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    TryingOver got a reaction from RandiW in What's for dinner?   
    We are having a tex-mex cauliflower rice casserole. However, my go-to for a low key dinner is a stir fry or roasted vegetables with baked fish or chicken. 
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    TryingOver got a reaction from gdh22 in Advice on planning for long commute and long work meeting   
    @gdh22 For caffeine you could try black tea (I really like chai). It won't have as much caffeine as an energy drink or coffee, though.
    If you could eat egg muffins or something similar on the go and then have the fruit when you get there, that would make for an okay breakfast. You could add spinach, mushrooms, etc to the egg muffins so that you have protein and vegetables. For snacks you could bring olives and Epic bars. I actually frequently bring pouches of tuna and olives to work events and add them to salad at lunch to make a complete lunch, but I definitely understand if pulling out a pouch of tuna makes you uncomfortable. You could also bring sliced vegetables (bell peppers, cucumber, carrot sticks, etc) along with a compliant dip (guac, beet root hummus, baba ganoush) for a snack before you head home. 
    I frequently travel and eat a pouch of tuna with a pouch of olives dumped straight into the tuna pouch at the airport (not on the plane) and that has lasted as a dinner when there weren't other compliant options available. 
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    TryingOver reacted to wag_2013 in Valentines Day Breakfast Menu Suggestions   
    We wont have much time (about 30 minutes to eat before our kid wakes up)  but i want to do something special for my guy. I'm thinking...
    - bacon baked into heart shapes 
    - coconut milk lattes (just coffee and coconut milk)
    - over medium eggs also in heart shape (hopefully!)
    - oven roasted sweet potatoes in (you guessed it!) heart shape with cinnamon and ghee
    Planning to make the potatoes and bacon the night before and focus on the eggs and lattes the morning of. I want to add in some strawberries with a balsamic reduction, but not sure if that is too SWYPO.
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    TryingOver reacted to Roselite8 in I did it! 30 days   
    The part I might be most impressed with is that I found some willpower that I never knew I had! And I must say, the results I see today have exceeded all expectations. 
    I am a vegetarian who is experiencing thyroid and autoimmune issues, and I have some weight to lose. Going into this, I was truly concerned about my ability to stick with this program, especially since I don't eat meat and can't handle eggs. I followed the Whole 30 vegan guidelines, using mainly properly soaked and prepared legumes and occasional nuts and tofu/edamame as my protein sources. I did not eat grains or dairy at all, and I am not aware of any slip ups. So just sticking to it is a big accomplishment for me.
    I got on the scale today (day 31) and was overjoyed to discover that I lost exactly 8 pounds in 30 days. Due to my thyroid issues, this is incredible to me! In the past, weight normally creeps off at a much slower rate, and that's with cardio and weight training several times week. During my Whole 30, all I did was take a walk one or two times a week.
    Other great NSVs: My digestion is much improved! So much less gas, no more stomach pains, less bloating, more consistency, etc. People have commented that my skin looks really good now, and that they can see an improvement. (One friend said that I look better than I ever have.) My energy levels are stable and consistent, which is wonderful! My nails and hair are also growing fast and looking healthy.
    I wanted to share this in case it might encourage other vegetarians and vegans to give Whole 30 a try. I know that I was intimidated when I first looked at the protocol, but it can totally be done. 
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    TryingOver reacted to ladyshanny in Moderate to Severe Depression and the Whole30   
    Housekeeping: No one here is permitted to belittle or treat anyone poorly so if you have seen any posts about depression or anxiety or the folks that deal with that, which are not in keeping with our forum standards, please report them so that we can investigate. I speak for everyone here when I say that we wish you all the best in your goal of feeling better and recovery, whatever that might look like for you, medication or not!
    Depression isn't something you can "smile" your way out of nor, in most moderate to severe cases, can you Whole30 your way out of. However, there are certain things that we really really recommend for anyone suffering from depression or anxiety. The first one is to go easy on yourself and understand that you are doing the best you can right where you are and that's enough. Second, eat enough food! Make sure you are eating enough and composing your meals well enough that you are easily making it 4-5 hours between. If that's not the case unfortunately symptoms tend to get worse, mostly because you're eliminating those serotonin bumping foods like sugars. So eat up. Third, include at least a fist sized serving of starchy vegetable at least once a day. We tend to say you will probably need more than someone not suffering from these conditions. If you find yourself sinking, check your starch quantities. Inadvertently going low/lower carb isn't the right path for most people with depression or anxiety.
