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    JTCarlson got a reaction from iteach in June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!   
    @iteach I hear you on the water issue! I truly struggle with that one. If I had a dollar for every time I have left my *full* water bottle sitting on the counter when I head off to work, well I'd have enough money to buy hundreds of water bottles - and still forget to drink enough water! I'm going to chose to be inspired by you and make a point of remembering my water when I head to work tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes!
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    JTCarlson got a reaction from iteach in June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!   
    Yay for hobbies! I love to refinish furniture, but haven't had the time in quite a while. The table sounds like it will be lovely - have fun!
    I made it through the dinner, but it was rough. Our friends brought an "interesting" bottle of wine that they wanted us to try, and when I told them I wasn't drinking I felt like I was letting them down. Don't get me wrong - they were super supportive and wonderful - I just felt like the odd man out, you know? I know things like this shouldn't bother me, but they do. At any rate we ended up having a great evening, so that was good.
    The weekdays are pretty easy for me, as they are all about routine. It's the weekends where I flounder. Also, DH is out of town again, so feeding a house full of hungry kids W30 compliant fare can turn mealtime into a battleground, which is exhausting when I'm doing it on my own. So I usually end up cooking something for them, and then making/scrounging something else for me. Thank the good Lord for broiled chicken and hard boiled eggs!
    How is everyone else doing? We are almost half-way there!! I'm still waiting for the Tiger Blood to kick in. Has anyone else gotten there yet?
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    JTCarlson reacted to Jmb369 in June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!   
    Great idea to start a little bit before your friend. And I agree about the bloated and yucky. I am back on Whole 30 today. I have three goals to make this one easier -- drink more water, put the nuts on the shelf under DHs desk, and get more exercise.
    By the way, I had no problem not drinking alcohol at the fiesta yesterday. There was plenty of beer and tequila, but I chose water. They had agua fresca for the kids and the non-drinking adults. That's basically fresh fruit and water, but it usually has some added sugar, so I decided not to chance it. I did not want to unleash the Sugar Dragon!
    I'll be on the lookout for your new thread. In the meantime, get yourself psyched for a new Beginning!
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    JTCarlson reacted to jpags99 in June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!   
    I will probably start again sometime this week. My friend is going to start next week, but I will be a little bit ahead of her because 1. I can be less "foggy" and cranky and more of a support for her when she starts, and 2. I just hate feeling bloated and yucky, so I want to start again asap!
    I will probably start another thread and have her contribute to it too. (she and her hubs had a momentary freakout about no alcohol on July 4th, but I assured them it's worth it to not drink!)
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    JTCarlson reacted to Jmb369 in June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!   
    Adios amigas! Tomorrow I start anew at Day One! 
    I went to a true Mexican fiesta today, hosted by the couple who works for us as gardener and house cleaner extraordinaire,in honor of their middle child's confirmation. Despite Whole 30 compliant breakfast and lunch, my dinner was not. I skipped the booze, the peanuts and potato chips, and the cake, but I could not pass on the homemade tortillas -- whole grain corn, handmade on a real tamal, over an open fire. I suspect all the fillings for the tortillas were W30-compliant, but the tortillas were to die for. I've had them before. It was a very conscious decision, much like choosing to have 3-layer chocolate cake for my birthday once a year!. 
    My apologies to all of you. I am off to start my own thread, or find a group that is starting tomorrow! I have made great headway on these first ten days, but rules are rules. Hopefully the clean eating I did will make it easier this time, and I can avoid some of those Week One side effects.
    Stay the course. Be honest with yourself. Only 20 days to go, actually 19!
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    JTCarlson reacted to SugarcubeOD in June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!   
