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    Join our whole30+ group? Starting Mon 28th Oct

    Day 30 for me too!! I just don't know where the last 30 days have gone.
  2. Alouise

    Sourcing food in Australia

    Hi there, can anyone recommend compliant chicken, beef or veggie stock. I sometimes make my own, but would like to have some on hand for when I've been short on time. Ta
  3. Alouise

    Coconut sugar in coconut aminos

    I actually ordered 5 bottles from Nuilife and then read posts about the sugar content (I cancelled the order quick smart!). I have just ordered 5 bottles from for $6.13/bottle plus $18 postage, which brings the cost per bottle to less than $10. That is less than what I paid for Nuilife at the organic shop!! Happy with that. I guess if you can get a couple of people to add to your order it's definitely worth it.
  4. Alouise

    Sourcing food in Australia

    This thread has been so helpful to me - thanks! Can anyone in oz recommend a compliant probiotic?
  5. Alouise


    Two words stood out in your post - CrossFit and Starbucks!!! Didn't know we had either out here. Where do you do CrossFit? It sounds very intensive - how do you find it? I have 3 sons - 24, 22, 20. The eldest two have just finished Whole 30s and both lost over 10kgs!! I was so proud of them for sticking to it, although when someone packs all your meals to take to work I'm sure that makes it easier!!! My challenge now will be to let them ride their own bikes without giving them the evil eye when they even look at something they shouldn't (and that's exactly how I would look). They say they'll join me on the next w30 starting Jan. Fingers crossed!
  6. Alouise

    Anyone want to try a Whole 100 starting 1/1?

    Count me in!! I have a feeling I'll need it after the next couple of weeks of holidays
  7. Alouise


    Thanks heaps for that, looks like a great source! How long have you been living Paleo? I see you're an advanced member, so you are obviously experienced at this. I've done one successful whole30 and am mostly sticking to it. I'll be starting another early January.
  8. Alouise


    How far out west are you Ayla? Im in the Blue Mountains. Where do you find your more 'unusual' groceries like coconut aminos etc?
  9. Alouise


    I'm also in Sydney and I have never seen Plantains, Jicama or Spagetti squash (something I'd love to try!). Has anyone in Sydney come across either of these?
  10. Alouise

    Starting (again) tomorrow!!

    Good luck to you indigo73. At least here in Australia we don't have Thanksgiving to contend with! Christmas is another matter though Little Penguin, how are you going this time round? Are you finding it harder or easier than first time?
  11. Alouise

    Starting (again) tomorrow!!

    Hi Little Penguin I'm also starting my second Whole 30 today. I finished my first 2 days before my 50th birthday and have been pretty much on track since then,except for my almost nightly couple of glasses of wine. I feel those glasses of wine are undoing all the good I've done during the day with 100 percent compliant eating í ½í¸” is day one, and it will be a challenge to get through the party season and summer without a cold chardy or glass of bubbles, but I will do it. My middle son (21) is on his day 45+ and has been amazing and stayed 100% on track. He's lost 11kgs!!! My eldest son (24) is starting day one with me today í ½í¸€ Youngest son and hubby are "not ready" yet, but enjoy all the great food I cook, so fingers crossed!! Good luck to you on your journey!!