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  1. Thank you. After giving it some thought about what Tom said and also what you replied, I am going to wait until I am fully recovered to do this. I have been making changes here and there which has been helping and I intend to eat very clean after surgery.
  2. Thank you. I will definitely ask my doctor. As for the food, I started making Whole30 recipes and it is the first time I have sat down to eat and not experience pain or bloating in God knows how long. I feel elated just about this small feat! I don't want to undo the very little I have already started to accomplish. Day 23 No coffee Day 11 Smoke-Free
  3. Hi Everyone, I found out I need surgery after making the commitment to begin the Whole30 on June 1st. I am already prepping food and meals before I go in for me and my family (who is not doing the Whole30) but here is my concern. I will be out of work for 6 weeks and I am not allowed to lift or doing anything extensive. I just started Zumba so that is out for 6 weeks. It is surgery to have a tumor removed from my kidney so I will have a drain for a while. What are some gentle ways I can get some movement in? Walking? I'm determined not to let this get in my way. Thank you all in advance.
  4. JennSeitzer

    Starting June 1st - First Whole30

    Thank you all SO much! I'm so grateful to not go through this alone! Yes! This is where I will be sharing my journey, every day as long as I can due to having surgery on June 7th.
  5. Greetings Everyone, I have pondered about doing the Whole30 for a long time. I was just diagnosed with diverticulitis and also a mass on my kidney. I am now 5 Days Smoke-Free (with the help of the patch) and 15 Days Caffeine Free. After completing my antibiotics and now feeling better, I want to up my health further by healing my gut, getting clean and getting fit. Tomorrow I will be cleaning out my pantry and will take my Before pic. I hoping that my family comes along with me but if not, no worries because I am committed to my health. After this episode, I truly began to take stock of what is important to me. I turned 46 May 7th and all of this is my gift to myself whether I begin by myself or not. Very happy to be here. Much Love & Peace, Jennifer