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    Alouise reacted to AmyS in Forgive me Whole30, for I have sinned...   
    Yes, true.  I left that part out.  We can be triggered by compliant foods, even if they were not created by the frankenfood industry.  So then even compliant foods become foods without brakes.
    I was thinking more about this because I feel this way about macadamia nuts.  They grow near where I live, and so I can easily buy them any time.  I have family members who had macadamia nut trees, and the process of harvesting the nuts, preparing them for roasting, and then roasting them is INCREDIBLY labor-intensive.  It's back-breaking work.  I think what makes mac nuts food without brakes for me is that I don't have to do the work involved in eating them.  If I spent the hours (days) required to actually take them from tree to mouth, I'd eat far fewer (and after all that work I'd probably need the fat they provided).  So some of this food without brakes idea comes from frankenfood, and other trigger foods may arise because of a variety of reasons, including our separation from the process of obtaining the food.  I mean, I complain when I have to go to the grocery store - again. 
    Watch out world!!
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    Alouise reacted to Nashville Sugar Addict in Calling all 10/27 starters!   
    @JustJoyce and @Michele66, so sorry you both are having such a hard time.  I truly appreciate your input because it gives me a heads up for the future if things start going wonky.  I'm with @mdraeger about the naturopath or even a Chinese herbalist, maybe they can help in other ways that our wonderful Western physicians are unaware of.  Hormones are such a PITA!
    Hang in there <3
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    Alouise reacted to Dem in Roll call: November Whole30s!   
    Day 14 down. Grocery shopping has been pushed to tomorrow. Hubby promised to take me to the good store. Kind of feel like I'm scraping the barrel for meals today. Frozen veggies at lunch and dinner. Didn't really enjoy either meal but my tummy feels good.
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    Alouise reacted to praxisproject in Roll call: November Whole30s!   
    Welcome all the new Whole30 people!
    I'm a female geek in Melbourne, Australia and this isn't my first Whole30 - I'm starting 3rd of November, which is already here in Australia.
    Whole30 changed my life the first time around, my health has never been better I had no idea gluten or dairy made me sick, so it's been very much a revelation. Some additional tests identified I also have a gene condition, so two very important things were identified for me during the Reintroduction phase. I recommend planning it and taking it seriously. I would not have had the benefits I've had without it!
    I'm "super obese" and was working shift work for the last 15 years or so (very bad for health we now know).
    I've made some Whole9 permanent lifestyle changes and no more shift work for me
    I am possibly coeliac (get too sick to complete the test - but been gluten free now for about 12 months-ish - still have 35 years of damage to recover from) and also have two copies of the MTHFR gene, so I need to pay attention to nutrition (the gene thing mucks around with my cellular function, which impacts just about everything in my body). I have trouble with my blood sugar and cortisol levels (I have to take cortisone currently for a medication condition) and hope to be able to get rid of the cortisol if I can get rid of or reduce my sinus condition.
    I've been meaning to do another Whole30 for awhile, and today is the day I start. I've been letting too much filler food on my plate. Mostly good ingredients, but I've been letting some things push veggies off my plate. Grains are terrible for inflammation for me, rice is the most inert but I'm still better without it. Dairy used to make me very sick but my gut is healing and it no longer makes me sick but I am back to avoiding it as it also doesn't make me feel healthier.
    Challenges for me personally : Keeping it simple, eating out & staying compliant (my first Whole30 I didn't go out at all except to a paleo café - far from home). Trying not to be envious of USA Whole30 bacon availability
    My tips:
    Bulk cooking - this makes everything easier! Nomnompaleo taught me to cook two chickens at once! Try and prep veggies and fruit in advance, so temptations are lower with healthy yummy things ready to go Be gentle with yourself, don't make things harder than they need to be - cook simple, plan ahead. If food is feeling bland or too simple, check out sauces and recipe variations from Clothes Make The Girl - Sunshine Sauce is a beauty! If you can afford them, great cookbooks for Whole30: Well Fed & Well Fed II - There's also many free recipes on her blog.