    Finally, we're here. Some of the mods have similar significant mental health diagnoses and most of us have worked with/coached folks in similar situations as yourself here on the forum. We can help to some degree.  
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    TryingOver reacted to SugarcubeOD in Compliant sub for maple syrup in a recipe?   
    I JUST did this last night... I had roasted fridge dregs (purple cabbage, kale, broccoli, brussels sprouts and a few questionable mushrooms and when I reheated some for dinner, I drizzled balsamic on them - SO GOOD!
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    TryingOver got a reaction from katelo in Meal composition   
    This section of the Whole30 website for resources includes a link to the meal template (and other helpful resources):  Template: 
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    TryingOver reacted to AliS in Hosting a girl's night & Superbowl   
    So today is the day of the girl's night I am hosting. EVERYTHING I am making is whole30 compliant. I know what I have will make a delicious meal with bunch of options for everyone to enjoy. I've worked like a crazy person today though.... the good news is I've now prepped a lot of stuff for tomorrow & even for meals for my family through the rest of the week. 
    My Girl's Night Spread (I'm hosting): 
    Fruit platter (pineapple, strawberries, blackberries, halo oranges, red grapes) <-- also had bought cantaloupe but forgot about it and the plate is full. Used to the top of the pineapple as a center of the platter as a fun decoration.
    Veggie platters (purple cauliflower, rainbow carrots sticks, celery, cucumbers, radishes, broccoli, grape tomatoes, mini peppers)
    Black Olives (i won't eat those... I only like olives in things... my husband opened some up so I'm putting them out)
    Burger bites (small tiny burger patty, romaine lettuce, a grape tomato, & a pickle on a toothpick)
    Bacon Wrapped Enchilada Jalapeno poppers
    Dips: Marinara Sauce, Ranch, and a bbq sauce that isn't bbq I'm used too so it's kind of tastes between ketchup & bbq which is fine <--- all made & Whole30 compliant. 
    I kept going back and forth between bacon wrapped hot dogs, but I thought that was overkill. Sprouts had the Applegate (?) or whatever that brand is that is Whole30 complaint on sale for $3.99!! I will probably do this tomorrow for what I take to the Superbowl Party plus the jalapeno poppers. 
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    TryingOver got a reaction from Ada B. in Working 6 days a week   
    My husband and I have a busy week coming up (events in the evening every night, and each day getting up at 4:30 am). So, we're increasing our meal prep today to include dinners (the only meal we usually cook). We're doing a big batch of roasted vegetables (potatoes, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts) plus cooking some tuna, salmon and eggs (we're limiting meat this round, but you could easily cook a batch of ground beef or ground turkey). Then you can reheat dinner easily. 
    I also recommend having "emergency food" on hand - the "I really absolutely cannot cook tonight" food. We keep pouches of tuna and olives on hand that we can easily toss over greens and have as a salad or eat with bell pepper strips and cucumbers for a no cook dinner. 
    Finally, if meal prep isn't your thing and you want a hot meal, you could do stir-frys. They take very little time to cook, especially if you splurge on pre-cut vegetables. Toss the vegetables and a few eggs in a pan and add some fish sauce, coconut aminos, garlic and ginger powder and you have dinner in under 15 mins.  
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    TryingOver got a reaction from GnawGnaw in Seattle Area - H Mart (Korean)   
    I'm not in the Seattle area, but walked into a Korean store today looking specifically for chili flakes (I'm planning on making my own kimchi) and they also had compliant red curry paste at a great price. 
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    TryingOver reacted to GnawGnaw in Seattle Area - H Mart (Korean)   
    After going to Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, PCC, QFC, Fred Meyer, and Costco, I've found the promised land for Whole30 groceries at an amazing value: the Korean supermarket H Mart.  
    Years ago, I worked in DC where everyone was doing paleo and eating really boring meals.  Except one colleague who made Moroccan spiced carrots, ginger lime stir-fry dishes, grilled meats with exotic spice rubs. That dude was eating WELL.  So when I decided to do Whole30, I wanted to be more like that guy and less like the folks who brought salads with boiled chicken breast and lemon wedges.  
