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    Laurie got a reaction from kirkor in Little House on the Whole30 Prairie   
    You always do the most incredible, creative W30s and are always successful.  You have a big following.  Looking forward to following your next Kirkor W30.  Do you maintain your weight within a few pounds?  Do you ever deviate far from the w30 or have you established your own Food Freedom?
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    Laurie got a reaction from Charlene33 in Start Date February 1st   
    Made it through 2 days.    Ate almond butter both days.  I know we are supposed to limit nuts, nut, butters, fruit so I need to watch this.   Experiencing a battle in my brain - desire to drop weight vs.  no need to drop weight.  This all has to do with control issues - feeling like I have no control over anything in life. 
    How is everyone doing? 
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    Laurie got a reaction from cr89 in Start Date February 1st   
    It is beyond time I jump on the whole 30 wagon again.  Life keeps hitting me hard and I need structure and support in my life.  I didn't prepare but I will make sure I get this right.  I am afraid if I don't post and don't commit, I will never start. 
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    Laurie got a reaction from cr89 in Start Date February 1st   
    It is beyond time I jump on the whole 30 wagon again.  Life keeps hitting me hard and I need structure and support in my life.  I didn't prepare but I will make sure I get this right.  I am afraid if I don't post and don't commit, I will never start. 
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    Laurie got a reaction from MeadowLily in 9 June Start   
    we were a special group.  wondering how everyone is doing.  are either one of you in touch with our old friends?
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    Laurie got a reaction from MeadowLily in 9 June Start   
    we were a special group.  wondering how everyone is doing.  are either one of you in touch with our old friends?
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    Laurie got a reaction from MeadowLily in One Good Whole30 choice I made today is:   
    Please keep writing.  Your words are valuable, as are you.
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    Laurie reacted to SariB in Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with   
    I am 52, mother of four ages 24, 22, 20 and 14. I teach preschool and I am everything creative!
    I have thought, dealt and been obsessed with weight since I can remember! I joined Weight Watchers after college and have come and gone from it ever since. Mind you, I never really needed to lose weight! I just want to feel good, that's the bottom line!! I have discovered that it isn't about how much I weigh, it is about feeling emotionally happy! That is what I want!
    This summer my new thing has been listening to podcasts. I love Jen Hatmakers "For the Love" podcasts. She speaks to me on sooooo many levels. It was when I was listening to her (and now Im reading her latest book "Of Mess and Moxie") podcasts that I started to really think about, what do I want in this life?? I am also dealing with someone that is very dear to me, and 6 years younger, that is battling leukemia. You start to reevaluate your life when you are thrown into the thick of life and death. I have decided that I really and truly do NOT want my weight to be what makes me happy or sad. I want to enjoy this life and live it to the very fullest as long as I possibly can.
    To make my long story shorter, I listened to Jen's podcast featuring Melissa Hartwig and the discussion was about Whole30. I thought to myself, maybe there is a food category out there that is not sitting well in my, for the lack of a better way to say it, head! Maybe if I truly ate foods that nurish me, maybe I'll feel better, my joints won't hurt, my energy level will increase. I joined this forum because I also want more like minded people in my life, people that get me and will help me achieve these goals, people that also want what I want. I'm looking for that tribe (as Jen would say :o) )
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    Laurie reacted to Jewels_V in A little late to the September Whole30 game but I'm here...   
    Love love love this! I need to work on the emotional relationship with food part, so it's spot on for me!
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    Laurie reacted to TheJourney in A little late to the September Whole30 game but I'm here...   
    This group is such an inspiration to me. Day 8 is done!  
    My doctor was the first one who suggested Whole30, but I tried it first on my own and it didn't last two days.  I did however, manage to download the Whole30 book and read it, so I started eating healthier before I joined this September group.  Then I found Melissa Hartwig on Instagram, and I started checking out all the people who where liking her pages, especially Whole30.  I started following guest "chefs" every week, and trying out some of the recipes in the photos. They look so delicious! I have realized that sometimes they look better than they taste, but I can always find a way to add a little flavor. I still need to plan and prep better to keep the meals fresh and new.
    I have a kitchen pantry that used to be full of all kinds of snacks, nuts, mixes, canned goods, and jars of sauces and condiments.  I noticed a few weeks ago it has very few food items in it now.  I keep my sweet potatoes and onions in baskets on the shelf.  A few jars of compliant foods are there, but mostly it holds the crock pot, the toaster, the blender, etc.  I think I could use a bigger fridge to hold all the fresh veggies, meat and containers of prepped foods!  
