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  1. Jerky

    I want to have some jerky as an on-hand snack for when I am on the run for work, but I don't know what kind to get that doesn't have brown sugar. Is there anyone can tell me if I can have brown sugar in the jerky or if they have a brand that they like?
  2. Starting Up (Again)

    Hi Everyone, My name is Tiffany and I was going to start in November but my plans fell throw. Now I am starting back up today. I am going with the motto of whole new year, whole new program, whole new me. I have suffered from a lot of health problems like depression and severe sleep apnea. I am also starting a new career in writing which I need to be on my A game. So my mom and I are doing this together. I am looking forward to this change in my life.
  3. Coordinating Success

    This has probably been answered before but I couldn't find the topic so I wanted to ask for some help. I will be doing the whole30 with my mom but she and I don't live together so it is a bit hard to have that knowledge that she and I will be holding each other accountable. I know I will be good when it comes to making the food for myself and staying away from some cravings like creamer and sugar in my coffee, but my mom will be struggling with that and she has a job that requires her to be on point. She is not a tea drinker like me and I want to make sure we both go in and come out strong with this. Anyone have any tips to help us both keep each other on track while we do this.?
  4. Change in Plan

    So I wrote earlier to introduce myself and, one I forgot to put some info about me in, and two, I just found out that I will be having my mom join me on this so I would like to start over on introducing myself. My name it Tiffany but I go by either Tiff or Tiffany. I am 24 years old and I am from California. I will be starting this on the 15th of this month with my mom. The reason that I am looking to start the Whole30 is that I have been overweight most of my life and I am now starting to get some of the major health effects from it. I, also, have PTSD and an iron deficiency that runs in my family. In the past 2 years, though, my health has gone downhill and my weight has gone up. I now weigh 244 pounds and suffer from depression, sleep apnea, as well as super low energy and not a good self-image. I'm looking forward to changing all of this for the better. Plus I love to cook so I can't wait to start making the food that are in the book.
  5. Change in Plan

    My name is Tiff, I am 24 years old and from Californa. I am starting the 15th of this month. I need to do something like this to do a reset. I have been getting a lot of health problems like sleep and blood issues as well as some secondary PTSD due to some family problems. I want to get these under control and find a way to become healthier without doing a crazy diet. I like food too much to do things like count calories or to cut out meals. Just looking for a group that would keep me going and hold me accountable to sticking to the 30 days.