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    Alouise got a reaction from praxisproject in Whole30 in Melbourne - Start 3rd November 2014   
    Hi praxisproject, I started yesterday as well (I'm in Sydney, so it was the 3rd!). I've done many w30s, but have never logged my food. Maybe this one I should try it!!
    Good luck with your w30
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    Alouise got a reaction from Megsymoo in Sourcing food in Australia   
    This thread has been so helpful to me - thanks! Can anyone in oz recommend a compliant probiotic?
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    Alouise reacted to Fonzico in Just Finished my first Whole 30   
    I started my first every Whole30 on January 13, and successfully completed it as of the end of the day yesterday.
    About me: I have been moving closer to Paleo eating for about a year and half, but it has definitely been a long, slow, drawn out process! I've also been - like many - trying to lose weight... well, for much longer than that. Things were slowing starting to come off, but I knew, deep down inside, that I needed to clean up my eating habits if I was going to get where I wanted to be.
    I also started attending Kettlebell classes, which I LOVE, so I had further motivation to fuel those workouts properly, because I loved the feeling of getting stronger.
    I've been hanging out on the NerdFitness forums for about a year now, and at the start of the year, one of my buddies was really struggling with motivation and a lack of success. Somehow Whole30 came up in the conversation (I had heard of it, but always thought it would be too hard... but another friend on the forums had done one before) and it came about that the three of us agreed to do a Whole30 together.
    "Ahh!" I thought. "What have I gotten myself into?" I knew I had to cut out the nachos and gummy candies and what-the-heck-when-did-sandwiches-sneak-back-in?, but could I give up cheese? Wine? And oh-my-goodness, I never realized how many things had added sugar and sulphites!
    Well, we gave ourselves a week to prepare: to clean out the cupboards, and re-fill the fridge; to read up on the rules; to prepare our significant others for what was in store. And then we did it.
    Things I learned:
    - I like my coffee better black.
    - Contrary to popular opinion, not eating cheese daily will not actually kill you.
    - When you're properly fed and nourished, that de-stressing glass of wine is not really needed.
    - I freaking LOVE braised cabbage! It's my new candy!
    - There is a difference between being hungry and wanting to snack.
         This is kind of a big one, because I thought I already knew this. But I realized, when I went to play a  video game, and immediately wondered what I could nosh on, that that was a habit, not hunger. But I made huge progress here! Just this past Sunday, I went to a friend's house for dinner (well, I brought my own) and board games. I brought some salty/chili powdered cashews to snack on for when they started to snack on their stuff... and when everyone else started eating ice cream sandwiches and skittles, I didn't even have my cashews, because I was full from dinner! Crazy, I tell ya.
    The Benefits:
    - Finally being able to read my body's hunger cues.
    - Stable energy throughout the day: I never felt like I experienced any "tiger blood", but I also didn't have my mid-afternoon crash. And it took until just this week for getting out of bed to become much easier... so, stick with it, people! It's coming!
    - I haven't taken final measurements, but I fit into a pair of pants I haven't worn in a while.
    - I lost 6.2lbs. Which I am more than happy with, since I only lost 5 lbs in the 6 months prior to this! I'm just about out of the "overweight" BMI. I know it's not the best measure, but still. Satisfying.
    Going forward:
    One of the biggest surprises for me, is that I have no desire to reintro wine. Not to say I'm not going to - I plan to have a few drinks socially, once in a while. But the wine-with-dinner, or after a frustrating day, is just unnecessary.. and I really, really didn't think I would feel that way!
    Today, I'm doing the dairy re-intro, as cheese is probably still the biggest thing I missed. Although I know going forward that it needs to be in much smaller quantities! I so far have just tried cream in my coffee... and I wasn't a fan. And I used to put at least a couple TBSPs in each of my two daily coffees.
    Legumes, I'm sure I will have again, but I don't care enough about them to plan for a reintro right now. I would have some at a good Mexican restaurant, or every once in a while I crave a bean-y chili, but that's about it.
    I plan to reintro non-gluten grains on Saturday - I love sushi, and occasionally eat rice and quinoa, and would like to continue to do so, again with moderation being the key word.
