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  1. Sarasaurus

    Sara's Whole30

    Day 19... almost 2/3 there! Staying compliant has been pretty easy - from previous experience I already have my go-to recipes (and I realized this is actually round 4 for me, not 3!). I'm not feeling a lot of changes in body composition, but my expectations are low in that regard, my main focus is getting out of bad eating habits. I've been having some dates and dried mango that I already had on hand, but I try to eat them at the beginning or middle of a meal so that it doesn't feel dessert-like. So far I haven't noticed that they're creating sugar cravings but I don't plan to buy any more once these are gone. Day 18 Meal 1: zoodles, ground beef, tomato sauce, drizzle of olive oil Meal 2: date, 2 slices deli turkey w/ mayo, sugar snap peas, sweet potato w/ ghee Meal 3: zoodles, ground beef, tomato sauce, drizzle of olive oil Day 19 Meal 1: zoodles, ground beef, tomato sauce, drizzle of olive oil Meal 2: roasted cabbage w/ olive oil, 3 fried eggs, dried mango Snack: 2 slices deli turkey w/ mayo, date Meal 3: coconut chicken curry w/ cauli rice
  2. Sarasaurus

    How to Incorporate Mayo

    I love mixing homemade mayo with horseradish as a sauce for steak or burgers. (Be sure to check the ingredients if buying prepared horseradish - I've seen some that are not compliant.) I also like mayo mixed with mustard as a dip for lots of meats and veggies.
  3. Sarasaurus

    Sara's Whole30

    Back again, R3D7 now... the health issues I was dealing with this time last year were more serious than I knew at the time, and the symptoms and side effects over the past year resulted in quite a bit of weight gain as well as poor diet choices. But I had surgery two months ago and should be getting back to normal, so I felt like another W30 would be a good way to snap myself out of the bad food habits. I started on Jan. 30 so that I'd finish on the last day of February, but am just now starting my log again. I know this round will be different - I've lost so much muscle mass that I expect results will be slower and I won't need to eat as much. Day 7 Meal 1: sauteed squash, 2 Applegate hot dogs, mustard mayo Meal 2: broccoli and cauliflower, ground beef w/ tomato basil sauce, drizzle of olive oil Snack: Epic bites Meal 3: date, roasted potatoes and brussels sprouts, 2 fried eggs, mini avocado
  4. Sarasaurus

    Lactose kicked me out of fat adaption?

    Oh I did, a week ago today. Even after I (hopefully!) get this weight gain under control I intend to keep coffee in the 'occasionally' category.
  5. Sarasaurus

    Lactose kicked me out of fat adaption?

    No, probably the closest test I've had is fasting glucose, which has always been normal. Thanks for the info!
  6. Sarasaurus

    Lactose kicked me out of fat adaption?

    I'm still going 4-5 hours between meals, although in the few days just before I gave up coffee there were a couple of times where I had the loud growling stomach like before W30 (that was the main sign for me that I was fat adapted), and maybe it's been a little more difficult to wait until my next normal mealtime. I typically eat breakfast around 8, lunch at 12-1230, a snack/preWO around 5, and dinner between 830-9. I've been thinking maybe I was feeling a bit sluggish some days, mainly in the evening when I work out, but I hit two PRs in my lifting yesterday. Maybe I'm not thinking of fat adaption correctly - I figured the lactose had been serving as a quick energy source and getting that sugar every day put my body back into "burn sugar/carbs" mode. The lactose in 3-4 Tbsp of half and half wouldn't be enough fuel for an entire day, but would it make such a difference that I could still be fat adapted and gain almost a pound per week? Thanks for your help!
  7. I tried several Google searches and didn't find anything about this, so I'm curious to hear from others... Background: I did a W45 last summer, followed by reintroductions, and it was great - I was fat adapted after about 3 weeks and lost 13 lbs. I continued eating pretty much W30 and was easily keeping that weight off. After the holidays I'd only gained a pound or two but felt like my diet had slipped a bit so I decided to do another W30 to get back on track. I finished that round on February 5, was at my pre-holiday weight, and continued with a mainly W30 diet. Before R2, I'd been developing an iced coffee habit (with half and half, since I didn't have a negative reaction to dairy during reintros). After R2, it became a pretty much daily habit, and over the next 2 months I gained 7 lbs and it's definitely fat, mostly around my stomach. The half and half is the only thing I can think of that's changed in that time (I drank iced coffee with almond milk during my first W30, although not every day), so that seems like the obvious culprit. I'm assuming the daily hit of lactose was enough sugar to get me out of fat adaption? In hindsight this seems kinda obvious but I was a little surprised I didn't find any other posts about it, given how many people talk about being excited to have dairy back in their coffee after 30 days. I quit coffee on Thursday and as of today will be sticking to a pretty strict W30 diet to try and get back to fat adaption.
  8. Sarasaurus

