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  1. Laurie

    Little House on the Whole30 Prairie

    Kirkor - thanks for replying.
  2. Laurie

    Little House on the Whole30 Prairie

    Kirkor You always do the most incredible, creative W30s and are always successful. You have a big following. Looking forward to following your next Kirkor W30. Do you maintain your weight within a few pounds? Do you ever deviate far from the w30 or have you established your own Food Freedom?
  3. Laurie

    Start Date February 1st

    Made it through 2 days. Ate almond butter both days. I know we are supposed to limit nuts, nut, butters, fruit so I need to watch this. Experiencing a battle in my brain - desire to drop weight vs. no need to drop weight. This all has to do with control issues - feeling like I have no control over anything in life. How is everyone doing?
  4. Laurie

    Start Date February 1st

    It is beyond time I jump on the whole 30 wagon again. Life keeps hitting me hard and I need structure and support in my life. I didn't prepare but I will make sure I get this right. I am afraid if I don't post and don't commit, I will never start.
  5. Meadow, I am so sorry. My heart is with you and your family. If you ever need to talk, I am here for you. I understand.
  6. Higs and CC Laymon have returned. So nice to see some of the old gang. Check out the group Enough excuses! Starting 11/21. Maybe I will join them.
  7. I guess you are not leaving us. That's great. You have many fans!
  8. Meadow - I will also miss all of your wonderful words. Thank you for all your support and contributions to this forum.
  9. Sending lots of prayers, love and support!
  10. One of your group members - me - is back to visit with you. Today, Sept. 10, I am starting another Whole 30. Going through a very difficult time and trying to use W30 as a way to gain some control over life. This time last year, Steve entered the hospital for the last journey of his life. All the pain and memories are destroying me. So I am back and hope to stay for awhile. My food has been pretty bad for the last few months. I don't know if I ever told you but I was in the hospital towards the end of June for a week - pretty bad intestinal problem. Doctors had me on clear liquid diet for about 5 days - ices, jello, broth. Never could get back to healthy eating and have developed some bad habits. Still have problems with intestines; therefore, I can't follow all the recommendations but I will follow all the rules. Food doesn't move through me so doctor has me on lots of laxatives. I am sure that will mess with my system but for now I have to follow doctors orders. I have an appointment with a GI motility specialist at the beginning of October at Cleveland Clinic so hopefully he can help me. Hope you and your family are doing well. I have missed you!
  11. Hi Meadow and Hutlifr Happy I stopped by this thread. I always love reading Meadow's words. Hutlifr - I also need W30 for the heart. The pain is never ending and unbearable. The last month has been horrible for me. I was sick and in hospital for a week - same hospital that Steve died in. Mom very sick, fell at a rehab/skilled nursing home, had brain bleed (2 areas of brain) so transferred to this hospital since it has a trauma unit. I HATE this hospital so much. It is a constant reminder of losing the most important love of my life (not that I don't think about Steve all the time). Don't want to post too much that is non W30 related but wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing.
  12. Laurie

    Whole30 backpacking trip

    Higs - I know your options are limited but I'm concerned many of your food choices are foods without brakes. Canned tuna is a good option. If possible, replace some of the dried fruit/larabars with another piece of fresh fruit. Baby food packets - are they available in a mixture of protein/veggie? Make sure you eat enough and stay hydrated. Just as important, have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy every step.