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  1. LeahF

    Day 31! We Did It!!

    @Kac1014That's amazing! We leave for our trip on Tuesday and I'll be checking back in when we return on Oct. 1st. The rest of my reintros went pretty fine....honestly I thought I would have more obvious problems with certain things so who knows. After finishing the reintro I have felt to be in this strange limbo of not really knowing what to do since there are no more hard and fast rules and I know I have this trip coming up where I'm definitely going to break the rules. For now (and on our trip too) I've just been eating something if it seems worth it. So probably eating Whole30 still 90% of the time. It really does become a habit! Enjoy your second Whole30! I'm a little jealous of the big group one going on right now.
  2. @Tatinana Wonderful news!!! I'm so glad your boyfriend will be supportive and it sounds like you have struck a great balance. Have a great WHOLE30! You are worth it.
  3. LeahF

    Day 31! We Did It!!

    Congratulations on making it thru your reintroductions. So far I've done legumes (mild bloating), non gluten grains (seemed ok), dairy (also seemed ok - I was really excited for icecream and that it didn't make me sick!), wine (typical alcohol reaction - I wanted to eat all the things!), and tomorrow is gluten grains. This is the one I'm worried about too. I've had some mild breaking out, but I'm not sure what it is exactly tied to....I think it started a few days after the alcohol. My allergies have been going nuts but have no idea if it's from food or just what's in the air. Anyway, it's been lovely connecting with you!
  4. Also, other things I found helpful was coming to the forum everyday and reading and posting in my whole30 log. Reading Whole30 and It Starts With Food whenever I was feeling weak. Writing out my whys for doing the Whole30 and looking at them when I was feeling weak. I also signed up for the daily email which I looked forward to getting each day.
  5. All your ideas sound great to have a successful Whole30 - which I know you can do!!! My one suggestion would be to ditch making a second dinner for your boyfriend. While he doesn't have to be completely on board for the Whole30 I don't see why you guys can't share an awesome whole30 approved dinner together for the next 30 days. One thing my husband and I were so surprised by is that as long as we were eating yummy, flavorful food nothing about Whole30 felt restrictive. Inconvenient sometimes and yes, it takes some planning but all the food is good! A lot of this is mental. You see his food as yummy but not what you get to eat. Steak and potatoes, chili, grilled chicken, we even fell in love with spaghetti squash with organic compliant tomato sauce. There are so many options that I bet your boyfriend would love too. Just my thoughts....I wish you a lot of success!!! You can do it!!!
  6. What a wonderful story!!! I'm so glad for the success you are seeing and that your journey looking forward is bright as well. Congratulations! It's hard when our spouses have their own thing going on. My husband was about 98% in with me for the 30 days after which he went back to have drinks if he wanted, eating sugar if he wanted, etc. He was incredibly respectful around me (and probably the biggest reason I was successful), but post Whole30 I knew I would have to get used to the idea of not being able to eat/drink all the things that he was eating/drinking (Definite mental shift as we both love chocolate!) and that I had to do what is best for my body. Anyway, Congrats again!
  7. LeahF

    Day 31! We Did It!!

    Amazing! So glad you had a great experience and learned a lot. 11 lbs?!? Go you! And so many great NSV. Congratulations!
  8. LeahF

    Non-Food Rewards?

    For week one my husband bought me a new food processor - changed my meal prep! Week 2 I found a groupon for a spa day. Week 3 I bought myself a dry brush I just finished week 4 last week and haven't bought anything specific to treat myself but I will probably go clothes shopping this weekend.
  9. LeahF

    Darn you, Tessamae's -- soy slipup

    This is exact same problem happened to me around the same time. I was sailing along and thought I was doing great. And for whatever reason I one day looked a little more closely at my Tessamae's green goddess dressing. I had used probably about 3 times over a couple weeks. I mentally felt terrible since I had been so diligent so I know how you feel. I decided to not start start over. Chalked it up to an honest mistake and a lesson to always read the labels! I know the rules are the rules, but that is what I decided for me. I'm sure someone more senior will chime in (and probably tell you to start over!) Just try not to beat yourself up too much about it. That won't do you any good either. Best of luck in the rest of your journey.
  10. Thank you Shannon for taking the time to review my log and for your suggestions. It is very much appreciated! Your link has sent me on a deep dive of reading. Thank you!
  11. While this topic is fairly old I'm going to continue the conversation anyway to see if anyone has any advice or is going thru the same. I'm frustrated. Extremely frustrated. I started the Whole30 with the hope of getting my UC under control. I'm on day 20 and feel like nothing is happening and that maybe I'm feeling worse! I've had a couple of really bad flares (one I connect to brussel sprouts so I'm staying away from those). The second flare that I'm currently experiencing I think might be related to coffee and kombucha. So starting yesterday I have cut those out as well to see if it helps. I have been eating more red meat then usual so maybe that is a problem for me? I guess I was just hoping to feel better.....and I think I will have to take the beyond the 30 days since reintroduction seems pointless if I'm having flare ups. Sorry to be a debbie downer. I'm not giving up but I needed to vent. Any thoughts are appreciated and welcomed. http://forum.whole30.com/topic/37700-leahs-first-whole-30-food-log/
  12. LeahF

    Starting July 10th!

    Love seeing all the support in this thread! I started on July 6th so I'm only four days ahead. Everyone is doing great!