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  1. Thanks so much for the help. So what could be causing the constipation if it's not FODMAPs? It seems extreme to be constipated for 4 days when I'm eating quite a lot of vegetables...
  2. So it doesn't seem like a FODMAP problem to you?
  3. I do about 1-2 hours of Ashtanga yoga 6 days a week and I walk a lot. Also I'm a yoga teacher. I practice first thing in the morning before eating so generally I eat a big breakfast right after practice. My other activities aren't very high intensity so I didn't feel like I needed extra meals, but they compound to a pretty active lifestyle, compared to the average American I would say.
  4. So I thought maybe I was getting light headed because I wasn't eating enough fat and carbohydrate because I'm more active than average folk so I upped the avocado and sweet potato in my life and also the water intake. But now here I am, super constipated. Also having some intermittent afternoon tiredness, though getting up in the morning just fine and sleeping just fine. Here are a few days of eating: Meal 1: leftover sausage skillet (which includes veggies like zucchini, green beans, kale), some blueberries Meal 2: tuna salad on greens with cucumber and cherry tomatoes Meal 3: chicken thighs fried in coconut oil, ghee-roasted sweet potatoes Meal 1: Three eggs, mushrooms and spinach, five pieces of bacon, ½ avocado, coffee Meal 2: Salad with kale, beets, carrots, pumpkin seeds, tomato, chicken, ¼ avocado, Tessemae’s dressing Meal 3: Chicken thighs fried in coconut oil, baked sweet potato with ghee, steamed kale Meal 1: Three eggs, power greens (baby spinach, kale, chard, etc.), kalamatas, cooked in coconut oil, ½ avocado, ½ c cherry tomatoes Meal 2: Curried chicken salad on greens with cherry tomatoes, orange pepper and cucumber Snack: 1 peach and some almonds Meal 3: Chicken thighs pan fried in coconut oil, ½ sweet potato with ghee, salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, olives, ½ avocado and balsamic vinegar Thank you!
  5. So the way to identify FODMAP sensitivity is just to go without? This is my third Whole30 and I always get constipated. After reading your posts I went back and looked at my food journal and it looks like after I started consciously trying to eat more sweet potato and avocado because I was having issues with light-headedness is when my constipation problems started. I'm on day 21. The first week and a half were fine digestion wise but last week I went I think four days and now it's been several days again. I eat a ton of vegetables and drink a lot of water. Does it sound like FODMAPS could be the culprit? Also I have been taking magnesium every night and even took another packet this morning and nothing's moving. Needless to say I feel FULL. Thanks.
  6. Is there any definitive way to know if what's happening is a FODMAP sensitivity? I, too, have been having problems with consitipation, like, last week went probably four days in a row and right now it's been a couple of days again... After reading this post I went back and looked at my food journal and it seems when I started eating a lot of sweet potato is when it started happening. Also upped my avocado intake. Though I could just be CORRELATING those two things? So my question is, is the only way to know if that's the problem to eliminate them and see how it goes? I have been eating a lot of vegetables and drinking a lot of water. This is my third Whole30 and I always have this problem. Thanks for any advice!