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    Starting June 1st - First Whole30

    Getting together with other people has been a challenging time during my W30. The first time I went to play cards I got lots of questions about why I wasn't eating snacks and comments like "didn't I know that cutting out whole food groups (dairy, grains) is bad for you" or "everything in moderation is ok". I stayed firm (as best I could). Last night when I went to cards, I got no questions and the host provided olives and celery for some snacks-along with some bacon flavor cracker things. So, maybe W30 influenced them a little bit? I also got no questions and the evening went fine. This was a relief, because I felt literally attacked the first night with all the questions. What I'm trying to say is that at your birthday, Susabella627, is that by doing things YOUR way, you may be influencing others and you might not see that right away, but over time. Happy Birthday! Each day is a gift. Beth
  2. Beth D.

    Starting June 1st - First Whole30

    Hi group, I've been following along and am on day 23. Today I had quite a number of bowel movements-almost diarrhea. Do you think this is normal? I'm also starting to think about reintroduction. Do you think 2% fat Greek yogurt (Fage) is a good place to start? Thanks for any input. I've enjoyed your journeys. Beth
  3. I should have read this post before I went out last night and everyone was asking me: but doesn't meat give you inflammation because it's a protein? Isn't coconut milk really high in saturated fat and going to give you high cholesterol? Why can't you have white wine instead of red wine since only red wine has the sulfates? ETC. I came home feeling so frustrated with not being able to/having to defend myself. I can not remember all the research and reasons why whole30 is a good way of addressing your sugar dragon, learning how your body responds to food. I have a foot issue that is gone now that I'm whole30 (only day 6-but haven't had it) and even trying to explain that reason was hard. Just needed to vent. Beth