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    ChristyJ got a reaction from Jennifer Jensen in Mama in need of a reset - starting late October   
    I'm planning on starting Oct. 19th too!  I wanted to start sooner, but have a colonoscopy (50 yr old must do) this Thursday, so I had to wait until that was over with.  I've made a handful of soups over the past month and have been routinely freezing a quart or two per batch.  I've done a couple of Whole30s previously, but it's been a while.  I'm ready to get back on track.
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    ChristyJ reacted to kirbz in What's on your Whole30 food playlist?   
    I prepare a lot of my meals by just throwing things together. But, I do love me a good recipe to break things up. These are my most frequent and most favorites recipes! 
    Golden Cauliflower Soup: (I make a double batch and use this as a way to add veggies to my breakfast) Spinach and Artichoke Twice Baked Potatoes: (this is one of my all-time favorite recipes ever) Salisbury Steak Meatballs: (this might just be the best gravy I've ever had) Sesame Chicken: (this tastes like the real deal (i.e., like the stuff from my favorite Chinese place)  Hmmm... I think that's it for now! In general, my favorite recipe authors are Paleo Running Momma and Mel Joulwan! I highly encourage you to check them out for some new and delicious recipes! 
    Best wishes to you! 
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    ChristyJ reacted to stonehouse in Started today, 1/27/20   
    Hey group, I'm starting today. I've been doing w30s once a year for the past 5 years. I'm just finishing a 30 day yoga challenge, so I feel like this is kind of extension of that exercise. Time to take care of me! Good luck everyone.
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    ChristyJ reacted to Spunky in Started today, 1/27/20   
    I'm starting tomorrow!  I'm officially in perimenopause which, along with some other things, has caused quite a bit of weight gain.  Looking forward to feeling better in my skin and my clothes fitting
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    ChristyJ reacted to SchrodingersCat in Started today, 1/27/20   
    Me! Day 1 of round 3. Early last year, I did my first round to try and combat chronic vertigo which had defied any diagnosis or treatment and was getting to the point I was thinking of stopping full time work. Within 3 weeks of my first round, it was gone. I stayed mostly compliant and did another full round around May but then backslid badly at the rear of last year and now the vertigo is back, so so is W30! 
    I was going to prep on the weekend, but I was feeling crappy and so I did the minimum - made lunches and mayo, but hoping I'll feel better after a week on it and really knock off my food prep this coming weekend. 
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    ChristyJ got a reaction from Jihanna in Started today, 1/27/20   
    This is my 4th Whole30.  I did my first one a few years ago and stuck with it for about two years.  My sugar dragon mixed with menopause took a toll on me over the past six months (I gained weight and have achy joints again), and I'm finally ready to get back to eating healthy and feeling good! 
    I started prepping food here and there over the past week and have done a ton of cooking today. My husband is going keto, so not as strict as me, but he'll be eating clean which will be soooo helpful!
    Did anyone else start today?