    I've spent my life taking care of others, before I took care of myself.  I am trying to learn to take care of myself first, without feeling selfish.  I am going to look up the podcast with Jen Hatmaker and Melissa Hartwig, and see if it inspires me.  I am opening doors I've never opened before, and at this age, it is very exciting to be creating a new, happy, loving way of life for myself and those around me.  Whole30 is so much more than just food, it's a journey of self-growth. I am so thankful I chose Whole30, "the road less traveled".  
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    Laurie reacted to jephrystanley in Death of the Dragon - 30 days of carnage (July 25)   
    Hi All...sorry for my disappearing act but I made it all the way through!!  I just finished reading through all the posts.  Whew!  You guys are awesome.  I feel bad about dropping out but work became insane, I was traveling a lot (I have a feast of projects right now and I am so glad), my parents came to stay for a week, we had a very sick (but recovering well) dog.  We finished last Wednesday as of last Wednesday at 11:59pm.  We've decide to remain as compliant as possible so we've been eating according to plan still.  We did have a beer out last Thursday night (it was good but not amazing...did give me gas and bloat) and I ate the tiniest bit of cheese from (like two pieces of shredded parm) and then 4 peanut m&m's yesterday.  I'm still eating more fruit than I should be just because I love it and it's still so available (the peaches, plums and cherries are just on point right now).  But otherwise, totally compliant and really liking it.  I feel leaner and stronger and more...even...I don't know else to phrase it.  We're training for a small race at the end of October and have been running frequently (terribly rainy in Norfolk, VA the past couple of days which isn't conducive to running) which has been helping.  I did learn that nuts are just not good for my tummy.  That and red onions.  Re-introduction is not really an issue for us right now as we are just staying the course (we made the carnitas from the book tonight and they were amazing!).   I feel like I have to face it at some point but I am just not ready to give it up just yet.
    Despite my absence you guys have been an incredibly great support group and I am really grateful.  Congrats to all of you on your struggles and your victories!!!
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    Laurie got a reaction from Delicacious in The Dragon Slaying Saga Continues   
    I finished the W30 but I did a terrible  job.  All compliant food (never gave up the RX bars) but I never was able to follow the spirit of the W30, and that was my goal.  My depression has gotten worse the last few weeks so I  went back to psychiatrist.  He raised dosage of antidepressant which made me feel worse - no energy, more irritable and more depressed.  Back on old dosage and will discuss situation with doctor at my next appointment.  I have been down this path before. 
    Ate ice cream the last few days which is a food I should not have introduced at all.  Dairy is not good for IBS and I imagine  there was gluten in that ice cream which I am also not supposed to eat.   I don't keep ice cream  in my apartment but I bought it for a friend of mine.  When I was on the W30, I knew I could not eat  ice cream but once I was off W30 the ice cream spoke to me.  Ice cream is now gone and I will not purchase any more. So as you can see, no proper reintroduction for me.
    The next few months are going to be a very difficult time for me emotionally. My Steve ( stem cell transplant recipient - August 2014) entered the hospital for the last time on Sept 4, 2015 and died on Nov 6, 2015.  So many important dates within that time frame.  Last year at this time, I completely lost it.  The severe depression lasted several months.  I am starting to fear that I might go down a  bad path again, and need to figure out a way to stay out of the darkness. I also have a very sick mom (leukemia, RA, heart issues).  Lots of stress and I don't do stress well.
    I feel going back on W30 will benefit me.  I need the control and strict rules.  I have not been to the gym in over a month so I also need to start moving more.  I did take some long walks but I need more exercise to boost the mood.  Not sure what day I am starting - maybe tomorrow, maybe Sept 1.  This time I will try harder to follow the spirit of the W30.
    Thank you @emilyelowe and @Delicacious for your consistency in positing.  You both kept our group active.  Thanks also to @SugarcubeODfor sharing your knowledge and supporting everyone through their journey.