    When I lived in LA, my parents often drove to K-Town for groceries, even though they live by tons of large Chinese supermarkets because the Korean market's quality in produce and meats are really high. When I moved to Seattle years ago, I started going to H Mart in Lynnwood because they're large, the produce is cheap, and their meats are very high quality without being crazy expensive.  I'm Chinese, but I've never liked the Chinese markets in Seattle (cheap, but generally low quality meats and produce) and I have no patience for the chaos of Vietnamese markets in the international district, although they have super fresh produce at great prices (still not so sure about the meats though). 
    After stocking up my first Whole30 week grocery shopping at all the typical super markets, going to H Mart was a huge game changer for value when I am having to buy as much fresh produce and meat as I do now.  Plus, the wide and interesting variety of produce and meat blows a typical supermarket out of the water - I am craving variety when I'm on Whole30.  Subbing out Yukon potatoes for purple yams and adding never-loses-its-crunch lotus root in my breakfast hash.  Making Korean galibi tang (spare rib soup) with daikon instead of normal bone broth, so I am eating foods with flavors I'm more familiar with. 
    Fresh cheap produce: cilantro, onions, shallots, apples, lotus root, green veggies, green onion, pre-peeled taro, citrus, daikon, napa cabbage, Chinese hollow-vegetable, Korean cucumber (so cute!), whole peeled garlic cloves, purple potato, white sweet potato, Asian pear, all types of hot peppers, huge array of garnishes, etc.  The cost of produce is around 50-75% less and for doubling your recipes and stuff you're going to cook right away, this is the place to be to get anything non-organic.  Asian potato and sweet potato varieties are usually more dense so they spiralize extremely well, and have a naturally more sweet, nutty flavor than a Yukon or sweet potato.  
    You'll have to dig around the produce because the quality is less consistent, and their cheap fruit is imperfect, but otherwise tastes great (and mad cheap). 
    Most of all, Koreans don't play around with their meats - the meat section has an insane array of different cuts of all animals. Hello thinly sliced pork belly for bacon lovers, bones galore for bone broth, sliced and chunks of meat perfect for stir fry and soups, and Wagyu style beef that look like art.  
    Coconut milk and coconut cream (read the labels) are cheap and good quality.  I've never understood why coconut milk is so expensive at typical markets. 
    Their home good section has some cheap and very useful tools like a super fine mesh strainer for $5 for my bone broths, colanders with bowls attached for all the veggie washing, lots of air tight snap containers usually for making kimchi, and all sorts of gadgets.  
    Things I don't/can't get:
    Organic - stick to your typical supermarket for organic produce without skins and meat, if that's your vibe. Jicama, whole taro, and garlic - just doesn't look that great to me Any leafy veggie that has a lot of dirt - I'm too lazy to wash it off.  This is mostly their spinach but I don't like their broccoli, either. Jar kimchi - only one type without sugar and it is enormous  None of the market-made korean side dishes (ingredients aren't marked) Coconut aminos - so much coconut everything, except aminos There are still a lot of things I must get from Trader Joe's, QFC, and Whole Foods, like butternut squash, bananas, bulk bin stuff, nuts, dried fruit, etc.  
    So be that dude with the tasty af meal by just subbing out a few of your basics with Asian varieties.  
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    TryingOver reacted to klnyc in Lara / RX bars as meal replacement   
    Thanks, I brought the Larabar and some compliant beef jerky just in case and got lucky. For breakfast they had hard boiled eggs so I was able to eat those with some berries. For lunch, they had a salad as part of the meal so I was able to order a special one without cheese and dressing, so I ate that with the beef jerky. It was a seated lunch in a ballroom like space, with waiters, etc. so it would have been really awkward for me to break out my own food.
    Appreciate the advice.
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    TryingOver reacted to WZRDREAMS in Traveling to Memphis Tennessee   
    Hi Elainedut,
    Well, I had a two part flight from NYC with a layover in Charlotte.
    I brought along with me a big bag of emergency food stuff that would have fed me for the entire weekend if necessary, though it didn't include vegetables. It included several types of Epic meat sticks (which I had never tried and descided I didn't like the texture of), homemade plantain chips (I made them, so they are compliant), a few turkish apricots, a baggie of mixed nuts, Epic bites in two flavors, 3 individual packets of almond butter (one was a by Pro Bar and has dates and coconut oil in it which gave it a nice flavor), and 3 RX bars (mixed berry is my new favorite). I ended up not eating the majority of the snacks, though I was very happy to have it.
    My travelling companion has access to the American Airlines Admirals Lounge (nice!) in NYC and Charlotte where there is free food and drink. I was able to eat hard boiled eggs, bananas, oranges and unsweet tea for the breakfast leg of the journey.
