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    Heightened sense of smell?

    I'm on day eight of my second Whole30 (so much easier this time!). I'm going to call this an NSV - and I don't remember experiencing it the first time around - but my sense of smell is so heightened now! Not only am I smelling the foods I can't have - I can smell a burger joint I'm passing from the highway - but all smells in general. I smelled cheese from several feet away the other night, along with brisket smoking a block away and dirty dishes from a room on the opposite side of my house. Cigarettes being smoked on the other side of a heavy, sealed, external door (this one I complained about, as I was in yoga class and found it disruptive, only to find that no one else could smell it). Is anyone else experiencing something like this??
  2. Hi all! I am attending a once-a-year event at my local Alamo here in Austin this weekend, and after a quick review of the menu, I'm not finding much that could be compliant. I searched the forums and found people who had success with the spaghetti squash, but that has (unfortunately) been removed from their menu. I contacted the company and asked for a full ingredients list, which I was told they do not have, but would be happy to consult with the kitchen. I sent over the rules, and they were overwhelmed... *facepalm* I see the steak salad would probably be OK, if I asked them to leave off the dressing and the cotija, but I still need to know how the steak is marinated and cooked. I asked that question and am still waiting for a response. Has anyone gotten a definite answer from them on anything that's currently on the menu? Here's a link to the current one for reference:
  3. Hello! Thank you for reading. I'm looking forward to your input. Context: I was at the end of the healing process for two bad ankle sprains (no surgery, same ankle, some bone damage, at-home physical therapy) that occurred within two months of each other. Within the last couple of months, I had been reintroducing cardio that depended on that ankle being solid again. HIIT/sprints, jogging, elliptical, etc, no trouble with ankle (though I am sooo out of shape).: Day 5, late, suddenly experiencing a LOT of pain in the same leg with the bad ankle. Hip-knee-ankle. Persistent off and on since. I know you want to know what I've been eating. Day 5 M1 - Ground beef, hard-boiled egg, tomatoes, avocado Day 5 M2 - Garlic butter chicken, greens, balsamic vinegar, another egg, blueberries Day 5 M2 - Salmon with herbes de Provence, asparagus Day 6 M1 - None (woke up with sore throat, no appetite) Day 6 M2 - Lemon Larabar, jalapeño beef sticks (on the road) Day 6 M3 - Salmon sweet potato cakes with tartar sauce and asparagus Day 7 M1 - Again none, sore throat Day 7 M2 - Three fried eggs, greens with tomatoes and balsamic vinegar Day 7 M2.5 - Several very thin slices of prosciutto Day 7 M3 - Leftover salmon sweet potato cakes and tartar sauce and asparagus I drink between 30 and 70 oz of water every day, along with about 20 oz black coffee. I also grew up loving nightshades and famously have eaten tomatoes like apples all my life. Any thoughts?
  4. Yes! I'm thinking about going back into a Whole30 now, and I finished my first W30 about a month ago. I eat W30 food M-F, weekend mornings, and try to make better choices overall - proud to say I didn't choose the gut-ruining foods I normally would have when a friend wanted to go to an old favorite Mexican restaurant on Saturday night. Speaking from the perspective of having had this fear, and now seeing it somewhat realized, I wish I hadn't felt compelled to reintroduce everything. I'm glad I learned those things about my body, though. Even for the two things I have reintroduced that haven't seemed to bother me at all, I don't feel like I need them the way I used to "need" them. Every stressful day called for a glass of wine, and cheese was more of a condiment than a basic ingredient. The things that have made the difference in breaking those bad habits are directly related to the reasons why I was doing them. I had to - still a 'have to' since it's a work in progress - learn how to handle my stress better. I had to learn how to appreciate the flavors of the foods I was eating. I'd agree that an extension would be helpful, but also do not feel that you HAVE to reintroduce things, especially as this is round two, and you know what bothers you. Also, on an unrelated note, your profile pic is gorgeous.
  5. Staggolee41