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    Laurie reacted to Delicacious in Death of the Dragon - 30 days of carnage (July 25)   
    Ok I'm on Day 31 (Intro day 1 of legumes)

    First some non-scale victories:
    I discovered my sensitivity to nightshades. This to me is BIG - I've had IBS since my teenage years and have never quite figured out what caused my occasional (bad) cramps after meals. Now I'm better informed as to whether I want to eat that baked potato or binjal. Energy levels are higher despite bad sleep - my girl woke up 7 times last night.  No food coma after meals - I typically get this buzz in my head after meals but it seems to have gone off during Whole30. BIG WIN for hubby - his snoring virtually almost stopped. He used a snoring app to track, and yesterday night he only snored 2% of the time and it was at very low levels. He has been diagnosed with chronic sleep apnea and was made to wear a sleep mask with gas pumping through it which he hates, so he never wears it. Win for me too because I sleep alot better when I don't have a tiger growling beside me.  Food is sweeter, without sugar. I'm rediscovering natural food tastes. Fruits taste so much sweeter during Whole30, and even certain vegetables.  My food creativity has increased, and I'm finding my passion for cooking back. Hopefully that translates to more entries in my blog. Conversations about food - Colleagues were generally curious about what I've been doing and I've the opportunity to share with them. A few are considering starting Whole30 too. Scale victories:
    I lost close to 4 pounds - the weight I put back on after I stopped breastfeeding about 10 months ago.  @emilyelowe Your non-scale victories are great! Thanks for being such an encouragement during the Whole30 and for starting the group. I wouldn't have made it without all the support.  @SugarcubeOD Thanks for the invaluable advice throughout. It was great having you in the group. @NoneOtherThanAmy I hope you get to do the Sep Whole30 and the reintroduction too! I think the reintroduction is really important. I really want to find out what foods I have an intolerance to, and see if I can severely limit them in my diet. 
    NOW... the legumes reintroduction. So far I reintroduced ONE meal with soy beancurd + soy milk (an asian breakfast staple). I did it without sugar. I didn't get through half a bowl. Half an hour later, my head is buzzing (still buzzing), my chest feels congested and my throat feels like there's a lump in it. SERIOUSLY?! I'm going to test with something less drastic - maybe a soy sauce dressing over salad during lunch and see how it goes. Right now, I'm feeling miserable.... 
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    Laurie reacted to emilyelowe in Death of the Dragon - 30 days of carnage (July 25)   
    OK, time to review the Non-Scale Victories (or flops ).
    Non-Scale Goals:
    1. NO MORE BLOATING  Success! I did get a bit bloated for the first time in a long time like two days ago but it has been rare and it was so much less extreme and passed much more quickly than pre-Whole30. 
    2. Fewer headaches  Also a success! The only time they seem to show up now is if I let myself get hungry/go too long between meals, which is tricky because my belly rarely tells me I'm hungry and my energy doesn't really dip due to hunger anymore. How do others navigate this when you're maybe not having a normal scheduled routine day?
    3. Control of my Sugar Dragon - I don't think I'm one of those people that will ever shrug him entirely, but when he shows up I want to be able to ignore him with limited effort. I'm the Boss!  I'm not really sure about this. He's been a real stinker the last couple days as my brain when into Reintroduction LETSEATALLTHETHINGS rebellion, but as my husband pointed out, I was able to control myself. I am definitely craving something sweet big time, though, so I clearly still have an intense sweet tooth. Not sure what else I can do about this, except practice to find my definition of "worth it." So the Dragon Slaying battle continues. 
    4. Clearer skin - less dry, improved dandruff and psoriasis symptoms, maybe no pimples during my period?  Skin is definitely feeling less dry and my dandruff is gone! I do still have some itchy psoriasis a few days after washing, but no embarrasing flakes! Whoo hoo! I haven't had any pimples since early in the Whole30, so we'll see how that part goes going forward.
    5. Regular digestion  I'm still not pooping, you guys. Ugh. 
    6. Improved stamina and continued gains at the gym   I am definitely feeling energetic and ready to conquer at the gym, but I didn't see the same kind of gains I saw last time. I think this is more likely related to the fact that last Whole30 I was also starting a new workout routine and getting used to the movements, whereas now it is the normal routine. So I think this is normal. Physique-wise, I'm not seeing the same level of changes, either, which is kind of disappointing, but this round I was much more intentional with the fat part of the meal template and had non-template calories like kombucha more often. I am curious to see how to work that out in my Food Freedom to still reach my fitness and physique goals without getting all obsess-y. 
    7. Energy and alertness upon waking  Again, not quite the same level of change that I saw last time, but I'm not sure what could be causing this. Maybe the Natural Calm is helping me sleep TOO deep? It definitely takes me less time to get up and get going though than pre-Whole30s. I love being a morning person!
