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  1. Day 4 I have been having carb withdrawal symptoms: hungry even right after eating, craving bread (even tho I don’t even like bread), brain fog (like drunk but without the high), irritability, really tired around 2-5... I had more carbs and I feel much better... But will increasing my carbs prevent me from getting fat adapted? Part of my wanting to do this is to get fat adapted. I don’t want to be “in ketosis” I just want to be able to switch from burning sugar to burning fat without any pain or hunger. To go 6 hours between meals if I have to,
  2. Should you still add a serving of fat when your meat is really fatty? I am making a big batch of chicken wings for breakfast and lunch, with skin on, pan fried in a few Tbs avacado oil. should I add a fat (such as sliced avocado or just eat with veggies and possibly a little fruit since they are already kinda a higher fat meat and fried? What about other fatty meat like lamb, or beef or pork with obvious fat oh the edges (don’t worry, I am definitely not afraid of fat! I eat lots of fat)
  3. Had the ants on a log with lunch- they were soooo good!
  4. The sunshine butter and ranch sound pretty good. also the “ants on a log” idea sounds like a good snack that I wouldn’t have thought of (even tho I like celery and peanut butter, tho my almond butter has no salt and needs salt because that is what makes the celery with pb good)
  5. I am starting today so we have about the same start date! i like to bring whatever I had for dinner for lunch. Do you have a microwave wherever you’re at? another good lunch is tuna salad: with mayo, pickles, onion, cherry tomatoes, and hard boiled egg (celery and carrots optional)
  6. I am starting today! Start date buddy! As for Asian Quizine look up nom nom paleo she has TONS of Asian inspired recipes and sauces that can add an “Asian spin” to almost anything
  7. What are some recipes for lovey sauces and salad dressings that will make me want to eat my veggies?
  8. Thanks, after whole 30 I will keep that “one bite” rule in mind... I... might be someone who really can’t handle sugar and that is just emotionally hard for me to accept... last time I went 30 days without sugar (not a whole 30, it was a different sugar detox program... 31 day sugar detox or something?) anyway when I had (an American type serving) of sweet rich food (like cake or ice cream) I felt physically sick... and then I made a mental note of that, “don’t eat the thing, it doesn’t agree with you” and yet I went and ate the thing again... and got readdicted again
  9. Oh, also: what I think I want to get out of it most is to walk into a room where everyone is eating my favorite cheat food and think ”yuck! I don’t need that!” or at the very least “meh, i’m Indifferent to that”
  10. Planning to start a whole30 on Monday! Background: Haven’t done one in 2 years. I try to eat healthy and limit carbs (not “low carb” just lower then SAD), but I “fall off the wagon” very often. I have been very obese since early, early childhood. I have never been a “normal weight” my whole life. Sugar addiction is a HUGE issue for me. I tend to kick sugar and get readdicted after.... maybe 2 exposures? I have never been able to completely do without sweetness of any kind, I always have had at least fruit. My normal (non whole30!) diet (today) is: