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  1. Laurie

    Little House on the Whole30 Prairie

    Kirkor - thanks for replying.
  2. Laurie

    Little House on the Whole30 Prairie

    Kirkor You always do the most incredible, creative W30s and are always successful. You have a big following. Looking forward to following your next Kirkor W30. Do you maintain your weight within a few pounds? Do you ever deviate far from the w30 or have you established your own Food Freedom?
  3. Laurie

    Start Date February 1st

    Made it through 2 days. Ate almond butter both days. I know we are supposed to limit nuts, nut, butters, fruit so I need to watch this. Experiencing a battle in my brain - desire to drop weight vs. no need to drop weight. This all has to do with control issues - feeling like I have no control over anything in life. How is everyone doing?
  4. Laurie

    Start Date February 1st

    It is beyond time I jump on the whole 30 wagon again. Life keeps hitting me hard and I need structure and support in my life. I didn't prepare but I will make sure I get this right. I am afraid if I don't post and don't commit, I will never start.
  5. Laurie

    9 June Start

    we were a special group. wondering how everyone is doing. are either one of you in touch with our old friends?
  6. Laurie

    One Good Whole30 choice I made today is:

    Please keep writing. Your words are valuable, as are you.
  7. Laurie

    The Dragon Slaying Saga Continues

    I finished the W30 but I did a terrible job. All compliant food (never gave up the RX bars) but I never was able to follow the spirit of the W30, and that was my goal. My depression has gotten worse the last few weeks so I went back to psychiatrist. He raised dosage of antidepressant which made me feel worse - no energy, more irritable and more depressed. Back on old dosage and will discuss situation with doctor at my next appointment. I have been down this path before. Ate ice cream the last few days which is a food I should not have introduced at all. Dairy is not good for IBS and I imagine there was gluten in that ice cream which I am also not supposed to eat. I don't keep ice cream in my apartment but I bought it for a friend of mine. When I was on the W30, I knew I could not eat ice cream but once I was off W30 the ice cream spoke to me. Ice cream is now gone and I will not purchase any more. So as you can see, no proper reintroduction for me. The next few months are going to be a very difficult time for me emotionally. My Steve ( stem cell transplant recipient - August 2014) entered the hospital for the last time on Sept 4, 2015 and died on Nov 6, 2015. So many important dates within that time frame. Last year at this time, I completely lost it. The severe depression lasted several months. I am starting to fear that I might go down a bad path again, and need to figure out a way to stay out of the darkness. I also have a very sick mom (leukemia, RA, heart issues). Lots of stress and I don't do stress well. I feel going back on W30 will benefit me. I need the control and strict rules. I have not been to the gym in over a month so I also need to start moving more. I did take some long walks but I need more exercise to boost the mood. Not sure what day I am starting - maybe tomorrow, maybe Sept 1. This time I will try harder to follow the spirit of the W30. Thank you @emilyelowe and @Delicacious for your consistency in positing. You both kept our group active. Thanks also to @SugarcubeODfor sharing your knowledge and supporting everyone through their journey.
  8. I was thinking of giving up nuts/nut butters but instead I messed up with Rx bars. I know that are for emergencies only but I ate them anyway and I overindulged on them. Yesterday, I was super depressed and bought a box of four and ate all of them. Earlier in the week, there were two days that I ate two Rx bars. Obviously, I can't eat them. I know they are technically compliant but totally against the spirit of the W30. To me, eating so many of them counts as a failure. Today should be day 19 but I should not be given credit for the days I screwed up with the Rx bars. Thinking of starting over today as day 1 or just adding another 30 days or could I just count today as day 15 (which means I don't count M,T,W, TH of this week - since I ate rx bars on three of these days). I really don't deserve to be on day 19 when I ate so many rx bars. My head says just start over today as day 1. Advice needed and appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for all the support. Day 13 for me. This week did not go as well as the first week. Areas that need improvement - increase water, decrease nuts (thinking about giving them up for reminder of W30), only eat when sitting, lunch must always be a real meal instead of a snacky meal, don't eat between meals unless I am hungry. Positive - No cravings. W30 always eliminates all my cravings. Considering going beyond 30 days but I know reintroduction is important. I have done many W30s but never did reintroduction. The only foods I want to introduce are rice (sushi) and steal cut oats. I gave up wheat years ago; I never eat legumes, I never drink alcohol. I am not supposed to eat dairy due to intestinal issues but I sometimes eat ice cream. I already know ice cream is not a good choice for me. Since it takes more than 30 days to develop new habits (I believe I read it takes 66 days) and my goal is lasting changes, maybe adding a week or two would be beneficial.
