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  1. In the past, my husband has noticed sensitivities to phytic acid in grains and baking cocoa which he has done fine with as long as we soak the grains or he gets enough calcium (from raw milk) to help process it. We just started a whole30 and he immediately noticed issues with sweet potatoes. After doing some research, he found out they have phytates also. Since he can't drink milk for 30 days, should we just eliminate the sweet potatoes or is there another way to deal with phytates?
  2. I have 7 kids (ages 17 down to 1) and want to do a whole30. My kids are pretty good about eating whatever I fix so I'm planning on just making large amounts of what I am choosing to eat. Since I am having to learn new dishes (I usually cook from scratch anyway, but am used to using grains, legumes, dairy etc) AND cook such large amounts, I am trying to plan out meals and shopping lists and I'm feeling very overwhelmed at getting this right, having enough of the right foods on hand, and not falling back into familiar dishes because I don't know what to fix. Any suggestions?