    I will do gluten reintro on Tuesday then. I know I should probably avoid it anyways, but I'm really curious to know exactly how my body responds to it, and if it should be an avoid-at-all-costs sort of thing, or allowable for the rare occasion.
    To Conclude:
    This has been a great experience, and I'm so glad I did it. Yes, it was tough at times, but the things I've learned about both my physical and mental self were so worth it. And I'm not nearly as eager to dive face-first into a pizza as I thought I was going to be at the beginning!
    Thanks to Dallas and Melissa for making this available for free! (I did this without reading the book, for those interested... I had hoped to get it from my local library, but it was checked out the whole time, sadly) For anyone thinking about trying this, do it! Plan ahead first, but do it, you have nothing to lose. For anyone in the midst, keep it up! It will be worth it, if you commit fully - maybe the pounds won't drop off, maybe you won't fix all of your issues, but you will learn something.
    And to anyone who actually waded through that whole wall of text, thanks for reading Cheers!
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    Alouise reacted to runninglawyer88 in Just Finished my first Whole 30   
    Did you happen to keep a food log? I'd love to read it! And congratulations on finishing! 
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    Alouise reacted to PaleoGardener in January 6 - Day 1   
    Good post from NomNom Paleo about better kitchen habits to speed up meal planning/prep
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    Alouise reacted to Anita in Insights and further questions after my holiday season   
    I have been eating Paleo (whatever you want to call it) for about 17 months. May '12 I did a Whole30. September - November '12 I did a Whole60. Aside from health/digestive issues, I have been trying to find a way to lose excess fat I've slowly put on in the last few years. After my Whole60 I really didn't add much back, in an attempt to lose weight. I've determined that I can't really restrict my food a lot more than I already am, and it's about more exercise. I'm also 51 now, so I feel like my body is fighting me even harder to keep weight on. I'm a bit lost about what exactly to do.
    I have now gotten back up to 5 days of exercise a week after several years of only 3. That seems to be helping. A friend has gotten great results after about 2 months of a Superslow/Power of 10 type of training. I can't really afford more expenditure on exercise, but I think I may do 2-3 months with a trainer in this style, then maybe join a really cheap gym to continue on my own.
    I think stress is a significant factor in my weight/health, but unless I can change my job, I don't see what more I can do to manage that stress.
    I did go off-track over the holidays. I was good for a really long time. One of my favorite restaurants was catering my work holiday party and that was to be my big indulgence. It was a sit-down dinner. I got there after cocktail hour. We all found that the food amount was so minimal, we were starving after dinner. We actually considered going to a restaurant to eat. haha. Anyway, that was the trigger for me. I felt "deprived" of my indulgent meal, so I continued to indulge. It became the "just one more thing before I go back to the strictness" pattern of thinking. I made myself pretty sick (digestion) and really bloated.
    Anyway, I learned that I need a pressure release valve. I am going to have to build in, periodically, days when I can indulge in non-Whole30 foods/beverages. The pressure of being perfect is breaking me -- it's another type of stress. Also, I need to get my body fat tested so I can get a realistic view of my physical makeup. I'm also considering that given my age, maybe I don't need to get back to my super-skinny weight and could have a goal 3-6 pounds over that (although this feels a bit like giving up to me). People keep telling me to stop focusing on losing weight and it will just fall off, but that just scares me. I realize I need more muscle on my body (my job is sedentary and has been for my entire adult life). I think I'm going to get "Your Personal Paleo Code" and read it to see if I can gain any insight there.
    I'm concerned because I'm having what is fairly minor hand surgery in a couple of weeks and I won't be able to put pressure on my hands for several weeks. I will be off work for a month. I would prefer to see my weight go down in that time period. However, they've told me no cycling (hands on handle bars too much pressure) or anything else that would do that (I do pilates and we do many things on our hands). Obviously no weights in hands either. I know I'm an emotional/boredom eater, so I'm concerned about being home with lots of time on my hands.