  10. It is hard for me to reply to so many posts but I am reading daily and appreciate everyone's contributions. Hope all that are sick feel better soon. Having issues with depression. It has nothing to do with the food. It's related to my brain and life circumstances. Yesterday I found out my the father of my husband (who died in Nov. 2015) died. The news brought back so much pain. I have come along way but I still require lots of healing. So grateful I am on the W30. Feeling in control of my food helps me feel better in other areas of my life. Day 5 for me. So far, this is my best W30 experience. I usually go to the gym but I have decided not to go this week (not sure about next week). I want my main focus to be on food and timing of meals. Instead of the gym, I have been taking long walks to help my mood.
  11. @Delicacious you could add a more protein, veggie, fat and/or starchy carb to your lunch. I think your lunch is on the small side. Once chicken leg is very little. I would eat a few chicken legs. It is best to prepare extra food which can always be used for other meals. Better to have too much than too little. You made it 4 hours between meals which is good. Meals are meant to last 4 - 5 hours so you are good. If hungry, just have a mini meal but make sure it follows the template. Do not use fruit and nuts for mini meals. I am very happy to see so many people participating. Great group of newbies and experienced W30 folks. Hope everyone will check in often. Today is day 3. Yesterday I had a stomach ache in the morning (maybe result of sweet potato on day 1). I have IBS/colon issues so I often feel off. Doctor from Cleveland Clinic told me to avoid fodmaps. Wanted to include sweet potatoes in my plan but that may not be possible. Maybe in small amounts sweet potato would work. This morning I feel good. Food for day 2 was M1 3 eggs, zucchini, M2 ground turkey, zucchini, grapefruit, M3 chicken thighs, shrimp, zucchini, broccoli, spinach, tomato with olive oil (very large portion for this meal). I usually keep my protein servings high since protein does not seem to give me intestinal issues. I keep my foods very simple and eat the same things all the time. It works well for me. After dinner last night, I brushed my teeth to signify the end of eating for the day. Success. It is only day 3 but I feel very focused.
  12. @Simon T (UK) type the @ sign and start typing the name and then select the name from the list of names that appears. Sometimes I have trouble getting the link to work. Glad you joined our group. @JKF_ATL Welcome to our group (guess the link isn't working this time) For the newbies, beware of the fruit (dried and fresh), nuts, nut butters, larabars, rx bars. Those foods may be complaint but overconsuming those will interfere with your results. Fruit and nuts are best when added to meals and nut consumed on their own. Larabars, Rx bars are for emergencies. During my first few W30's I ate way too much fresh fruit (never did the dry fruit), nuts and nut butters. I have also done W30s with no fruit or nuts. I used to love fruit but it doesn't do much for me anymore. Started the day with a very long walk. M1 was 3 eggs, green beans and zucchini. Drank 4 cups of water - 2 with breakfast and 2 in the early morning with black coffee. @NoneOtherThanAmy - I know you are working on your food freedom but I hope you will contribute to this thread often. I love learning from other people's experiences. As I am typing, I am getting notifications that @SugarcubeOD has replied so I will now submit my post so that I can read her posts. For some reason, most of my links have not worked.
  13. @Delicacious No to the chia seed pudding, No to the cinnamon apple grain free porridge. These are recreations of cereal and they do not meet the template. The breakfast bowl is better because it includes 2 eggs but it is not the best choice - you need about 3 eggs or 2 eggs and an additional source of protein and veggies. My suggestion would be to skip the breakfast bowl.
  14. I am in. Today, July 24, will be day one for me. Boiling some eggs and cooking chicken breast and green beans right now. @SugarcubeOD- I have come a long way since we last spoke. It has been extremely difficult but I do see light instead of living in darkness all the time. Lots to share so I will email you. I have done many W30s and 30 day plus but I have never been able to follow all of the recommendations, only the rules. I often eat when not hungry - would love to break that habit. One bad discovery - RX bars. I need to say good bye to them. I don't have weight to drop but I do need to improve my relationship with food. I have had eating disorder/body image disorders for most of my adult life. Nothing really serious but it does cause a lot of depression. One reason I am doing another round is that I greatly desire and need more control in my life. Lost the love of my life in November 2015. Losing Steve completely destroyed me. In January of this year, I made the decision that I had to learn to live again. Now I am ready to focus on being the best me possible. @emilyelowe thank you for starting this group. Looking forward to getting to know everyone and sharing this journey.
  15. Thinking about joining your group. Keep saying I am going to W30 again but have not been able to get reach the proper mindset. Maybe with support/accountability I could do it. Hi Sugarcube - I love what you wrote about feeling privileged to eat this way.