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  1. Jorisam

    Movie snack ideas

    Looking for movie snacks for kids and myself. Want to avoid concessions at all costs without making it too miserable for the kids. Any suggestions welcome! Thanks
  2. Jorisam

    Movie snack ideas

    Fifth day of whole 30 and must attend movie with eight year old. Need easy munchie idea to bring so I don't od on popcorn like in old days. Help!!!
  3. Changed name as suggested. Eating food on whole 30 plan with recipes from plate joy for now to simplify my life. Maybe not eating enough but having tough times with what to eat if hungry between meals other than nuts and fruits. Just newby. Will have to re read book
  4. Woke up at 1:30 am crazy for sugar. Ate two pouches of kids all natural fruit snacks. Back to day one but any suggestions how to deal in future? Not even sure I was fully awake!