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  1. @Laura of The Great White North @kirbz @littleyellowdiary Just checking back to say I made the decision to begin on January 6, in stead of December 27. I was simply not mentally ready, plus we host a holiday Open House every year on the Sunday between Christmas and New Year. I was mostly compliant, but "mostly" is good enough only for Food Freedom, not for doing a Whole 30. The extra ten days to prepare will make it easier for me. And yes, I do eat plenty of fat. I suspect the hunger pangs come from shifting the proportions of macro nutrients. You three (four) or doing great. Keep it up!
  2. I was thinking of starting more traditionally on January 1 (or 5th) but I'd like to connect with some people who have done it before, so I'd like to join you and begin on DEcember 27. I've done two complete Whole 30s and had several false starts over the past four years. I need a total reset -- just had a flare-up of my AI symptoms, plus my weight has been steadily creeping up over the past year. I did my first one in 2015. I do menu planning, and have for many years, but I always have easy meals for those days when I don't feel like following my planned menu. Our house has very few non