    Mirena IUD and Whole30

    I had a similar experience, although I'd always had periods with my Mirena they were very light... until Whole30. Unfortunately my Whole30 last summer coincided with replacing my Mirena, so I can't say for sure whether it was the Whole30 or the new Mirena that caused the change. Since I'm now on my 3rd Mirena (i.e., 10+ years), it seems unlikely a new one would affect me so drastically, and it stumped my doctor. Regardless, It's been about 9 months and I've continued to have heavier periods, so apparently this is my new normal.
  9. Sarasaurus

    Water Water Everywhere

    Have you added any new/different foods to your diet recently? Early in my Whole30 I noticed I was extremely thirsty all the time... turned out some sausages I'd been eating were compliant but super high in sodium. I reduced my portions of them (and didn't buy them again!) and was back to normal in a day or so.
  10. Sarasaurus

    Day 17 Gaining Weight - Help

    I also have a long history of restricting and calorie tracking, although I wasn't really doing it immediately before my Whole30. And I also struggled to lose any weight that way. I had the same fear about the quantity of food that Whole30 was asking me to eat. But I decided I was going to just DO IT for 30 days, follow all the rules and guidelines, trust the program and see what happened. I recommend you put the thoughts of weight loss, calories, "what if I gain weight" out of your mind as much as possible and direct that mental energy to making sure you're fully compliant with the program (not just technically compliant, but really following the spirit of it), meal planning, keeping a journal of your meals and your feelings (physical and mental/emotional) afterwards, etc. I think I started to feel fat adapted around the 3 week point, but everyone is different and it may take a little longer for you if you've tried to reduce your fat intake due to concern about weight gain. You have to give your body fat for it to become fat adapted! After 45 days I had lost 5 pounds; did reintroductions and continued eating a mostly Whole30 diet and after another 2 months was down 13 lbs from my starting weight - with no counting, tracking, or restricting
  11. Sarasaurus

    Meal planning taking too long - help!

    Make friends with your freezer! When you have time to batch cook, make a ton and freeze in smaller portions. I do this with salmon cakes a lot (sounds like you don't like salmon, but just an example). Chili, meatballs, lots of other things are freezer-friendly. Frozen veggies are usually cheaper than fresh and pretty quick to fix. I also keep frozen hamburger patties that are supposed to be cooked frozen, so they don't even need any defrosting time.... which leads me to ask, would it be a problem for you and your bf to eat different things? If you'd be happier with some beef and pork, can you make those for yourself and he can stick with chicken and fish? That would also guarantee your leftovers to still be there in the morning! I'll second (third?) what others have said, in that my meals are typically simple, mix and match style. I just don't have time to come home every evening and make anything that requires opening a cookbook. With some trial and error you'll probably find a few meals you really like that will become your go-tos. Remember you can scale up most recipes too - for example, I always make a double batch of mayo and have never had it go bad before I could eat it all. I like to add horseradish or mustard to use as a dip with meat and/or veggies.
  12. Sarasaurus

    bbq sauce and ranch trouble

    I have a similar blender and was having the same issue. I started using a really skinny bottle brush to poke through the holes on the side, and that lets me get those last little bits of mayo that want to stick under (above?) the blades. The brushes made for cleaning reusable straws would probably work well too.
  13. Have you been following the template portion sizes for protein, fat, and veggies? Even if you're only eating good Whole30 foods, your body won't want to let go of any extra if it seems like there might not be enough coming in. Most people feel like they're eating a lot when they follow the template (I definitely did), and it can be easy to consciously or unconsciously limit your portions if you have old habits of restricting to lose weight. I'm 35, but even in my early 20s I didn't lose weight until I got down to around 1200 calories/day, which made me uncomfortable with the template portions at first (especially fat!). But I did it anyway, and was amazed by how well it worked - I lost over 10 lbs in 45 days and definitely could tell that I got fat adapted.
  14. Sarasaurus

    What did you have for supper last night?

    I make this curry fairly often: It's compliant as-is (I use homemade chicken stock; store bought might be hard to find) and I usually omit the tomatoes and use 1 Tbsp each of store-bought curry powder and garam masala. I had it for breakfast this morning with sauteed spinach but of course it works well with cauliflower rice too!
  15. It's hard to give advice as everyone's family dynamic and relationships are different, but based on my experience I'd recommend focusing on the elimination diet/health angle, which people seem to respect more than weight loss. I don't live at home but I had a few family meals during my W30 where I knew I'd get questions about why I wasn't eating certain things. I gave a very brief description of W30 and emphasized that it was an elimination diet to try and figure out some minor stomach/digestive issues I was having (substitute "stomach/digestive issues" with whatever you're hoping to address by doing W30). I also said, truthfully, that my doctor had recommended an elimination diet. If she's going to keep making food for you that you can't eat, I think you should go ahead and explain what you're doing and that you won't be eating these foods - sneaking a bunch of food to the dogs is probably not sustainable for 30 days, and I'd expect her to notice that she never actually sees you eating the food.