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  1. Hello fellow Whole30er's! I am back to do another Whole30 but with more ambition to make the changes stick! I completed my first Whole30 January of 2018 and I felt AMAZING afterwards, however, it didn't take me too long to fall back into old habits and undo all my hard work so this time around my goal isn't just to complete the 30 days, but to really implement many changes to carry throughout my life. This year is a big year for me as I will be turning 30 in September and I want to feel and look better than I ever have as a way to celebrate exiting my 20's but mostly to help me embrace my 30's and enter them with confidence and pride versus fear and self-pity. I also have a diagnosis of diabetes type 2(T2D) and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) so I want to have better control over those health challenges. Overall, the thing is, I am not getting any younger but I have a lot of things I want to accomplish in my life and having a better grip on my overall health is the biggest step I can take to ensuring that my goals can and will be accomplished. I probably won't post on here everyday, but I will try to post at least once a week, so if you feel like following my journey this will be the place to do so. Excitedly nervous, CR89
  2. cr89

    Start Date February 1st

    @Laurie Hang in there! I feel more in control doing Whole30 with all the prepping and planning! I struggle with limiting the almond butter too! I usually have an apple and serving of almond butter everyday but I don't really eat much else for fruit (occasionally some fresh pineapple with lunch), plus it's one of the easiest snacks to have on hand for when I can't make it to the next meal!
  3. cr89

    Start Date February 1st

    @Lauren Mudryk I am so worried about spiraling out of control that I am extending my Whole30 to a Whole60! I started back on January 2nd...I had a couple non-compliant food Feb. 1, 2, 3 (a bite of something each day) but I am back on full force, totally compliant now. I even had a "nightmare" about eating one non-compliant food and then spiraling into a binge of everything sugary/greasy/fatty/salty/unhealthy and doubled in my size! Haha! It was a bit terrifying! I am going to slowly learn to allow myself moments of enjoyment of foods that are non-compliant but live most my life in compliance. I am aiming for 90% compliance and 10% (or less) of non-compliance. It's helpful that my mom and sister started their first Whole30 yesterday so I am coming alongside them to support them and I want to lead by example! @AB_MN My Whole30 virtually eliminated all my acne! For the first time in at least 6 months, I didn't break out in painful cystic pimples! Healthy skin feels so great! I feel like cutting out the dairy is what really helped with my acne. I have heard/read that cow's milk increases testosterone/androgen in the body leading to more and worse acne! Yuck! And I loved drinking milk before my Whole30! Not anymore!
  4. @cms8448 Naps are you're friend in the first couple of weeks! So don't feel bad that your tired or experiencing brain fog, it does get better! I am on day 32 and I have never felt better in my life! Also, kudos to you for giving up social media! I am not a huge social media user (just Facebook here), in fact about a year ago I cut down my friends list to just family and my handful of closest friends, due to anxiety and depressive thoughts/feelings I had from comparing myself to everyone I had ever met! Haha! @RachelR Way to use social media to keep your accountable! As much as I am not a huge fan of social media, I can see how it could keep you accountable! I just posted about my 30 day experience on Facebook last night and my friends and family have been very sweet in "liking" and "loving" my status and leaving encouraging comments! It's nice to have other's rallying around you! As far as your consumption of spaghetti squash, YUM! I have been making a "spaghetti" through my journey which has included: spaghetti squash, zucchini noodles, mushroom, garlic, ground turkey and compliant spaghetti sauce! So delicious! Rachel, you asked about activity levels and here's my very honest answer: I didn't do any exercise during my first 30 days! Haha! I made my 30 days about focusing on what I put into my body and how what I eat impacts my body composition. I am adding exercise this second 30 days including, at least 30 min of cardio daily and a 30 day push-up challenge (essentially I am going to see how many push-ups I can do each day and hopefully by the end of the month I am not doing wussy knee push-ups and doing at least 1 "real" push-up! It's the little things!). I will probably add or do something different exercise wise during March but I want to add things in baby steps so I don't overwhelm myself with change and came make lasting lifestyle choices.
  5. cr89