    Ya, you might be mixing a few things together there... So the idea, in a perfect world, is to do a Whole30, take the time to do the reintroductions (either the standard ones or the slow roll) and then with that information, you make your own WholeJpags99.  If that means you don't worry about sugar in ketchup, have a splash of cream in your coffee every day but steer clear of grains and soy (for instance) then that becomes your ongoing program.  When you stray... say the coffee creamer turns into ice cream twice a week, the sugar in ketchup turns into bonbons at work and you eat a bagel every day for breakfast even tho you know it makes you feel like crap, then the Whole30 is here for you to do a reset... get back on track, learn more about your eating habits and your emotional attachment to food, DO REINTROS AGAIN to see what is and isn't worth it this time and then that's your new WholeJpags99... eventually, you don't need the whole30 because you know how food affects your body, you know when you stray too far and you can pull yourself back.  We're kind of a program that wants to render ourselves out of a job with people because they find their Food Freedom (another name for the WholeJpags99) and merrily go on their way, spreading the good food word and following the beat of their own drum... 
    The craving buster, energy booster thing in the book is the options for IF people do not want to undertake a Whole30.  The recommendation in my opinion should always be to do the full W30 for the best results of reintroduction but there are reasons people have for not wanting to do it, and the options in the book are there for those people.  But you're the bomb and you CAN and are willing to do a Whole30... just make sure you're putting the reintros on the end... that's THE most important part!
    Does that help?
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    JTCarlson reacted to MeadowLily in June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!   
    A Whole 30 is 30 days.  No more.  No less.
    It only takes 30 compliant days for a Food Reset.  One non-compliant item eaten and the Whole 30 is now over. It is no longer called a Whole 30.  You are now off-roading or Riding Your Bike.
    If you have completed one compliant Whole 30 with a proper Reintro Phase, identifying your food sensitivities, allergies or just food triggers - you don't have to undertake a new Whole 30 when you choose to go off-roading or Riding Your Bike. 
    When you have the tools, your food knowledge under your belt,  go on and create your own plan.  I call mine - my positive food management plan. This is my Food Freedom Forever.
    Food Freedom Forever = doing mini resets as you've mentioned...for as long or as short as you like. But a Whole 30 will always and forever be...30 compliant days.  Off-roading or riding your bike in those 30 days negates the Whole 30 official protocol.  
    If you want to join your friend for another Whole 30, you would have to remain compliant for 30 straight days or it adds confusion.
    There are those who start over every Monday and ride their bike on the weekends.  They call it a Whole 30 but really, it's their way or version of Food Freedom Forever.  It's not a Whole 30. 
    Food Freedom Forever can be anything you want it to be.  The hardest part is creating your own rules and recommendations or choosing not to have any rules whatsoever..... or not relying on anyone else's ideas of what the rest of your life should be like.  
    Food Freedom Forever is an ever changing dynamic of choices and consequences.
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    JTCarlson reacted to jpags99 in June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!   
    I made it through last night just fine. However tonight, I totally broke and made a conscious decision to have sushi with a former student and her family. Yes, it was incredibly worth it. No, I do not recommend anyone thinking like me. I've done the whole30 already, and I know the results. I'm just going to start over. The good news (if we can consider any of this that) is that I had an internal fight with myself between getting hibachi or sushi. I decided on the sushi because the rice does far less to my system overall than the MSG that is in the hibachi. I also did not eat the miso soup or have soy sauce because I hate soy with a passion. 
    So please, by all means, be disappointed in me, but know the lesson here: once these good habits get in you, they stick with you (i.e. knowing not to have soy or MSG based on results from previous W30). I can't wait for you all to be done with this and then get through your FFF!
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    JTCarlson reacted to SugarcubeOD in June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!   
    These two things seem to not be congruent   Good luck, don't yell at anyone who's trying to give you money to take your old stuff off your hands!
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    JTCarlson got a reaction from iteach in June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!   
    Hi All! Sorry I've been MIA - I'm toggling between teaching and kid wrangling with DH out of town so it's been a busy few days. Summer is here and the number of small people in my house at any given moment has changed dramatically! But, I'm happy to say that I finally got some cooking done, baked a bunch of chicken breasts and roasted two giant pans of veggies, so at least I have something in the fridge I can just heat and eat.
