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  1. I'm on day 2 of my 3rd Whole 30, so I'm very familiar with the meal template, however I had a question regarding soups. I recently made a pureed broccoli & leek soup to have with my breakfast, but I am unsure how to calculate the portion size. I've been drinking it out of a mug, roughly 1.5-2 cups. Does this count as 1.5-2 cups of veggies? Or less? And what about soups/stews that are both meat + veggies? Do you guys just eat enough to make you feel full and assume it meets the qualifications of the meal template?
  2. Sorry for the novel of reflections It has been a year since my first Whole 30 and after that first Whole 30 I managed to derail so seriously that not only was I not on the "train" anymore to healthy eating, but I was walking down "I'm going to eat whatever I want because I don't care anymore" lane. Looking back at my mistakes I made over the past year, I realized I never did the re-introduction phase and I feel like that set myself up for some failure. I was also too easily tempted by break room foods, catered events, and social gatherings. This past year I managed to put on 20lbs, making the weight on the scale something I have never seen in my life. I was depressed and sad. My clothes were no longer fitting. I even went back to counting calories but nothing seemed to help and I was running out of dress pants that fit in my closet. The end of July came and I knew I needed to do something drastic to change my lifestyle and out of control eating habits. Enter my second Whole 30. I was nervous because I knew last time I completely sabotaged myself afterwards. Would I do that to myself again? Would I gain another 20 lbs on top of the 20 I put on over the past year? Well, here I am, sitting on Day 31 and I can feel a difference. This round I finally came to grips with my relationship with food. I stared down all the foods I had to pass up this past month and realized that my life can be just as fulfilling without them. I read the Re-introduction phase of ISWF and realized that some foods "aren't that special". In fact, there was a sentence in the book that mentions the break room and how the box of donuts, bag of pretzels, and bag of M&Ms aren't that special. When I read this sentence I had to laugh because there was literally a day this month that all three of those things were sitting in my break room! But it dawned on me, and yeah, those things really aren't that special. But those were the same things that derailed me over the past year. Now that I've come to realize how un-special they are, I feel confident that this time I can say "No". I can say "No" to things I don't need to eat, things that I don't even like that much, and things that don't make me feel healthy or happy. I've stepped away from this Whole 30 with more confidence in my food choices. And what are some more NSV that I've had? -Insanely clear skin! My face has never looked this good. Even my husband mentioned it! -I've fallen in love with homemade mayo (that's a nsv, right?) -My cramps this month were not nearly as bad. -My bloat has disappeared. -I lost 1" around my waist and 1.5" around my hips. And my scale victory? I lost 4 lbs. A bit bummed seeing as I lost a bit more during my first Whole 30 and this time around I have a ton more weight to lose, but I'm happy regardless It's sustainable and if I continue to lose a pound a week, then in 17 weeks, I'll be good to go! Oh! And just for fun, I kept a list of all the events that I went to this past month that I had to forgo eating at. Nine.... There were 9 different events this month that I had to say "No" to. Some of those events had bottomless free food too. Keeping a list really helped me become more self-aware of how important it is for me to have self-discipline. It helped me realize that not all foods are special and important. TLDR; Glad I did another round of Whole 30. This time I hope to not sabotage myself as I move onto healthier eating habits
  3. Caitibird

    Homemade mayo

    Farm fresh eggs last several weeks. I'm lucky if my mayo lasts a week though! I usually end up making at least two batches So yummy!
  4. Hey there, I know I'm responding late to this, but I suffer from endo too. I've had multiple surgeries and now take bio-identical progesterone in the last half of my cycles and it has made a world of difference. Several women have a ton of relief from their symptoms when they switch to more of a paleo diet. Keep in mind that hormones take a while to balance out, as does inflammation, so you may not truly see results for a few months. So don't get discouraged! The Whole 30 is a great start to feeding your body nourishing foods. With that being said, endo is one of those things that is pretty unpredictable. For me, some months are better than others. I have always found that drinking a ton of water helps keep the bloat down and doing some form of exercise, such as walking or yoga, keeps things from getting too bad. Anymore I usually suffer for about 24 hours with bad cramps and bloat. I'm finishing up my second Whole 30, so I'm curious to see if that continues to help things too! I wish you the best of luck with your pain and bloat! Oh, and I'm no mod, but looking at your meals, they seem a bit on the light side. For example, if you are cooking with eggs as your only protein, you usually cook with however many you can fit in your hand. Most women that means at least 3. I have tiny hands and even I cook 3. If you find yourself low on energy or getting hungry between meals, make sure you re-visit the template and bulk your meals up some, especially while on your period! Nothing is worse than being crampy and hungry!
  5. I just had to share this on here! I went into my local butcher shop that specializes in grass-fed beef and local sustainable meats for some shopping and found a fun treasure They sometimes will make convenient microwavable meals and just for fun I thought I would check and see if they had any compliant stuff. Low and behold, not only did I find a compliant meal, but they even had it marked Whole 30! I'm on day 24, but I wish I had found out about this earlier! The meal was a delicious hamburger steak with mashed cauliflower and mushrooms, drizzled with oil. It was a nice treat from cooking all my own meals!
  6. Caitibird

    Day 17 and barely hanging on

    I was almost ready to throw in the towel a couple of days ago on Day 16. I had just given up coffee which was messing with me, but I also hit the boredom stage with my food. Thankfully the next day I felt much better and now I'm re-motivated to keep going! Though I really need to find some more interesting recipes to cook. I've found that if I eat a banana or some fruit in the afternoon with Meal 2, my energy levels are better than if I don't. I imagine it has something to do with the increase in carbs and natural sugars. So maybe play around with adding some starchy carbs to each of your meals for a couple of days until you feel better? I also find that eating more fat helps in energy levels too. Although, it sounds like you are eating plenty of fats. I would stay away from relying on nuts or nut butters for that though. I know they are compliant for the Whole30, but they can be harder to digest and they aren't as good of a source for fat. As for the heat exhaustion, if you are working out in the yard and sweating a bunch, you might look into finding some compliant coconut water. It's not recommended to drink it regularly on Whole30 unless you need it and you feel like your electrolytes are out of wack. Coconut water has a lot of sugar in it (one of the reasons why it is not suggested to drink it daily), but it also contains a lot of potassium and magnesium which can help balance out electrolytes. You would probably be better off just increasing your water and salt consumption though. Best of luck and I hope you get to feeling better!
  7. Caitibird

    Day 16 and burnt out....

    I'm thinking more and more that the withdrawal from coffee was causing a lot of my issues. Today my headache is gone and I feel like my energy levels are normalizing. But here are the last 3 days worth of meals. Day 14 was my first day without coffee. I can easily go 4-5 hours without being hungry, but maybe I'm missing something? DAY 14 D14M1: Frittata w/ onions, green onions, chorizo, and sweet potato; covered in homemade mayo. 1 cup or Crio Bru w/ approx. 2 tbsp coconut milk and collagen. D14M2: 1 ½ andouille sausages w/ roasted veggies; green beans, peppers, onions, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes. Served with guacamole. MiniMeal: ½ andouille sausage w/ guacamole. (eaten 3 hours after lunch, wasn't going to make it to dinner) D14M3: 2 salmon patties w/ roasted broccoli and baby potatoes. Served with homemade mayo. Small bowl of fruit, strawberries & melon. DAY 15 D15M1: 2 eggs and a slice of prosciutto over spiralized zucchini w/ sweet potato and green onion. Covered in guacamole. D15M2: 2 salmon patties w/ roasted broccoli and baby potatoes. Served with homemade mayo. D15M3: Chicken apple sausage hash w/ sweet potato, mushrooms, green beans, red onion, and cherry tomatoes covered in homemade mayo. Small bowl of summer squash soup. DAY 16 D16M1: Frittata w/ onions, green onions, chorizo, and sweet potato; covered in homemade mayo.1 cup or Crio Bru w/ approx. 2 tbsp coconut milk and collagen. D16M2: Leftover chicken apple sausage hash w/ green beans, onions, peppers, and cherry tomatoes w/ an andouille sausage. 1 banana. (Forgot to pack an added fat but meal held me over for 5 1/2 hours) D16M3: Chicken apple sausage and egg, roasted broccoli and sauteed cherry tomatoes w/ spinach. Served with homemade mayo. Small bowl of fruit; strawberries & melon.
  8. Caitibird

    Day 16 and burnt out....

    @racheleats & @SweetEnough, the more I think about it the more I think giving up coffee is affecting me. I was drinking roughly 2 cups a day. I never really thought I would have a caffeine withdrawal from it, as I always drank it for the taste more than the energy. Guess I was wrong! And I wish I wasn't having the headache side effect, but I have been nursing a 2 day migraine so far The Crio Bru is actually pretty good! It's got a very slight chocolate flavor to it and it's the closest thing I can get to coffee without the caffeine hit. The only downside is the cost and it takes double the amount to brew a cup. I really like the taste of good coffee so it is hard to fill that void, but I would say Crio Bru is a good second choice! Also, @racheleats, what do you suggest getting at Chipotle that is compliant? I wouldn't mind having a day off from preparing lunch!
  9. So today is Day 16 of my second Whole30. The first week went by really well, the second week had its struggles, and this new week? I feel burnt out. Is this typical? Where is my "Tiger's Blood"? I remember getting it last time I did a Whole 30, but so far it's been eluding me this time around. Not only am I tired constantly, but I have zero drive or ambition to get anything done. I'm getting burnt out from spending all my free time cooking (even when I meal prep on the weekends, I still end up cooking a ton throughout the week!) Yesterday was the hardest because I had a ton of cravings. When I was running errands, everything I drove by looked insanely good! Maybe my dragon is just trying to get me while I'm feeling down? One thing I did a few days ago was quit my morning cup of coffee. I switched to drinking Crio Bru in the mornings instead. I'm hoping that maybe what I'm feeling is just a result of going through caffeine withdrawal? I'm doing my best to stick to the template and have been going comfortably 4-5 hours between meals. I've even been trying to focus on getting better quality sleep at night. But I'll admit, there have been a couple of times that I almost threw in the towel. Maybe I just need more exciting food choices?
  10. Caitibird

    Metal breath?

    @kirkor Thanks for your response! I'm going to the store this afternoon and I'm going to pick up some mint tea and even some fresh parsley to chew on. I'm also trying to drink a ton of water. Thankfully my husband looked up ketosis online, so he understands that no matter how much I brush my teeth, it won't do much at this time. I may try including some starchy carbs at each meal in small quantities and see if this helps. I fried up some sweet potato this morning and it was pretty delicious, it just takes a bit longer to prepare. @CGallagher I was wondering about the homemade mayo thing myself! I've been going through a lot it this week, I is so delicious! I would be sad to eliminate it for a few days, but I may give it a go. Thanks for the suggestion!
  11. Caitibird

    Metal breath?

    I guess it wouldn't hurt to get some direct feedback. The last few days I have been eating more starchy carbs, but maybe it is still so much less than what I was eating pre-Whole30 that my body is still going through ketosis? I can't imagine adding more to my meals because I've been pleasantly full after each meal (aside from today's lunch, which I had zero control over as it was a work luncheon.) In any case, if there is something else that I may be eating that could contribute to metallic breath, let me know! My husband commented on it again today D1M1: 3 eggs, veggie hash with zucchini, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, smothered in homemade mayo. Coffee w/ approx. 2tbsp coconut milk & collagen D1M2: Shredded chicken w/ roasted veggies, zucchini, red onion, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, smothered in homemade mayo. Half of a banana. D1M3: Ground turkey skillet dinner w/ sweet potatoes, onions, peppers; smothered in homemade mayo. 3 cherries D2M1: Chicken apple sausage hash with zucchini, mushrooms, spinach. Smothered in homemade mayo. Coffee w/ approx. 2 tbsp coconut milk & collagen D2M2: Shredded chicken w/ roasted veggies, zucchini, red onion, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, smothered in homemade mayo. D2M3: Frittata of chorizo sausage, eggs, caramelized onions, and sweet potatoes. Smothered in guacamole. 1 Banana. D3M1: 3 eggs w/ hash of veggies; zucchini, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and spinach. Smothered in guacamole. Coffee w/ approx. 2 tbsp coconut milk & collagen D3M2: Leftovers of: Ground turkey skillet dinner w/ sweet potatoes, onions, peppers; smothered in homemade mayo & Chicken apple sausage hash with zucchini, mushrooms, spinach. 1 Banana. D3M3: Frittata of chorizo sausage, eggs, caramelized onions, and sweet potatoes. Smothered in homemade mayo. 3 Cherries. D4M1: Frittata of chorizo sausage, eggs, caramelized onions, and sweet potatoes. Smothered in homemade mayo. Coffee w/ approx. 2 tbsp coconut milk & collagen. D4M2: Shredded chicken w/ country potatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, and spinach. Smothered in guacamole. ½ Banana. D4M3: Chicken apple sausage hash w/ yellow squash, mushrooms, bell peppers, and green beans. Smothered in homemade mayo. D5M1: Frittata of chorizo sausage, eggs, caramelized onions, and sweet potatoes. Smothered in homemade mayo. 1 Clementine. Coffee w/ approx. 2 tbsp coconut milk & collagen. D5M2: Shredded chicken, 1 hard boiled egg, roasted veggies of carrots, green beans and red onions. Smothered in homemade mayo. D5M3: Meatloaf w/ roasted baby yellow potatoes. D6M1: Homemade sausage patty w/ roasted veggies; carrots, red onions, and green beans. Smothered in homemade mayo. Coffee w/ approx. 2 tbsp coconut milk & collagen. D6M2: Prime rib w/ baked potato (no control over meal, at work function) D6M3: 2 eggs, leftover chicken apple sausage hash w/ green beans, yellow squash, mushrooms, and red pepper. Roasted baby yellow potatoes covered in guacamole.
  12. Caitibird