    Start Date February 1st

    Hi Everyone! I am so excited you are all embarking on this amazing and wonderful journey that is Whole30! I am on day 30 of my first successful Whole30 but I am turning my W30 into a W60 so I will be starting the second half of my adventure tomorrow (Feb. 1) as well. I realize I will not be experiencing the withdrawal phase with you all but I want to come along side and encourage you as best as I can! I had a few people on these forums encouraging me along my W30 and I want to be sure that I am doing the same for others (a pay-it-forward type concept). I am single and live alone so I didn't not have the added challenge of little munchkins around but trying to cook with cats isn't always a piece of cake, so I can almost imagine the added challenge your cherubs will bring! If you're curious about my struggles and successes I did start a thread in the "Your Whole30 Log" section of the community forum titled Cera - January 2018 that you are free to check out. I didn't follow the rule of not stepping on the scale like I should have so I am following that rule this second 30 days. I learned googling recipes is super easy, if anything the number of options is overwhelming! I want to try it all! I have a few suggestions that were helpful for me along my journey that I want to share with you! First reading any of the Whole30 books if you can, they are helpful. Second, get the Whole30 Day-by-Day book....super helpful! If you can't get the book though, I think, it's defintely a great idea to journal how you are feeling...seriously a great outlet! Third, download, print and create your own tear-away calendar using Melissa's hand written notes found at this link, I have many of them taped around my computer monitor at work so I can reference them anytime I need a little emotional boost, a confidence builder or encouragement! Fourth, read other posts on the forum, read through other people's questions, struggles, successes and then post about yours, either on this thread or other threads that maybe feel more appropriate for what you are looking for or needing! Fifth, have fun learning new ways to cook, trying new foods and switching up your recipes, if you get to the end using the same five recipes on repeat you will be burnt out on them and you won't have an arsenal to help you continue your new healthy eating style when you finish. I am in no way an all knowing source of W30 information but I want to come beside you all and encourage you and I will do my best to give advice or help when I can! Cera
  6. Every time someone resists the temptation of their cravings and puts their sugar dragon in its place, I celebrate for you! Seriously! You all deserve a victory lap each time you resist! Day 10, 1/3 of the way through feels great doesn't it!? Just try not to blink because before you know it you're on Day 30 and if you're like me, you're not quite ready for it to end because you feel so good and you are seeing numerous NSVs! You'll be boasting about your new found health to everyone you see (I told at least a half dozen of my coworkers about my victories yesterday and I don't think any of them truly wanted or needed to know but I had to share so they had to hear!! haha!!). On one of the handwritten notes from Melissa that I have framing my computer monitor at work she said, "Smile, even if you don't mean it. This, too, shall pass." Keep your chins up and your smiles as bright as you can! You got this!! Cera
  7. I have thought about reintroduction but I am on track to do a Whole60 first for a couple of reasons: I am a bit nervous about going overboard so I want to practice a bit longer I have seen some great results but have more goals to accomplish and I think another 30 days will be most helpful my mom and sister want to start a Whole30 on Feb. 1, and although I don't live with them, I want to keep going as a way to support their journey I am loving the food right now and just starting to get more adventurous so I want to keep playing with what I've learned thus far before adding more members to the party Overall, I think I'm more nervous about the idea of reintroduction than I was about starting the Whole30 to begin with! Cera
  8. Hi Sandy! I don't know if you've read through any of my earlier posts but I am currently on day 29 of my first Whole30! I can say that I experienced on-and-off bloating and moments of mild constipation during the first two weeks. I am feeling much better in the last two weeks though! Stick with it because you will feel so much better for doing so! If anyone on this thread is unsure if they should keep going or if there are real success in this process I will share my favorite: I've gone down 2 pants sizes I am sleeping better I have clear skin (no cystic pimple break outs) I am more productive I have more stamina no more mental fog I am overall happier and in a better mood more patience My A1c dropped 1.3 points I have lost 8.5lbs (this is at the bottom because as we know, it's not about the weight loss...but it's nice to see smaller numbers on the scale) I am so happy for all of you on this journey! Take is from a day 29 newbie that it is worth all the planning, prepping and dishes! Cera
  9. Rachel -- Congrats on Day 3! Seriously, the first two weeks are the hardest, in fact, yesterday I had to actually stop and think about what day I am on, whereas the first 17 days I knew from the moment I woke up. On day 23 (I had to check my calendar for the day) I am feeling great and this Whole30 thing feels more like a lifestyle than a challenge! Being this is my first Whole30 I can't say whether or not the hunger between meals means you should eat more at your meals (I hope to some day be more of an expert on that sort of thing) but I have read through forums that this could in part be to not having enough healthy fats with each meal? I have also read that if you aren't hungry enough that you would eat fish and broccoli that you are just having a craving? However, I found, especially in my first week, that when I thought I was hungry between meals if I drank about a glass of water and focused on a non-food task that most the time what I thought was hunger was more of a craving to eat (not a craving for anything specific but just to put food in my mouth). I was a bit of a mindless eater before Whole30 so I think my brain was confused as to why I wasn't eating everything I saw...especially when I was in the break room at work! So maybe try water and a distraction to see what happens?? The La Croix has finally grown on me to the point that I love drinking them when I need something that isn't water! My local grocery store was selling variety packs and it was a great way to narrow down the flavors I enjoy most (coconut, mango, berry, passion far)! I am very proud of your accomplishments and successes thus far! Keep your head up and your smile bright! YOU'VE GOT THIS!!! Cera
  10. I like the lemon, the cherry lime and the apple cranberry. I do not care for the Lime. I have a variety pack at home that I am going to sip my way through. Just note that if you are used to drinking soda you are used to a very intense flavor so the La Croix will not taste very good at first but as you get used to not having the sugar and the intense flavor of soda and other unhealthy food/drink options the La Croix will taste better.
  11. I am eating plenty. I am almost never hungry and when I am I have a compliant snack. I am following the meal template and leave each meal satiated and most of the time feel satiated until the next meal. To be honest, I am eating more at many of my meals now than I was before W30.
  12. Thank you Robin! I was beginning to think I was going crazy! I bought an electric blanket and that's been the biggest help! I'm glad I work mostly at a desk so I can stay warm all day at work! Haha! Why do we live where it's so cold?!
  13. cr89