    The first day in Memphis, Saturday, we arrived at like 10:30am (11:30 EST). After checking into our hotel (Comfort Inn downtown... they have fridgerators and microwaves in the rooms) and we headed over to the Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Hotel (where MLK Jr was murdered) and spent most of the day there. It's an intense museum and I highly recommend it.
    Afterwards (around 6pm) we headed over to Centeral BBQ a few blocks away (I had emailed them in advance and they got back to me quickly so I knew what was ok to order) and had a half chicken (dry) and a side salad with italian dressing. The dressing was served on the side and I used it very sparingly since I couldn't be 100% sure it was compliant and I didn't have any of my own dressing (sealed travel size dressing would be the best thing ever!) . I also had an unsweetened ice tea. After that I was pretty exhausted from the day (back and feet were pretty sore) so I went back to my hotel and turned in early. 
    Sunday morning we were headed to church where there was a breakfast served so I made sure to eat an orange a banana and some almond butter in my hotel room. I obviously skipped the delicious smelling cheesy grits, bacon and biscuits and just had 3 cups of black coffee at church. During the church coffee hour they served fudge brownies and hot buttered cinnamon bisuits and I made sure my companion had one of each for me... more coffee. After chruch we went to lunch with a friend to a place that I did not catch the name of but is in the "funky" area across town that was across from an adorable kitty adoption center. If I figure out the name I will add it later. The food was American fare, with a farm to table ethos. Most of the menu items had problem ingredients so I had to ask the server to omit and swap. I ordered the plate that was 2 farm fresh eggs and house made sage sausage patties. I swapped out cheese grits and biscuit for some fresh fruit (raspberries, strawberries, melon). The eggs and the sausage were dissapointingly tiny and they brought out the huge biscuit anyway (my companion ate it). 
    We spent a few hours at the restaurant talking with our friend (the purpose of the trip) and afterwards we headed back to the airport to check in early for our flights back to NYC. I was feeling a little hungry and had an RX bar and a some Epic bacon in the Memphis airport. Back in Charlotte I had more substantial nibbles in the Admiral Lounge... the evening  hummos bar included cut vegetables, olives and cherry tomatoes and I had an orange, almond butterm an epic bar and ice tea. We arrived home after midnight. 
    So, in conclusion, I didn't eat that much over the two days and I was exhausted and feeling very low in energy on Monday. 
    I think I would have been better prepared if I had let our friend know about Whole30 so that I could have picked the lunch restaurant or done some advanced research on the one we went to.  I was confident about dinner on Saturday only because I had contacted them in advance to explain what I needed to avoid. 

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    TryingOver reacted to slc_melissa in Why Not Organic/Grass Fed?   
    There are also plenty of, say, local farms that have great produce/meats that are raised in fantastic conditions in a sustainable way, possibly even organically, but are not USDA Organic certified.  The way I understand it, the organic certification is pretty pricey and carries certain requirements that may not be realistic for smaller farms.  
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    TryingOver reacted to racheleats in Fruit with Meals   
    You could make a chicken salad and add grapes or half an apple! Or make a spinach salad with steak, veggies, strawberries and a balsamic vinaigrette.
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    TryingOver got a reaction from JLHill in Sunflower/pumpkin seeds?   
    I would check the ingredients list. Even though sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds are allowed, many roasted seeds are roasted in peanut oil and therefore still not compliant since peanuts are a legume. 
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    TryingOver reacted to Alaska Woman in Sugar sugar everywhere   
    Boy the authors are so right about needing to read ALL LABELS. I have found added sugar in places I would never have dreamed would have it: dill pickles and sauerkraut (both Claussens brand), lemon pepper seasoning, not to mention places where's there's no earthly need for it like tomato sauce. The sugar industry really has it's claws in us. I once saw a chart showing sugar consumption in the US. It was basically a low flat line for a hundred years and then in 1941 it suddenly shot up to the top of the chart. Not sure what happened at that time but it was definitely a turning point.
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    TryingOver reacted to kirkor in Gluten Free Humour   
    Not quite worthy of it's own thread, but check this amazing satire:
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    TryingOver reacted to km12021112 in Feel like I'm gaining and not losing weight   
    Just want to post an update.