    Party, Off Plan Choices Made

    Hi there, Stacy - you can still get support and talk about what's happening in this section, and you will. These forums are full of wonderfully supportive people. It's also full of people just beginning the plan, who may not even ever post or comment. Ladyshanny just doesn't want those people to be confused. Do you want to discuss those choices made? I know I was in those situations during my W30, though I made different choices. Maybe a different mindset will help you stay compliant next time.
  6. Don't be embarrassed to post how much you eat. Every body is different, but the knowledgeable moderators around here will be happy to make suggestions if you need them, based on your body's reaction. To be honest, I came into this thinking it was a clean eating/weight loss fad. I never thought I'd finish it, but I had seen that a friend of my sister's had done it and looked and felt better, so I figured I'd dip my toes in and see what happened. What I got was a self-care revelation. Pre-W30, I think my head was spinning from all of life's demands, and I made many personal sacrifices - some times, I was cognizant of the sacrifice being made; others, not. Post-W30, I kmow that I have to take care of myself better, which will allow me to meet some of those family/work/society demands without making sacrifices. I also know that I can't possibly respond to all of those demands without going crazy. I have to make choices. There's a theme in what you've said about your past, body, food, and W30 experience - that there is an intense concern around what others might think of you. By all means, be proud of the hard work you've done, and how far you've come, but recognize that there is no shame in food. No shame in clothing sizes. No shame in failing. No shame in admitting a mistake. There are choices. You're an adult, and you have to make these choices as they pertain to you. Work to be fit because it shows how amazing of a thing your body is. Eat, and eat well, but choose to give your body the right fuel. Fail. Choose to get back up. Make a mistake. Choose to learn from it. This plan is asking you to listen to your body - not what others have to say about your body or food. Before I beat this point to death... Know that we are here to support you. We know, from experience, that every body is unique, weird, and beautiful in its own right. You will find loads of helpful people here. Post with abandon!
  7. I also meant to reassure you a bit, that things like this do happen, and you're not the only one. Every person on this forum has a unique story when it comes to his or her personal relationship with the body, food, and fitness. I'm just floored at how much you work out - I couldn't have lifted a dumbbell that first week!
  8. Hi Maria! First off, welcome! I hope we can provide the support and answers you need. As far as your shorts getting tighter/being worried about gaining weight, a few things to consider: This is not a weight loss diet... many people lose weight as a side effect, but the goal is to reset your body with healthy, good, wholesome food Many people experience bloating - this would make your shorts tighter for sure Many people experience a... reappropriation? Not a word, but it seems right... a reappropriation of body weight - ie, not really an increase in weight, just a different shape It sounds like your body has been through some intense extremes, and with that, it will take time for your gut to heal - give your body time Depression/anxiety/emotional factors come out in full force during Whole30 if you ever used food as a crutch for these things (I did! My demons did a big ol' roll call within the first 10-11 days)... these will take extra time and effort to work out, and doing so can cause extra stress, which can then lead to your body not functioning optimally As I said above, this is about hitting the reset button - you need to establish a healthy baseline for your body, which might mean gaining a little weight in the short term; once you establish this baseline, you can move it, but until then, it's being determined by factors outside of your control - genetics, environment, choices made by you in the past All in all, I'm glad you're here - it sounds like you do need to hit the reset button. The plan is 30 days, which is a drop in the bucket when you think about all the time you spent doing things you now realize were unhealthy. Give it a shot, and give yourself a little breathing room with it. It's okay to allow some changes to occur while you're resetting. I can tell you really want to be your absolute best, which sometimes means taking a deep breath and just letting your body do its natural thing (which might be whatever it needs at that time). **If you'd like - post a couple of days' worth of meals, with amounts included, and we'll be happy to take a look.
  9. Staggolee41

    Starting Today.... Looking for group support!

    Those meals sound absolutely delicious!
  10. Staggolee41

    Am I doing this right??

    Hi Amy! First off, congrats on making it 16 days! I'm glad you checked in here - the forums are very helpful and full of supportive, wonderful people. A few things - You are not required to feel bad... most people do, but if you're not, and you're eating compliant meals, great! Your body might recognize what it needs right off the bat and not fight it Are you checking labels for hidden sugars? Or just checking labels in general? The meal template calls for a palm or two of protein (a 'palm' being your palm - compare size and thickness), 1-3 cups of veggies, and some fat - are you matching this? Again, welcome, and I hope that this is really just that good for you!
  11. Staggolee41

    IBS - desperate need for help

    Sorry to hear you are feeling unwell. With both of those things, it takes time to see improvements, but you'll need to be careful about what you eat. There are threads about both: IBS: Hypothyroid (many threads):
  12. Staggolee41

    I need some single sentence talking points...

    I quote Michael Pollan: "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."
  13. Some of my most exciting wins on this program had to do with my mental approach to food. I'm more excited that I'm weirded out by everyone else's approaches to food than I am for clearer skin because I know that my new reaction will help keep me on track with being healthy. Going through the full reintroduction process, and reverting back to W30 99% of the time, has shown me that this is so much more than a 30-day journey - I will always be battling some of the demons I thought I'd exorcised during the 30 days. I don't know about you, but I'm excited in the changes in my choices because I've built new habits - I don't go out to eat constantly anymore. I can grocery shop like a pro. I make better choices at every meal regardless of whether it's planned. I can cook food for a dozen meals in 90 minutes. I've also come to really appreciate the overall program - Whole9 - that talks about building a better life through 9 pillars. Some see great results in 30 days, some don't. It might just take a little longer for that wheel to turn for you, as has been said. I hope you do start seeing benefits very soon, though!
  14. Staggolee41

    Starting First W30 on 8/14/16

    You don't *have* to read, it's just generally recommended that screen/electronics usage stops 30 minutes before sleep. I thought it was a load of blarney until I tried it, to be honest. Rewarding yourself for doing something so wonderful - yet difficult - and sticking with it. Since food should not be seen as a reward, doing non-food rewards during the program helps you rewire that piece. Especially if you have stress/anxiety/depression and have an unhealthy relationship with food, this is important. I'm an emotional eater too, and it's critically important that you teach your mind that food is not solace or a reward.
  15. Staggolee41

