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  1. Hi, I'm on Day 17 and have truly never felt better. I love all the foods I'm eating and have banished sweets and bread cravings. Amazing. My issue is that tomorrow I'm going to stay with my son and his family for five days. I have told him about the Whole30 and he's super supportive, but I'm worried about sticking with the program in total. There will be lots of other family members there, and I really can't expect that all meals will be compliant. I will do my best and know that I can avoid sugar, sweeteners, and grains. However, consuming only compliant fats and oils, as well as avoiding all dairy might be tougher. I'm prepared to start over when I return, so I'm not sure why I'm even posting this.... But I suppose putting it out there might serve to help me avoid the "oh what the hell," syndrome that I've fallen for many times. I do want to continue with this! Thanks for listening! PS I'm flying, so bringing items other than what I will eat for lunch tomorrow won't be possible. The challenge begins with dinner!
  2. Muscle cramps?

    Thanks for asking, Praxisproject. The cramps are gone for now at least. I'm still not sure what caused them, specifically; but in general, I'm a lot more relaxed than I was the first week or two of my Whole30. I think perhaps the sugar withdrawal was causing some of my tension? I decided not to invest in the Natural Calm until I suffered a little longer and in the meantime, the cramps subsided. Thanks again.
  3. Day 12, LOVING this program!

    Hi! I'm on Day 12, too, and feeling super. I'm waking with a clear head after nine ( ! ) hours of sleep each night, my energy stays pretty constant throughout the day, and the sugar cravings are GONE. That one amazes me, as it means I don't even crave diet coke, which has been with me every day for forty years. For that alone, I'm grateful for this program. Not sure if the weight is coming off-- I don't see many changes in the mirror, but as of today, I'm upping my exercise, so we'll see. So glad to have found this!
  4. Starting May 16

    Day 10!!! I'm amazed to have made it this far. By now, though, I've invested so much $ in almond flour, arrowroot powder, coconut flour, coconut milk, coconut aminos, coconut oil, (I'm grateful for my love of coconut!), etc. that I'm pretty sure I'm here for the whole 30 (get it?) My mood is good, and except for muscle cramps at night (for which I will try Natural Calm, thanks to advice on this forum) I'm feeling really good-- definitely more energy and waking easier in the morning. I've been spending a WHOLE lot of time cooking. The recipes I've tried and loved from the book are: Grilled Coconut-Curry Chicken, Cod With Mushroom and Red Pepper Relish, Cauliflower Mash (never thought I'd get my husband on board with this one, but he liked it too), and Asian Turkey Meatballs. All winners that I will keep in rotation. I also tried ( and didn't care for): Coconut Cauliflower Rice, Spinach Frittata, and the No-Fuss Salmon Cakes. I'll be looking for another compliant recipe for salmon cakes, because they make such a convenient lunch, especially with the tartar sauce made from the homemade mayo. I've subbed plain seltzer for my diet coke and those cravings are almost gone. I've discovered almond butter, which is just as good on celery as my beloved peanut butter. I've developed a taste for scrambled eggs (with clarified butter). And I really haven't missed bread as much as I thought I would. All in all, a good nine days so far. This forum is making a big difference for me-- so much info and help and support right here. Oh, and I subscribed to the daily email, which is ridiculously helpful in terms of motivation. Pushing that little "I completed another day" and then seeing whatever silly video they send in reply is something I look forward to. Thanks!
  5. Muscle cramps?

    Thanks so much-- off to find some Natural Calm!
  6. Muscle cramps?