    Starting Jan 17th - first time!

    Hi Bernadette! HAPPY DAY ONE!!! I am so excited for you to start your Whole30! I am currently on day 16 of my first Whole30 and I feel great!! I have so much energy, motivation and productivity! My skin is clear, my jeans all require a belt now and I am just overall happier! I saw you are anxious about breakfast beings you can't eat eggs. I have been eating boiled eggs but I have been matching them up with sweet potato mash and berries. On Sundays I skin and then boil several sweet potatoes (4-6 depending on their size), when they are soft I put them into my food processor with coconut milk (I usually end up using most or the whole can of milk, depending on the texture you want), cinnamon and nutmeg. I portion it out in 1 cup portions and then each morning I microwave them for about 1 minute and mix in my one cup of berries and enjoy. For me it's similar to eating an oatmeal or cream of wheat for breakfast, but actually I like the sweet potatoes better. Just substitute my eggs for a protein of your choice and you're good to go! I am sure there are many other breakfast "hacks" for avoiding eggs, this is just my two cents! If you don't have it I recommend purchasing the Whole30 Day by Day! It's so worth it for the support and places to mark your own progress! Good luck (Not that you need it because you've totally got this!) Cera
  14. Hello! I am so excited for all four of you to start your Whole30! I am a first time Whole30er, I am on day 16 today and it's amazing how great I feel! Seriously!! I have clear skin, ambition, increased energy, the best mental focus I've had, possibly ever! I am sleeping way better, I am loving myself before, after and during eating (which is also something that had become very rare), my jeans all require belts, I am far more productive at work and home, and my sugar cravings are zero, in fact I now desire things like peppers, mushroom, sweet potatoes, apples, and zucchini! I highly suggest the Whole30 Day-by-Day book! It is a great way to track your progress, stay motivated and feel "normal", as Melissa lets you know that you are not alone in what you are going through. I also recommend printing the handwritten notes found on the bottom of this page --> as they are also a great way to stay motivated and trusting the process. I have my work computer monitor framed in the notes from Melissa to keep me going everyday! If you can't get the Day-by-Day I suggest journaling how you are feeling, writing in the meals you like and the ones that you didn't so much to help you make food decisions moving forward. If you need to cut out pop but crave the bubbles I am enjoying drinking La Croix waters...yay for compliant and bubbly! My last suggestion is to make leftovers! I live alone and up until my whole30 hated cooking because it's hard to cook for one, but now that I need nearly all my meals to be homemade in order to control ingredients I fill my fridge with leftovers for the week. Now I spend one or two evenings cooking away and the rest of the week microwaving my meals, it's super easy and I have found that the meals all taste good as far! I know you guys will make it through your Whole30 and you are going to feel better than ever! I'm excited to follow your progress!!! Cera
  15. cr89

    Started 1/2/18

    Well I have finally reached day 15! I feel great overall (despite having a cold)! My productivity at work has reached an all time high, my mental focus is the best it's been in a long time (possible ever), I am eating the healthiest I ever have, my skin looks healthier than ever before, my sleep quality has greatly improved, I have a cheerier disposition and I am overall more confident about myself. My shirts are looser, my jeans require belts to stay up and I have to dress in extra layers to stay warm (although I'm not sure at this point how much of a win that is). I am still enjoying meal prepping and eating delicious, healthy meals and am adjusting the the mountains of dishes I create. People have started to say I'm looking good but usually after I bring up the Whole30. I am still thinking/considering making my Whole30 into a Whole60 for a variety of reasons but mostly because I feel like my body tends to take longer to adjust to new things and I take longer to create new habits so I want to make this a more permanent change. Also, I have elected to not add in exercise on this Whole30 because I want to show myself how much what I eat affects me, however, I think the second Whole30 I will add in exercise to see how that can affect my health improvements. (Plus, my mother, whom I don't live with, is considering doing the Whole30 starting on February 1 and my sister would likely join her in it so then I would have a couple people to support and to help keep me encouraged.) I am looking forward to the the tiger-blood in the next 15 days as I FINALLY mark completing a Whole30 of my list of things I want to accomplish in my life!