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    RunGirlRun got a reaction from EWilber34 in Start Date: December 1st   
    Welcome to the gang, Hollys!  Congrats on starting before the New Year -- clearly we're of the same mindset   Your shoulder injury sounds just awful.  Hopefully feeling your body well this month will help speed your recovery.
    LadyLis - Awesome NSV!  Gotta love the early Tiger Blood signs.  Good luck prepping for your trip today.  I'm thinking I'll make some Wonton Meatballs this weekend, too.  I usually serve them with a ginger pineapple rice recipe from Ali Maffucci's Inspiralized cookbook -- riced carrots sauteed in a little coconut oil with ginger, garlic, green onions, and diced pineapple.  So good!  Leftover meatballs and "rice" are great as lettuce wraps, too (if there are any leftovers?!)
    Days 4 and 5 done and done!  Solid meals and workouts both days  (30 min Row on Tues, 4 mi Hill Run on Wed.) I noticed I'm starting to get redundant with my breakfasts (sausage, eggs, squash, veg) and lunches (kale salads with chicken past 2 days).  This weekend I'm planning to try some new recipes.  If I find any great ones, will definitely share.
    Jeanette - How are you coming along?  Are you finding some good breakfast options?
    Eryca - Have you recovered from the flu? 
    EWilber - We miss you! Let us know how you're doing! 
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    RunGirlRun got a reaction from EWilber34 in Start Date: December 1st   
    Today is a happy day!  Just got my new Whole30 Day by Day book in the mail.  Yippee!  
    Day 3 yesterday:
    Breakfast - compliant chicken-apple sausage, leftover mashed butternut squash, kale
    Workout - HIIT class (strength and cardio intervals)
    Lunch - tuna poke with cucumbers
    No Snack -- woo hoo!
    Dinner - chicken with mustard sauce (from Quick & Easy Paleo Comfort Foods cookbook), roasted carrots and brussel sprouts
    I was pretty tired last night and could barely drag myself out of bed this morning, but apparently that's normal for Days 3-4.  
    LadyLis - Thanks for the recipes -- Nom Nom and Well Fed are two of my favorites too!  I also love PaleOMG and Stupid Easy Paleo.  How's your tiredness level today?
    Take care, everyone!
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    RunGirlRun got a reaction from EWilber34 in Start Date: December 1st   
    Welcome to our gang, Jeanette!  And congrats on the new baby   It's great you have your family's support for this adventure, especially with a new baby and the accompanying exhaustion.  My youngest is now 12 but I remember vividly how desperately I needed coffee during her early months!  Have you tried Nutpods creamer?  The  French Vanilla one is amazing (and W30 approved!)
    LadyLis - Your apple/chicken/spinach/pepitas combo sounds amazing.  Do you have a recipe to share?  That sounds like something others might enjoy on your weekend trip.  If you're looking for other potential recipes for non-W30 eaters, my family LOVES the Wonton Meatballs and Chicken Fajitas on the Nom Nom Paleo website. (And I love the fact they don't even know they're eating so healthy?!)
    Yesterday (Day 2) went well:
    Breakfast - compliant chicken-apple sausage, scrambled eggs with broccoli and ghee
    Lunch - tuna poke (from Against All Grain cookbook -- yummy and easy) with cucumbers
    Snack - handful of cashews (still trying to break the snack habit!)
    Dinner - grilled steak, roasted carrots, and creamed spinach (from -- so good!)
    Workout - Rest Day, though I did go hit the tennis ball around with my 14 y/o for 30 minutes or so
    Happy Monday, everyone!
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    RunGirlRun got a reaction from EWilber34 in Start Date: December 1st   
    Hello friends!  Checking in to see how your weekend is going??  After a fun-filled anniversary, DH and I started W30 yesterday.  Day 1 went pretty well:
    Breakfast - skipped (I know, not good, but still stuffed from dinner)
    Workout - OrangeTheory (strength, row, run)
    Lunch - giant salad from Whole Foods salad bar (kale, brussel sprouts, pears, roasted chicken, beet strings, olive oil and vinegar)
    Snack - handful of cashews (I know we're not supposed to snack, but starvation kicked in -- probably bc I skipped breakfast and post WO snack?!)
    Dinner - pork chops with sautéed apples and onions, mashed butternut squash, and broccoli
    LadyLis - Sounds like things are going well.  Focusing on strength work during the W30 sounds like a great plan to me.  As much as I love my cardio, I'm finding that running just doesn't keep things toned like it used to (am closing in on 50 next summer!)  One of my hopes for this W30 is to see if it can help with my horrible (hormonal?) sleep issues.
    Eryca - You poor thing!  That must have been some flu to land you in the hospital.  Glad you're home and recovering.  Hopefully you can join us this week.
    EWilber - How are you doing?  Thinking of you and how strong you are to take this step toward health!
    Take care!  
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    RunGirlRun got a reaction from EWilber34 in Start Date: December 1st   
    I'm starting Dec 2nd (after anniversary date night on Dec 1!)   Can I hang out with y'all?  You seem like a fun and supportive bunch.  
    I'm counting this as my 2nd W30.  The 1st one in June 2016 was successful, but we immediately went on vacation to Las Vegas afterward (enough said?!)  2nd attempt in Sept 2016 ended early (totally gave up when it got hard -- no excuses.)   So, my goal this time around is to not only complete the 30 days strong, but also to do reintroduction well.
    I have to admit I'm kind of excited to wake up on Jan 1st NOT feeling hung over from too much holiday food/wine!  Hopefully this January we'll all be celebrating a successful 30 days and kicking off 2018 healthier than ever!!!
    Happy start day tomorrow, EWilbur, LadyLisbette, and Eryca!  
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    RunGirlRun got a reaction from EWilber34 in Start Date: December 1st   
    Happy Monday!  Sounds like you all had a successful weekend -- congrats! 
    It was a challenging few days than I expected, but I'm happy to report that W30 prevailed   
    On Friday and Saturday (days 6 and 7) I was super emotional (weepy, cranky) for no real reason?!  Maybe it was some weird, delayed variation of "Kill all the Things"?  
    Then last night my running group got together for our annual Xmas celebration.  This year was an overnighter at a beautiful home in a nearby resort area -- with lots of drinking, eating, drinking, board games, hot tubbing (and did I mention drinking?)  Based on my emotional state earlier in the weekend, I wasn't sure I could handle it (normally I'd be the one uncorking the first bottle of wine!)  But, it turned out great!  I cooked a W30 compliant feast for dinner (which everyone loved) and brought lots of sparkling water.  My girlfriends were curious about W30 and totally supportive.  And it was nice to wake up relaxed and refreshed today instead of headache-y.
    So, onward and upward!  Have a great night, all!