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  1. Herndonmom

    Starting March 1st

    Hi everyone, I am starting Whole30 today as well... I did my first Whole 30 last June with no cheats or slips! Our house was on the market, but not selling. The day I started Whole30 we got an offer! So I got through selling the house, looking for and buying a new house, negotiating both contracts and scheduling a co-ordinated move without a drop of wine or chocolate. However, we moved on July 12, and once the kitchen was packed up, and then unpacked in a different kitchen, all the habits I learned disappeared. I need to restart the whole thing and this is the first month I think I have enough "space" to do it since moving. I am looking forward to building on what I learned last summer and continuing this journey.
  2. Herndonmom

    Starting March 1st

    I am also the only one in my house doing it. But I went through the cabinets and fridge and put yellow dots with a big "X" on everything I can't eat. It helps me to see what's available at a glance, and helps my hubby when he's cooking to know what he can and can't use if he wants me to eat his cooking. (And he wants me to eat his cooking!)