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  1. Whole milk for babies- necessary when no longer breastfeeding?

    Note: I do know they talk say a toddler doesn't need milk once weaned from breastmilk... But does a toddler mean a one year old? I usually think of a toddler as a 2-3 year old and know some people breastfeed until 2 (or longer sometimes).
  2. Hi, I've just finished a round of whole 30, and started reading the "starts with food" book on my last day of whole 30- go figure. As I sit and read the dairy portion of the book, and think about my almost 1-year-old twins... I can't help but wonder if there is actual benefit to switching a baby from breastmilk to whole milk like doctors recommend. My twins turn one next month, and I want to start weaning them from nursing and am wondering - is it really necessary for them to have whole milk? Especially when I'm told they need quite a bit of whole milk? And it's now the substitution for how much breastmilk they were previously receiving? Thanks in advance!