first, but then I would feel sluggish and bloated for the next two days. Learning to think about the consequences in advance is my takeaway for this current Whole 30.
  2. I'm 52 and on day 9.
  3. Day 17 and NO Results!!

    I have completed 2 Whole 30's and am finishing up a third. The magic happens the last week. Seriously.
  4. Newbie starting April 10th

    I started on the 10th as well. Go us!
  5. Re-committment

    I am in the same place. Did a successful WH30 last year, saw huge changes in health indicators, then over the holidays, got a little crazy. Was successful in January, but then stress (death to someone close) just threw me off, so I started again on Monday. So far, following the Timeline and feeling a bit hung over. But since you were successful once you know how good you feel on day 30, and I am longing for that again.