    I have a challenging evening coming up on Saturday - dinner with good friends. We usually put away a few bottles of wine, so that will be hard for me, but I'm actually feeling pretty confident so hopefully I will stay on track. I'm going to stock up on La Croix and maybe some other drinks that are "special" but still compliant. I would love to hear how any of you handle these types of situations, if you also find them challenging. Always looking for new and different strategies!
    @jpags99 I'm sorry I wasn't there to cheer you on when you needed support, but I'm so glad you made it through on your own! Way to go! Those cravings can be so powerful.  What did you do to successfully resist? This time around I'm finding that I'm struggling with cheese way more than sugar. I had actually cut sugar out of my diet about a month before I started this W30, in an attempt to reduce the inflammation that is contributing to my knee pain, so I think that is why it is not such a big deal for me right now. I find that the less I eat sugar, the less I crave it. But cheese seems to be another story.......
    Wishing you all a happy weekend! Stay strong! One week down!!!
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    JTCarlson reacted to Jmb369 in June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!   
    Hi! Where is everyone?!
    We finally had a nice thunderstorm last night with lots of rain, so I am much happier.  See, there are other things besides food that bring me pleasure!
    So far today has had some challenges, but I've managed them fairly well. First off, there was no time for a full breakfast between my morning walk and a PT appointment, so I simply had 3 scrambled eggs and a dish of fresh pineapple. Then between the PT appointment and a massage, I had an Asian salad (no soy and no peanut sauce!) with lettuce and grilled pork. I know the owner, so I trust the food. I skipped the rice noodles and the peanut sauce, so it was a light meal. Protein salad and berries when I got home. I knew today was going to have to be four smaller meals instead of three big ones. Dinner will either be taco salads or spaghetti sauce on zucchini, depending on what DH is willing to cook.
    And for the first time this week, I reached my step goal of 6500 steps. Coupled with the PT, which is all about leg strength, I think I had good exercise.
    My biggest NSV continues to be a better mood and a generally better outlook on life. And when I feel positive, I feel motivated. As an aside, this is the first time I've done Whole 30 and not experienced any constipation. I take that as a sign that over the past eighteen months my gut health has improved, and I've also been more conscious of drinking plenty of water. 
    Now that we have one entire week behind us, what's working (or not) for you?
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    JTCarlson reacted to CKM in June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!   
    Just checking in - Now that I'm full time, life is so busy!
    But things are going well.  Almonds for Breakfast, Shepard's pie for lunch, olives and cherries for snack, spaghetti squash with meat sauce (Whole30 tomato sauce with Italian herbs) for dinner.
    It's been hard - I had the 'kill all the things' and am working through the sugar cravings.  However, they're going away without too much pain, but I hadn't gone as far this time as I had before my first Whole 30.  Plus, I never got back to artificial sweeteners, one of the best things about my first time through. :-)
    Plus, I'm getting in a 3 mile walk every day. 
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    JTCarlson reacted to Jmb369 in June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!   
    I will definitely have to check the ingredients list the next time I buy this particular brand. I'm almost certain that it's "clean." I have had others that don't feel good in my tummy, but this one does not bother me. Sadly enough, we cannot buy "real" turkeys year 'round here, in Central Mexico, only in November and December. In the past I would roast one or two turkeys in the summer -- just for the great leftovers. Last year I remembered to buy an extra for the freezer, but this year I forgot. I get tired of beef, pork, chicken, and frozen fish.
    Made a good choice last night. We had an early and light dinner with friends, and I was hungry by 9, so I had two ounces of turkey and about ten grapes. That did the trick, and I slept like a baby (a good baby!) For me, that was two gold stars -- no gluten free bread with almond butter, and not even any of my beloved mixed unsalted nuts! I think those nuts will have to go, either out of the house or out of the pantry. I am thinking of DH 's office.
    Lunch today will probably be a big tossed salad with canned tuna and steamed snow peas, and dinner is all-meat chili, baked sweet potatoes, guacamole, and a green vegetable, not as yet chosen!