    Metal breath?

    I'm on Day 5 and everything is going really well (today was a break in my sugar detox headaches!) My husband has been complaining about my breath though. He says it smells like metal. He associates it with diets because in the past whenever I've eaten a lot of salads/veggies etc., I've had it then too. My tongue also feels sort of fuzzy and my teeth gritty, regardless of all the brushing and water I've been drinking. Trying to research it online, the only conclusion I can come to is possibly eating too low of carbs and going into ketosis? But I also suffer from tonsil stones every once in a while, so I wasn't sure if that could be a cause... Thoughts? I haven't been hungry between my meals and I've been eating some starchy veggies each day. It doesn't bother me, but my husband can smell it on me easily. Guess I should pick up some fresh mint to chew on!
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    Did I jump the Whole 30Timeline?

    Well, I'm glad I can skip around the timeline I even had a food dream last night (swiss cheese and crackers, I could have sworn it was real when I woke up!) I'm glad that tomorrow is Friday, but I've got more company coming over tonight and hanging out with friends tomorrow night! I don't think I was this social last time I did my Whole 30! I'm going to try not to rely on caffeine (except for my morning cup) but I may break out my crio bru for the evenings. Come Saturday, I plan on taking all the naps!
  14. This is my second Whole 30 and I remember very well the first week symptoms and the pounding headaches that came along with detoxing from sugar. Yesterday, Day 2, I had that faint headache. Aside from the headache I felt pretty good until the evening when I just felt wiped out. So I woke up this morning to Day 3 and I feel like I've skipped the symptoms for Day 3-5 and hit Day 6-7's "I just want to nap..." symptom. I am so exhausted. If I didn't have so much stuff to do at work, I may have taken a sick day just to sleep for half the day! I went to bed an hour later than I would have liked last night (we had company over), but according to my Fitbit, I still got nearly 8 hours of sleep. So what gives? Can you skip the timeline of symptoms? Or is this still the "Hangover" phase? If it, I am not looking forward to when I actually get to the real Day 6-7! I feel like my meals have been built well. I have easily gone 5 hours between meals without getting hungry. Like I said earlier, this is my second Whole 30, so I'm pretty familiar with how to build my meals for optimization. However, I am more than open to suggestions to combat this exhaustion! (Ugh, is it the weekend yet??)
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    Start Date August 1st!

    I'm starting August 1st too! This will be my second Whole30. I did one a year ago and coming out of it I didn't do the reintros correctly and sort of sabotaged my eating habits. I put on 20lbs this year because of bad eating habits and lack of exercise. I'm desperately needing to kick start clean eating habits and hopefully have an added bonus of shedding some of the weight I've gained this year. This time I'm going to do my reintros correctly too! One thing that may be a hiccup for me this month is I have several work lunches coming up and will need to be creative in how to eat as I won't have much control over what I'm served. I am also going to be celebrating my 10 year wedding anniversary, so it will be hard not to justify eating whatever I want. Having done a Whole30 in the past, I have a good idea of what meals work for me and what don't. I already have my month planned out for dinners and I need to do some meal prepping for lunches. I am hoping to make a frittata tonight, roast some veggies, and bake some chicken breasts. Yesterday I boiled some eggs and made some homemade mayo! I have a fridge stocked full of veggies and I'm ready to tackle the next 30 days head on! Good luck everyone!