    Starting First W30 on 8/14/16

    Hi there, Tink! Kudos on getting started ahead of the rest of your life getting complicated - the hardest things were getting organized and getting used to all of the cooking (the more prep you do, the easier it becomes, so many hours in Week 1 turns into a handful of hours in Week 3). Now that those roadblocks have been removed for me, I'm eating (mostly) W30 compliant even weeks after I finished my W30. I can definitely understand wanting to tackle those roadblocks before school starts. Just know that you might feel like junk for a couple of weeks (depending on how you ate before), only to off-road, come back, and feel like junk some more. Please also take the time to plan time to take better care of yourself during the 14+30 - you'll need a little extra TLC, and when the stress of school begins on the second part, you will REALLY need the TLC in order to stay strong. Plan some non-food rewards, like a haircut or a shopping trip for a new pair of jeans, like you do your meal plan. Another thing I do now that helps me take better care of myself is to set a time for "no more cell phone/tablet/computer/TV", spend 30 minutes reading and drinking some decaf green tea, and then lights out at a specific time. It helps me sleep better and gives me a chance to detox from the day.
  16. Staggolee41

    Applegate Fire Roasted Pepper Chicken Sausage

    Not compliant - less than 2% of sugar is still sugar. The FDA has a guideline that says that if the amount of sugar is less than X grams, it can be listed as zero. Misleading.
  17. Definitely do things that have nothing to do with food - a new video game, a massage, a movie, etc. I appreciate your thinking Keep it up! Don't underestimate the value of something small, either - extra space, hugs, a cup of tea were pivotal for me, when they were applied at the times I needed them.
  18. Staggolee41

    Primal Kitchen Avocado oil mayo

    It's all good, I think I did the exact same thing early in my Whole30, then found the PK one at Whole Foods.
  19. Staggolee41

    Primal Kitchen Avocado oil mayo

    Might this be the one you saw? I know it caught my eye and confused me at the store:
  20. Staggolee41

    Primal Kitchen Avocado oil mayo

    For sure - that's really confusing! Good on you for reading your ingredients even though it was listed as okay on the site and calling it out. On a related note, I have the mayo in my fridge, and I don't see honey listed? Ingredients from the site:
  21. Staggolee41

    Primal Kitchen Avocado oil mayo

    Go with what you know - you know honey isn't compliant. Stick with that.
  22. Staggolee41

    Starting Today.... Looking for group support!

    Hey there! Welcome! I finished my Whole30 a few weeks back, and I have a very large, imposing, nasty Sugar Dragon. If I can make a suggestion: cut out fruit, or at least cut back. My cravings lessened significantly once I cut fruit back to 1x/week because I realized I was just substituting natural sugar for the processed sugar I was craving. Just a suggestion Might shut the Sugar Dragon up a bit. Best of luck!
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    Struggling with 'failure'

    Dawn, I have been impressed with your strength, honesty, and commitment. Remember this: no successful person on the planet lived without failure or doubt. I don't know that I could have made it over the hurdles you were facing, like baking non-compliant things for others. I can tell you that the cravings and sugar dragon were loud, nasty, irresponsible jerks in my head without those extra hurdles. They still are. Finishing a Whole30 doesn't mean this path is over - for better or for worse, the journey continues, and the battles will be there on the other side. The difference is, you will be much more able to win them. These 30 days are laying the groundwork for the next phase of your life, which isn't easy, especially when you've been reinforcing the habits you had for many years. It's also not impossible. Not even close to impossible. So you fell down... not to sound rude, but who cares? We all do! Falling down gave you an opportunity to rise again like a beautiful, awe-inspiring phoenix, and I'm sure you can do it. Think about how helpful you will be to others who are falling 45 days from now - you can say, "I fell. I got back up. I made it. You can, too!" I challenge you to take some time to sort out the emotional bit. Why do you feel the need to eat the non-compliant things? What can you do to deal with those feelings instead? Do you have a good friend or family member you can call at any time when you're feeling like you're about to fall who will talk you through those feelings? What can you do that will instantly set you at ease any time you're feeling distress? I downloaded an app on my phone called "Calm," which has several settling noises and some guided meditation (all for free), but the best part is when it first opens, and tells me on a very comforting blue screen to take a deep breath. You can see the tension oozing out of my shoulders and disappearing once I start loading it. Dawn, I can tell you want to do this for yourself. You wouldn't be here, posting all the time, charming us with your wit, if you didn't feel a strong desire to do this. You're staring at roadblocks. Dismantle them. Move on. You're a strong woman with so much fire inside of you, and your story will be so inspirational when you're done. So get up. Get going. Keep going. You can. You will.
  24. Zuzka - wow! Good for you! I wish my boyfriend had been anywhere close to this supportive. I got a bunch of complaints instead. The bit about dishes is good, though if you are doing most of the cooking, dishes should probably be shared. Days 2 (exhaustion) and 10 (kill all the things and quit) were extraordinarily difficult for me, so maybe have a surprise planned for him those days? It sounds like you guys are coming from a good spot already, so they may not be difficult for him. Either way, good on you, and best of luck!
  25. Staggolee41

    What sayings help to keep you on track?

    Strength is a choice. Willpower is a choice.