    The weather is a little cooler today, so I am in a good frame of mind. I went for a swim before I went to bed, and I think cooling down my body helped me sleep better. It's all tied together.
    Good luck with your garage sale this weekend. @iteach I hope you do well. I always felt as if it was too much time and energy for too little return, but even a little bit of extra money is a nice motivation to get rid of "stuff." Here I am more likely to donate or consign. Sometimes we simply put things out in front of the house, and they disappear within a few hours! In fact I have a stack of 3-ring notebooks ready to go out. They aren't worth trying to sell, but someone's kids will use them for school.
    Anyway, I digress. I spent much of the morning on the computer, doing my lesson plan for Friday's yoga class. I want to teach the Moon Salutation, but I need an easier version because most of my students are Beginners and most are over age 60! It's all fun, and more enjoyable because I am feeling more energetic and more upbeat. I guess that's my NSV!
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    JTCarlson got a reaction from iteach in June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!   
    OMG I love this! I am definitely going to make some of these this weekend. And thanks to everyone else who chimed in with suggestions - I have to remember to think outside of the (breakfast) box. Heating up leftovers is a good call. That's about all I can handle in the mornings!
    @jpags99 I'm so sorry - that is sooooo disappointing! Excellent job coming up with something else on the fly and not throwing in the towel!
    So, I'm feeling better - less crankilicious. Which is great, because DH is out of town til the end of the week, so I'm solo parenting. I've been sleeping really well, except when I get sucked into Murdoch Mysteries on Netflix, and then it's anyone's guess when I will actually get to bed.
    Had a real NSV today - went out to dinner with my mom and the kids, and the kids wanted pizza so we ended up at one of our favorite pizza places. I thought it would be torture, but I ended up ordering the spinach salad (sans non-compliant ingredients, and EVOO/vinegar on the side for dressing), and was surprisingly fine. It helped that the salad was really good, with lots of other veggies in it. Then I went to the restroom, and while I was there they all ordered dessert! But, again, it turned out to be fine. It was pretty easy to resist, and I didn't feel deprived or mad at all. Win!
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    JTCarlson reacted to iteach in June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!   
    Day 6
    I woke up tired because I went to bed at 1 after watching 4 episodes of Making of a Murderer with my husband. It's a good thing I had a nap yesterday.
    Dinner is a roast with onions and garlic with a salad and green beens. 
    Hit the treadmill and got in my first work out for C25K running---slow as a turtle I am. I ended up staying on the treadmill for an hour watching tv.  
    I think I'll take a short nap (watch 1 episode of MM), and then get started on my chores. I love summer breaks! I hope everyone's enjoying their day. 
    I almost forgot....I made riced cauliflower yesterday with (bacon grease), garlic, and seasonings, and parsley. I had it for 2 meals....and I now need to buy more. It came in a frozen package and I can't remember the name, but it was awesome. 
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    JTCarlson reacted to SAD in June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!   
    Hello, I'm Sharon from The Bahamas ....I've committed to starting on June 8th.... 9th latest
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    JTCarlson reacted to KofeKat in June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!   
    Made it through the weekend! Walking past the fresh bread samples at the store was a true test of my determination. Go team.
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    JTCarlson reacted to laurelerin22 in June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!   
    Hi all!  I started Whole30 on June 1st as well (Day 5), but this is my first day on the forums.  Thought I would introduce myself!  It's great to have such an active group on here!  I've been fighting off headaches and sooo tired the past couple of days, but otherwise feeling good.  I'm just proud of myself for surviving the weekend with my kids and not cheating!  Hope to learn a lot from and about all of you over the next 25+ days!  :-)
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    JTCarlson reacted to Ginsky in June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!   
    You don't have to have breakfast food for breakfast so any dish that you like that's easy to put together or make in advance would work.  Tuna salad on a bed of spinach or other greens can be thrown together quickly, the tuna salad can even be made the night before and stored in the fridge but at that point, so could a lot of things if you're going that route.  Leftovers are great as @Jmb369 mentioned.   
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    JTCarlson reacted to Jmb369 in June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!   