    8. Increased interest in... intimacy.  We're pretty much the same in this department, though my improved energy, digestion, and mood are positives in this general direction. 
    9. Improved meal packing/planning skills and execution (I want it to be a habit, not a chore).  It's still a chore, but seeing the benefits in trying new recipes has renewed my dedication to doing it anyway. Success?
    10. And probably the most important: Food Freedom. I listed this as one of my Goals for 2017 at the beginning of the year because I feel like God has been showing me that I have given food too much power - it has become an idol that I let control my feelings, my choices, my mindset, etc. and that is not where food belongs. I've already made significant progress in this area with the other Whole30s I have done this year but I am so grateful that this process has grace built in so I can come back and try to learn more!  I think I've continued to gain more and more perspective on where food belongs via this Whole30, so while I am still struggling to find Food Freedom, I feel dedicated to figuring it out and find myself better able to focus on my other blessings, instead of just food. I did have a bit of a meltdown the other day when the idea of deciding what to eat was JUST TOO MUCH but there were a lot of factors and I was aware of what was happening while in the situation, which allowed me to verbalize and ask my husband to be patient. Progress?
    I also lost 2 pounds and 1% body fat (if you can trust that number, which you probably can't) and feel much better in my clothes. I would like to see more progress in the physical realm but I also need to work internally on facing the truth about if additional physical changes will actually make me healthier, or if this is just what a healthy Emily looks like. The Saga Continues.
    I'd love to hear updates on how everyone else is feeling!
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    Laurie got a reaction from primalishmary in Death of the Dragon - 30 days of carnage (July 25)   
    I am in.  Today, July 24, will be day one for me.  Boiling some eggs and cooking chicken breast and green beans right now.
    @SugarcubeOD- I have come a long way  since we last spoke.  It has been extremely difficult but I do see light instead of living in darkness all the time. Lots to share so I will email you.
    I have done many W30s and 30 day plus but I have never been able to follow all of the recommendations, only the rules.  I often eat when not hungry - would love to break that habit.  One bad discovery - RX bars.  I need to say good bye to them.  I don't have weight to drop but I do need to improve my relationship with food.  I have had eating disorder/body image disorders for most of my adult life.  Nothing really serious but it does cause a lot of depression.
    One reason I am doing another round is that I greatly desire and need more control in my life.  Lost the love of my life in November 2015.  Losing Steve completely destroyed me.  In January of this year, I made the decision that I had to learn to live again.  Now I am ready to focus on being the best me possible.
    @emilyelowe thank you for starting this group.
    Looking forward to getting to know everyone and sharing this journey.
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    Laurie reacted to emilyelowe in Death of the Dragon - 30 days of carnage (July 25)   
    Day 22 in Columbus. It's feeling like we are really getting close now. I think I've decided to purposely reintroduce gluten in all it's scary glory on Day 31 so I know exactly what it does to me and then attempt to Slow Roll from there. (Day 31 is next Thursday for me and we have friends in town for the weekend - so who knows what will happen!)
    I woke up feeling pretty rested this morning (despite having a Great Dane who is apparently quite the dreamer sleeping in my bed all night ) and have been trucking through all day without any caffeine so pretty excited about that. (just realized it is only 12:30, though - haha - it feels much later) Today has been kind of weird - feeling a little like a sausage packed into my pants, a little bloaty, and suddenly got a headache around 11:30 a.m. It seems to have subsided now that I've eaten lunch and I am definitely trying to drink more water this afternoon. 
    Dinner last night was very disappointing - grilled chicken, mayo, green beans, chow mein, and a plum. Part of the disappointment was probably because that is a bit of a hodge podge of items and I really like things that go together. But more so the chicken didn't taste right - kind of fishy - and the green beans weren't right either. I made them with ghee instead of coconut oil and, I'll admit, I didn't actually measure the coconut aminos, but I was so sad because they were really good last week.  Chow mein was OK - I didn't include the coconut sugar the recipe calls for so wondering if it would have been better if I had. May or may not try it again post-W30. It would be nice to have a different way to eat spaghetti squash and food to include when that Chinese craving comes. 
    I had chicken and mayo on the way to the gym this morning (still yuck - really not digging that chicken), HB egg white post-WO, sweet potatoes + chow mein + 3 eggs + hot ranch + peach for breakfast, and THE BEST WHITE CHICKEN CHILI EVER + half an avocado for lunch. Seriously, everyone needs to make paleo running mama's white chicken chili that I linked above. It might be the best soup I've ever had, and I LOVE soup. I've told like everyone I know about this soup. So I had to tell you guys, obvi. 
