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  1. LA_Cam_Op

    Homemade Vitamix'd Green Juice

    I never asked for "ideal". Not once. I was/am emergency planning. But thanks for your off-topic and condescending feedback.
  2. LA_Cam_Op

    Homemade Vitamix'd Green Juice

    My apologies, I was quite unclear and should have mentioned that this green juice would simply be taking the place of my vegetables in a meal. I would still be eating meat and some fat (assuming the meat is lean).
  3. I understand eating my food is preferable, however, in the interest of pre-planning for an emergency I'm wondering if the following green juice would be allowable (makes 6 servings). It travels incredibly well and keeps for a few days in an airtight container inside the fridge . 12 ozs water, 4 stalks celery, 1 zucchini, 1 yellow squash, 1 large chunk ginger, 1 apple, 1 lemon, 2 cucumbers, 4 cups mixed greens, ice, handful of cilantro, handful of parsley. I have used this drink in the past (not on Whole30) when I was working a crazy job doing 16hr days. Any feedback appreciated. Cheers.
  4. LA_Cam_Op

    Veggie Medley

    Excuse the spattered stovetop
  5. LA_Cam_Op

    Veggie Medley

    Oh, totally forgot: for a slight variation: throw a bunch (8ish) peeled garlic cloves into the HOT cast iron pan, after the ghee goes in, but before the veggies pop in there
  6. LA_Cam_Op

    Veggie Medley

    Tried this once, and that's all it took to become a regular on my food menu! 2 yellow squash 2 green squash 1 large red onion *Split the squash vertically, then split the halves into long, skinny strips. I get about 6-8 per half. *Cut the onion into the thinnest RINGS that you can. Either use a veggie basket/tray, or a cookie sheet lined with foil (be aware that using a cookie sheet really doesn't allow the squash to lose their moisture and you will end up with a limper veggie medley): *Layer the onions on the bottom. *Spray (I use a Misto) with EVOO, if no sprayer -- drizzle. *Make a salt/pepper pinch bowl (about 2/3 pepper) and sprinkle the onions liberally with mixture *Layer the split squash on top of onions. Try to keep them at one layer only. *Spray/drizzle with EVOO. *Sprinkle salt/pepp mix, but NOT as much as you used on the onions. *Use either your grill or broiler to get the veggies to a cooked, but firm level. *Have a searing hot cast iron skillet (I love you, Lodge) ready to have a tablespoon of ghee dropped into it. Distribute ghee evenly. The pan needs to be HOT. Did I mention HOT?! *Drop the veggies in the pan, and using coated tongs or wooden instruments, try and get the onions in contact with that searing hot iron to caramelize them. Takes me about 10 mins in the cast iron to get a real nice color and some singeing going. Enjoy. The veggies keep incredibly well. Easily 4 days inside a well-sealed glass container.