    Yesterday was Day 31, and I did end up losing almost 2 pounds and lost 1 inch off my waist since Day 1. Admittedly, that was quite an unexpected (but welcome) change, given how much I struggled between days 16 and 27.  On around day 27, I started to decrease my fat intake, and made a concerted effort to wean off the FODMAPs)
    Today is Whole 30 day 32, and Day 3 of 100% no FODMAPs, and I feel like a different person! Today is the first day since starting Whole 30 that I feel what must be Tiger Blood!! I truly had boundless energy today and could hardly sit still! I woke up a full 30 minutes before my alarm feeling refreshed, and I am finally feeling slimmer and stronger than pre-W30! Can't believe it took this long, but so happy I finally got to experience what the hype is all about! I'm going to stick with Whole 30 for another week, then start some reintroductions. 
    In retrospect, I'm pretty sure some FODMAP foods have been bothering me my whole life. Some examples...  I love the taste of Thai food but rarely want to eat it because I know it'll make me feel bad -- maybe the coconut milk? I've never liked foods with too much garlic or onions; I always thought it was the taste, but I'll bet my body was also subtly telling me to stay away. I often have delicious restaurant-style brussel sprouts when I go out to eat, then I often feel full and bloated the next day -- always chalked it up to just eating more when I dine out, but maybe the fodmaps were playing a role too!
    This has all been very enlightening, which of course is the point of the Whole 30! I now have a renewed excitement for the program! Thank you for your help jmcbn!
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    TryingOver reacted to heatherhactenus in Habit Burger   
    Was just referencing this thread as I was about to consider Habit Burger for a lunch for myself today (currently sitting in a plaza with lots of options)... and found some info that I wanted to add in case anyone else references this in the future. 
    Aside from the already-mentioned reasons as to why fries other than homemade/hand cut aren't W30, according to Habit's allergen list, their sweet potato fries contain gluten and soy. Their charburger (naked) also lists soy as an allergen. Full nutritional listing here: 
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    TryingOver reacted to gnacobb in Can I have kettle cooked chips   
    Ok ! After reading other posts I'm going to answer my own questions... No!!!! I will wait till after my whole 30 to try these products... in moderation of course.....
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    TryingOver reacted to Tom Denham in Accidental slip-ups -- SO frustrating!   
    The only oils that are definitely banned are the ones that are banned in their pre-oil state too - corn oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, etc. The oils highly favored in the Whole30 world include ghee, clarified butter, beef tallow, coconut oil, and olive oil. Generally, seed oils are not a good thing - the sunflower, sesame, canola oils, etc. You can use them, but we would rather you use the highly favored ones as they have the best health benefits. This is not an exhaustive list of oils. For example, palm oil is a good one, but not very popular. Avocado oil is okay, but not very common.
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    TryingOver reacted to ajkelly444 in Accidental slip-ups -- SO frustrating!   
    Thanks to everyone for your responses. And in particular to Tom for your explanation of why my life isn't over because I drank some tea :-)
    I've contacted a few small tea producers, and it seems that tea blends with fruit oils (eg, orange oil, as in my case) are actually made using seed oils. The companies I contacted have excellent reputations for high-quality products, so this seems to simply be the way things are done. Just an FYI for others to be aware of.
    As for my whole30, I'll continue and see how I feel at the end, deciding at that point whether to extend it a few extra days.
    I did really want this to be a perfect whole30, but I've given it an honest effort and that's the most I can do.
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    TryingOver reacted to Tom Denham in Accidental slip-ups -- SO frustrating!   
    I agree with Megan M. But as to the sunflower oil in the tea, I would not restart based upon that use. I would find another tea, but would not restart your Whole30. Here's why. The real problem with seed oils is cooking with them.
    We're concerned that bad things happen with seed oils with high levels of heat. The temperature of hot water for tea is probably not high enough to cause problems. Let's get this in perspective. You can eat sunflower seeds during a Whole30. They are not recommended, but you can. The whole seeds include sunflower oil. The oil itself may lean too far to the omega 6 side of things, but a little bit that is not heated to high temperatures should be okay.
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    TryingOver got a reaction from ArtFossil in Coconut oil with organic butter flavor by Nutiva   
    I'm not a mod, but I don't see anything that is non-compliant since the buttery flavor is vegan (and therefore non-dairy) and I don't see an allergen statement with any non-compliant ingredients listed. However, this definitely wouldn't be the best choice in oils with the additives and the palm oil. If you want "butter" I would use ghee since that is compliant (and you can make your own if you can't find it). If you want coconut milk, I'd stick to the pure stuff without additives. Just my opinion though on the best choice.