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    Summer reacted to Carlaccini in The crazy things people say   
    I had this discussion with a friend of mine
    Friend - Well it's not healthy not to eat carbs.  Our bodies need carbs.
    Me - Oh I couldn't agree with you more.  Definitely our bodies need carbs
    Friend - but then why are you cutting them out if you feel that way
    Me - Oh but I haven't cut them out.  I eat plenty of them. 
    Friend - But you cut out pasta and bread - how can you be eating carbs?
    Me - I eat sweet potato, beets, squashes, celery root, parsnips - these are all carbs.
    Friend - no they are not - they're vegetables!
    Me - Mental Facepalm - lets' just call them carby vegetables.
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    Summer reacted to MrsStick in The crazy things people say   
    Tuesday night, at a friend's house with several other friends for dinner.
    V: Speaking of carbs, I made this terrific low carb dessert! It was gluten-free brownies on the bottom, with whipped cream and raspberries and chocolate sauce.
    Me: I don't think it was low carb.
    V: Oh, but it was! The brownies were gluten free!
    Me: Gluten =/= carbs. 
    V: Oh. But it was at least healthy because it was gluten free!
    Me: *mental facepalm* *polite smile* *talk to someone else*