    Thanks for the replies! I feel as though I drink a lot of water, but will start keeping track. I take a multivitamin, and do salt my food (liberally, usually). Is there a supplement that any of you would suggest to up my potassium and magnesium?
  7. I suppose this isn't truly a "medical condition," but has anyone had lots more cramping of muscles while on Whole30? My calves and my hands have been intermittently cramping, especially at night. Not sure if I need more magnesium or am missing the calcium from my daily glass of milk, or something else is going on. I'm on Day 9 and am well past menopause, if that makes a difference.
  8. "Leaner Creamer"

    You are right. 66 is NOT OLD!! Most days. I'm 66 also, and I have battled the feeling that it's a waste of time (and treats) to try to do this Whole 30 thing. But, I'm now on my 8th day, and I feel really good. The food on my plate looks beautiful and tastes delicious, I'm sleeping better and waking actually feeling bright-eyed. I intend to keep this up and if your mom would like a buddy that's as old as she, please give her this post! Hope she decides that she's worth it-- we old gals gotta stick around for our grands!
  9. Starting May 16

    Day 7! In some ways, I can't believe it's here already. In other ways, I feel as though I've been eating this way for a very long time. I tried to have leftover fish and veggies for breakfast yesterday and actually gagged. So that is not going to be a staple for me. I will stick to eggs until I can come up with something else, I guess. I've read some people are eating "pumpkin custard?" What is this and where can I fine the recipe? Sounds like a breakfast thing to me. Otherwise, the day was fine. I spent some time in the kitchen in the morning, making a batch of salmon cakes for lunches throughout the week. Also made a new batch of protein salad and some balsamic vinaigrette. For dinner last night, I cooked a pork roast which we had with unsweetened applesauce, roasted potatoes, carrots, and asparagus. I haven't had too many cravings-- I think they are still in my future. My diet in the weeks just prior to starting the Whole30 was so sugar and carb loaded that I think my body is still breathing a sigh of relief. It will wake up and go, "Wait. You haven't fed me sugar in a week? Well, now. I object!" fairly soon. I've subbed my diet coke for unflavored seltzer and actually am enjoying it-- very refreshing. Have a good week, everybody!
  10. Starting May 16

    Hi Day Fivers, Abbyn, thanks for the Diet Coke advice. I've known I need to give it up for a long time, that everything you read is true---it does cause bloating, increased hunger, etc etc.. But it's been a part of my day (and evening) for so many years..... I stopped drinking alcohol ten years ago, and my diet coke has been my "treat" when my husband and/or friends order wine. But exchanging one addiction for another has not served me well at all. Being prone to sugar addiction, my dragon just is a little fiercer than a lot of yours. I can still beat him! My day today has been good, food wise, but I'm still super irritable. I actually told the fishmonger at Whole Foods that I might have kept the piece he'd cut that was too large if he'd been a little nicer. OMG. I am now THAT old lady?? Anyhow, next time I go there, I will apologize to him-- if he didn't quit the job in hopeless shame. Good luck on the weekend, everybody. We WILL make to Monday!
  11. Flavored seltzer?

    Thanks, Laura. I think I knew I should wait, but I don't waaaaant to! Whining over. Thanks for the reply.
  12. Flavored seltzer?

    I'm on Day 4 and so miss my Diet Coke. I have a bottle (previously purchased) of seltzer with ingredients listed as only "natural fruit flavorings." No sweetener listed. Is this ok, or is it one of the dreaded SWYPO items? (learning about this acronym is one of my favorite things so far about the Whole 30)
  13. Starting May 16

    Hi, Day 3 went really well, although I did sneak in a nap in the afternoon. For dinner, I had a hamburger patty topped with onions fried in 1 T clarified butter. Too much fat? It was so delicious that I feel that it MUST have had too much fat! Giant salad and mixed roasted veggies accompanied. Today, day 4, I found some Whole 30 approved bacon at Whole Foods, and fried three strips with two fried eggs. I've had protein salad every day since Day 1-- perfect for a quick lunch. Along with green beans and pepper strips, it's really satisfying. Dinner will be baked salmon with salad and sweet potato. The only thing I'm missing is my dear departed Diet Coke. I wonder if I'll ever stop craving something sweet to drink.
  14. Protein Salad Recipes

    This afternoon, I mixed curry powder with the mayo, and added a few raisins and a few pine nuts. Loved it!
  15. Acronyms!

    This is a REAL newbie question, but what is the Whole 9? TIA