    @JTCarlson I don't mind cooking breakfast most mornings, but when it's impossible for some reason, I will often have leftover dinner. I've been known to have 3-4 ounces of cold sliced turkey or roast beef and a banana. (I know it's missing a vegetable, but it works in a pinch!) There are some egg muffins that you can make ahead and reheat in the microwave. My problem is that they don't keep me satisfied as a long as a "real" breakfast. Also some of the frittatas reheat well, or can be eaten cold. Hope this helps.
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    JTCarlson reacted to jpags99 in June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!   
    What? you don't like the feeling of walking into a sauna the second you walk outside? 
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    JTCarlson reacted to iteach in June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!   
    Day 4.
    Swapped out my work clothes with my summer wear and bagged up 2 bags of clothes to take to the local thrift store. After my anger subsided with finding sizes of 12 through 20, I decided my 18/20 needs a big kick in the pants. Annoyance is still hanging around, but I think my energy level's coming up. I refuse to get rid of any size at this point unless they become too big. I'm looking forward to that NSV (nonscale victory). I even found my black 2-piece swimsuit. Yep, put it on. Printed that picture out for journal. And, then I put it in my drawers. It might come out this summer. When nobody's around. In the back yard. 
    I'm still feeling annoyed, and fairly cranky. I take one look at my treadmill and I want to take a sledgehammer to it. I haven't gone for a walk in days since this sinus cold. I need to stop the excuses and need to just do something. 
    I slept like a rock last night without cold medicine. Maybe a NSV? or maybe just my body needing to rest from having the cold. 
    Anyone have a NSV so far?
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    JTCarlson reacted to jpags99 in June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!   
    I was able to find something to eat. The waitress gave me a allergen info pamphlet which helped bc it had soy on there too. I went with a Ribeye because I was starving and two sides of broccoli. It was pretty bland, and it's really not sitting well with me right now, unfortunately. Going to bed so hopefully i can sleep off this yuck.
    Thank you! I appreciate your support.
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    JTCarlson reacted to jpags99 in June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!   
    @Jmb369 I started this thread for all that wanted to do a reset based on FFF. So, I have read it. I am trying to do the full W30 because for the last month during reintroduction, I have been eating garbage and feel like it. I know what I should and shouldn't be eating. And the short answer is, no, it wasn't worth it. However my sugar dragon took control and told me to eat everything. I think, for me, I have to do an all or nothing approach. I can't do this halfway. 
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    JTCarlson reacted to Jmb369 in June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!   
    @jpags99 I can't remember when you did your first Whole 30 or exactly why you are doing a restart, but I'd say a restart/reset with this many exceptions is not a true restart! But we are all adults, and only you can decide what is appropriate for you. I highly recommend reading Food Freedom Forever, which I think is a sensible approach to changing our eating habits over the long term. She even suggests resets that are a Whole 7 or a 'whole 15, saving the Whole 30 resets for times when we have been "off" for months and months or still experience symptoms. The operative phrase for going "off" the program is, "Was it worth it?" And sometimes the answer is yes, and sometimes, it's no. 
    If you read my earlier post, you'll see that I have already figured out how often and how much I can eat dairy and wheat. Obviously I ate those foods with full awareness of it. I'd say maybe the operative word for you might be, was I intentionally experimenting, or was I responding in the moment?
    Also, I am not a nutritionist or a moderator for the Whole Foods Forums, but it sounds to me as if you are not eating enough food, period. If I don't eat enough, I am far more vulnerable to temptations and eating non-compliant foods. By the way, one of my tricks when I go out with friends, especially to an unknown restaurant, is to eat something health before I leave home, like a hard-boiled egg or a few ounces of grilled chicken. Also, I can often find compliant foods on the appetizer menu, and order one or two of those instead of an entree. If they have salads, a Cobb salad is a good choice. Just tell the waiter you don't want blue cheese or ANY cheese, and ask of vinaigrette on the side.
    Most important, enjoy yourself. Enjoy your friends. Make the food secondary!!!