    Also, I fell into the Rx Bar trap we were JUST talking about yesterday! I bought one last week to have in my purse for this weekend in case things got real at the baby shower. I had opened it and tasted it this weekend (it was a flavor I hadn't had before) so then it was open in my purse but I figured I'd just leave it in there for emergencies. I forgot about it until I was moving some things around yesterday when I got home after work and once I saw it, it was like I COULDN'T LOOK AWAY.  Having a snack when I get home from work, before dinner, is definitely an old habit from the days of counting calories and not eating enough and always being hungry before dinner. I knew in my head that I wasn't hungry and didn't need a snack, but I still ate a chunk of it. (DANG Mixed Berry is good). Once again, I put the rest back and said, 'That is emergency food. It needs to stay in your purse,' and moved on to prep dinner. But then, after my disappointing dinner, my sad brain reminded me that the rest of it was still in my purse, so I ate it. #facepalm This was definitely a combination of habit + impulse control + Sugar Dragon + emotional eating and it is a real bummer. It's crazy to me that no matter how good I feel, I still make these silly choices. What the what, self? 
    I'm thinking the plum last night + half Rx Bar + the peach this morning might be what's having me feeling less than stellar. The Whole30 was so much easier when it wasn't summer and I wasn't surrounded by all of the most beautiful looking fruit. I'm like Eve in the Garden over here. Lord help me. 
    I'll be home alone for dinner tonight so I hope I don't do anything stupid. There are Cheryl's cookies hiding in my pantry and I promise you all I will not eat one. I am probably going to have Meatza for dinner because it was SUPER good and gives me something to look forward to. When you guys eat Meatza, do you have anything else with it? It seems like it's missing a fat, unless the 1/2 pound of ground beef goodness counts, which I'm 99.9% sure it doesn't. I don't really have any greens to make a salad with dressing, so not sure if I should add something else. Like I said, I like it when things "go," together. Suggestions welcome.
    Have a great day!
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    Laurie reacted to diamonds422 in Death of the Dragon - 30 days of carnage (July 25)   
    @SugarcubeOD Thank you so much for sharing. I stopped taking antidepressants for 10 YEARS because I so badly wanted to convince myself I could live without them. It was a big deal for me to find peace with the fact that I will probably take them the rest of my life. Accepting necessary medical treatment does not mean we are weak. I wish you the best and I'm glad you're sticking around the thread with us till the end! 
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    Laurie reacted to jephrystanley in Death of the Dragon - 30 days of carnage (July 25)   
    @Laurie....I was just on my way to grocery store and thinking about your comments regarding Rx bars and I wanted to tell you a story.  Two weeks (two short weeks!) before I started the Whole 30 (July 24), I bought a bucket of fried chicken at my local Harris Teeter because I was there and it smelled amazing (NO WILLPOWER!).  It had twelve pieces of chicken in it.  And over the course of two days, I ate the whole thing.  Repeat: THE. WHOLE THING.  I plowed into it, wrapped it up secretly in the fridge so hubs would not know (I confessed) and then munched on it all day the next day.  This was right after we moved and right before I started my job so I was home all day with my dogs, feeling homesick, missing my friends and tired of unpacking.  And I took it out on my body.  And in case I wasn't clear,  A WHOLE BUCKET OF CHICKEN.  BY. MYSELF.  (I'm laughing as I type this.)  The point being (and someone else made it more eloquently earlier), don't be to hard on yourself.  Life is stressful and messy and all we can do is give it our best shot every day; celebrate it when win and learn when we lose.  That's it.  So feel's not like you ate a whole bucket of chicken!  HA HA HA!
    @emilyelowe, really re: HB eggs?  Thank God you told me that because I thought two HB eggs was a lot! I'm glad to know I can up that because you're right, it's not enough (my body can tell that).  I supplemented with some fruit and nuts but I'd rather eat the eggs!  I'm glad I like eggs a lot because we sure do go thru some eggs.  And thanks for the motivation about the gym.  I know you're right; I just hate it.  Mainly because I feel like I don't know what I'm doing.  I was hoping to find a trainer who would work with me but I've dragged my feet on it thus far since we moved. I know you're right, I just need to convert that knowledge to action.
