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  1. Hi all! I am attending a once-a-year event at my local Alamo here in Austin this weekend, and after a quick review of the menu, I'm not finding much that could be compliant. I searched the forums and found people who had success with the spaghetti squash, but that has (unfortunately) been removed from their menu. I contacted the company and asked for a full ingredients list, which I was told they do not have, but would be happy to consult with the kitchen. I sent over the rules, and they were overwhelmed... *facepalm* I see the steak salad would probably be OK, if I asked them to leave off the dressing and the cotija, but I still need to know how the steak is marinated and cooked. I asked that question and am still waiting for a response. Has anyone gotten a definite answer from them on anything that's currently on the menu? Here's a link to the current one for reference:
  2. Staggolee41

    Heightened sense of smell?

    I'm on day eight of my second Whole30 (so much easier this time!). I'm going to call this an NSV - and I don't remember experiencing it the first time around - but my sense of smell is so heightened now! Not only am I smelling the foods I can't have - I can smell a burger joint I'm passing from the highway - but all smells in general. I smelled cheese from several feet away the other night, along with brisket smoking a block away and dirty dishes from a room on the opposite side of my house. Cigarettes being smoked on the other side of a heavy, sealed, external door (this one I complained about, as I was in yoga class and found it disruptive, only to find that no one else could smell it). Is anyone else experiencing something like this??
  3. Staggolee41

    Starbucks Teas - Is "Infused" Compliant?

    Also worth noting - the basic Passion iced tea they make behind the counter appears to be without the candied pieces, so without Classic, that would be fine, although the hot Passion tea is not compliant. Super confusing that they have the same name...
  4. Staggolee41

    Starbucks Teas - Is "Infused" Compliant?

    You're fine on the standard iced green tea without Classic, but you should check labels on any boxed iced teas for sale.
  5. Staggolee41

    Starbucks Teas - Is "Infused" Compliant?

    Former Starbucks employee here - be really careful with the new teas. Many - iced AND hot - are not compliant. Order a brewed coffee, standard iced coffee (request 'No Classic'), americano, or espresso. All of these are some form of just beans and water. Teas... ask to see an ingredient list. Brewed coffee - available in 8-12-16-20oz sizes - blonde roast (rotating flavors) has more caffeine; Pike Place is very medium bodied and even from a flavor perspective; dark roast (also rotating) tends to be very bold and flavorful, much darker than others (especially Italian, French, and Espresso roasts - if you're a newbie to black coffee, you might want to avoid these). Iced coffee - available in 12-16-24-30oz sizes - you must ask to have the drink without Classic, and even then, I'd give it a smell before drinking it to make sure it wasn't added by mistake; also note that some of the substitute milks, like almond and coconut milk, will not be cold-drink-friendly; I've seen them produce chunks in iced coffees, which aren't so easy to drink through a straw . This is my favorite drink, though it can be a little tart; this would be easier/more approachable for many of you than hot black coffee. Clover brew - This is a type of coffee that is brewed by the cup. You can order it hot or iced, with sizes and coffee types available dependent on location. It's like the two above, but it's a MUCH smoother cup of coffee, and will make the other stuff taste like dirt. It's also more expensive but it's a nice treat if you're a coffee aficionado. If you see Kona available, just order it iced, don't ask questions. It's heavenly. Americano - available both hot (8-12-16-20oz sizes) and iced (12-16-24oz sizes) and is simply just espresso shots, water, and ice (if you ordered it iced). Shot distribution is 1-2-3-4 in hot sizes and 2-3-4 in iced sizes (so a venti americano has four shots).This does not automatically come with added sugar or milk. This tastes like a smoother cup of coffee - less variation in the flavor. Espresso - simply just espresso shots - you can order a solo, doppio (sounds like "dopey-oh"), triple, or quad; you can get them hot or over ice; it's basically a tiny, super-strong cup of coffee. You can also get as many shots as you want (I've watched people consume 10 at a time), but beware... these babies are 75mg of caffeine each. If you have more than four, and you're not used to it, you might experience side effects like the head-spinning seen in The Exorcist. If you're a tea drinker at home, like me, these teas are mostly compliant, pretty delicious, and available in most local grocery stores I've seen (though you will need to read the label on these, as with anything else during your Whole30): Peach Green Tea is my favorite) Just as a note: I know the menu can be a little intimidating at Starbucks, and no one wants to be the one at the register asking lots of questions with a huge line behind them. I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you have about these, other drinks, Starbucks in general, how to talk to the barista, etc. My six-year stint with Starbucks covered everything from barista to store manager.
  6. Staggolee41

    Reintroducing sugar?

    I'm on Day 30 and anticipating not feeling any reactions to most of the eliminated foods during reintroductions (though I'm still doing it, in case something catches me by surprise) based on my Whole30 experiences. The biggest change has been around sugar, of which I ate mountains before in order to "handle" (very poorly) mental/emotional defects. Not having it has improved my mental state, and because it took some work, I'm afraid to reintroduce any kind of sugar, though I know I'll have to at some point. I completely agree with your assessment of that feeling "left out" - I've been thinking the same things myself as I plan my reintroductions. I also wanted to add that for those to whom the side effects didn't seem to happen during reintroductions, it may not be the item that's the problem, but rather the amount you were eating before. I know my diet has changed significantly in the last month from being heavy on grains/processed carbs/sugar to being very heavy on vegetables, and though I plan to keep it heavy on vegetables, I'm looking forward to being able to sprinkle banned things into my meal plan (provided I do not react poorly to them).
  7. Staggolee41

    You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...

    ...when they have a section of the work refrigerator with stacked containers. ...when Google starts suggesting search terms with "Whole30" at the end. ...when they move down an aisle at the grocery store a few inches at a time, saying "Nope" as they go. ...when their coworkers know what "NSV" means and start offering suggestions of things they have noticed. ...when they make a face when they ask for an ingredients list and the server brings a nutrition info sheet instead. ...when they whisper their order to the bartender (and it's really just seltzer with a slice of lime).