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    Laurie reacted to Jim4884 in Death of the Dragon - 30 days of carnage (July 25)   
    Thanks for sharing Sugarcube - I have 2 of those 4 diagnoses and that's more than enough, I feel for ya.  I self medicated much of my life with alcohol pre-diagnosis - fortunately now, mine are well under control with actual prescribed medication.   I don't think was going to fall into the trap of "well my new eating habits got me off of my blood pressure medication, maybe my other meds..." but you never know where my head can go - I think your experience will help keep my thinking straight on that topic.
    I think this thread is stuck with stragglers and hanger-ons because it has such a cool name   I'm in re-intro phase and still feel the need to chime in here, now and then.  Speaking just for myself I hope to see you around...
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    Laurie reacted to SugarcubeOD in Death of the Dragon - 30 days of carnage (July 25)   
    Thanks for all your support you guys!  I'm expecting my appetite to come back shortly and then I"ll go grocery shopping - I still need to make that Vera Cruz style red snapper that I found... I just don't want to make it and waste it if it turns out appetite doesn't come back - I realize this may make me sound like a huge hypocrite because we always tell people to eat three meals a day regardless... the problem is that I AM hungry and I DO know to eat but I can't MAKE myself... it's a very strange experience but I know that in a day or two more at most, my desire to eat will come roaring back and then it's ON! 
    @Susabella627 - I agree, there's so much stigma around mental illness that is so unnecessary... that's why I really don't mind sharing and talking about it... I have no shame in it, I did nothing wrong   It can be hard tho because even confident over-sharer me was thinking as soon as I hit post that maybe you guys would think I was a fraud or be scared of me... It was reasonably short lived but it was there and for someone that DOES feel shame around it, i imagine that feeling would be much stronger.  I hope your brother is doing well now - I imagine both he and I will try going off meds again in our lives, it's a pretty common problem but having supportive people around is so helpful!
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    Laurie reacted to Susabella627 in Death of the Dragon - 30 days of carnage (July 25)   
    @SugarcubeOD Thinking of you and hoping you get things back under control and feel better soon. I have a brother who was diagnosed many years ago with bipolar disorder and he too has tried at times to stop the meds but that never ended well. Thank you for your honesty, we need to do more to stop the stigma of mental illness and help those who need it. Sending you hugs!!!
    To all you slayers you are doing an amazing job and though I am not on this journey at this time I love reading your posts and following along with you. I am feeling so inspired to start my next whole 30 (after vacation probably around Sept 1).  
    Keep up the great work!!!
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    Laurie reacted to emilyelowe in Death of the Dragon - 30 days of carnage (July 25)   
    Thanks for sharing @SugarcubeOD! I'm sorry about your health issues but you mentioned mental health was one of your primary motivators for doing another Whole30, so it seems like starting over is a wise decision. I really hope that the control and structure helps you feel like you are back on your feet again! 
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    Laurie reacted to SugarcubeOD in Death of the Dragon - 30 days of carnage (July 25)   
    You guys are all just amazing!  Really, this group just makes my heart happy!  Sorry I haven't been around, the new building at work is taking up a LOT of my normal Whole30'ing time and when I"m at home, I have a new pet project - I'm crocheting a blanket for myself... Kind of doofusy to start that in the height of summer but by the time it's big enough to sit under while working on it, the temps should have cooled off!
    In the interest of honesty I have to share something personal.  I was diagnosed with Bipolar, PTSD, Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder last year... It was mostly managed until about April of this year when I decided that I was 'better' and went off all my medication... hahah, not better. Nope, not at all.  The symptoms went from manageable to WHOA in the last three weeks or so... I just went back to the doctor this week and confessed to going off the meds and am now BACK on them, but one of the things that happens to me when it's not managed is that I stop eating... No three meals a day... One day this week all I ate was one scotch egg and coffee... The reason I'm saying this is because I"m starting over.  For me, not eating three proper meals a day is in direct contrast to the spirit of the Whole30 and I"m nothing if not married to the spirit of the program because I know that's where the magic is.
    So if you don't mind, I"m going to keep up with you guys till you're all done and I'm obviously still going to stick my moderator face in wherever needed but I just wanted to share this so that you know why I"m not also celebrating Day 31 with you guys!
    Keep up all the amazing work and recipe sharing and encouragement, tough love, soft love, personal discovery and the lighthearted banter!  It's been a real blessing to be part of this group of people!