    Anyway, I know that was just a big, rambling dump. I'm sorry if it's too much to read. I don't know who else to talk to about this kind of stuff because most people I know can't relate. Any advice, support, etc. would be appreciated. Am I crazy to think I can get down to the weight I was just a few years ago?
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    Alouise reacted to AmyS in Awesome 2014!   
    I wonder if this question needs to be posed to the Athletes forum.  I'm not clear what benefits three glasses of wine per week would offer to your training regimen.  You do indicate in your post that they give some benefit.  I'd be inclined to believe that any alcohol would have a negative effect on training, but again, I'd suggest talking it over in the forum for athletes.  I'm a soprano, so my training is a bit different. 
    It also sounds like you're talking about something that's not so much a Whole30 as a way of eating mostly Whole30 long term.  I understand that because it's the way I've discovered that I need to eat in order to feel good and remain healthy.  In that regard, you can include non-Whole30 foods or drinks of your choice, as long as you know they don't have a negative effect for you.
    But really, I'd suggest talking about this more thoroughly with other athletes.
    I finished Day One.  Not much different from other days, thankfully, but it's good to feel the structure again. 
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    Alouise reacted to Roz Griffiths in Before my Whole30 I never thought I'd...   
    Hang on, i never thought I'd be making my own ketchup!
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    Alouise reacted to cayenne in Want to clean it up a bit more for the new year   
    It is a couple pounds of gained weight so it isn't crazy and I want to believe it is muscle as I have been hitting the weights much more in the last 2 months but at 55 years old-that would be a miracle.
    The artificial sweetners are in the gum-that would do it?
    That I can change-the stress maybe not so much.
    Thanks again!
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    Alouise got a reaction from melbournegirl in Join our whole30+ group? Starting Mon 28th Oct   
    Day 30 for me too!! I just don't know where the last 30 days have gone.
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    Alouise got a reaction from melbournegirl in Join our whole30+ group? Starting Mon 28th Oct   
    Day 30 for me too!! I just don't know where the last 30 days have gone.
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    Alouise reacted to janetoja in Older women following Whole30   
    Hi all!  I've been lurking on this thread for a few days and thought I would introduce myself.  I'm 52, married with 2 grown boys, one in the Army and one away at college so I'm a first time empty nester.  I am a professor at a local university with a retired husband who does most of the cooking.  I decided to finally dive into the Whole 30 once I discovered I could manage drinking my coffee black.  That was always the deal-breaker for me.  I had been suffering from the beginnings of menopause and I was experiencing brain fog.  My diet wasn't terribly bad, but it wasn't great. Doing this Whole 30 was always somewhere in my brain but I had never pulled the trigger.  I'm currently on day 14 of my first Whole 30 challenge.  So far it hasn't been bad.  I haven't had any cravings and I feel like I have a ton of energy.  The brain fog has lifted!  Reading through your posts I have realized that I no longer itch at night, which used to drive me crazy.  No more night sweats either!  The hardest part for me has been breakfast.  I have never been much of a breakfast eater, but started eating breakfast as part of my Whole 30.  I just "muscled down" breakfast at first, but somewhere around day 9 I started feeling very hungry in the morning.  Now I just need options, I eat sweet potatoes, eggs, sometimes leftover meat from the night before, spinach, avocados, and occasionally nitrite, sugar free bacon.  I feel like I'm getting bored with this, but since I had never been much of a breakfast eater, I can't come up with new and exciting breakfast options!  I look forward to getting to know you all and thanks for letting me ramble!
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    Alouise reacted to amberino21 in First Whole30 done! Tiger blood... I heart you.   
    WPI = whey protein isolate, WPC = whey protein concentrate.....they're just different types of whey I'm in Aus so get different brands to you, but just wanted to let you know that you can get them without the rubbish. I have ordered from true nutrition before - you can blend your own. They have a big range and as well as protein types, you can choose what (if any) flavours, additives, sweeteners you want.
    There is also some whole 9 approved proteins - I'm sure they'd be high quality without the rubbish!
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    Alouise reacted to Wynne Jones in Wine: an update and some realizations   
    I'll be celebrating four years of sobriety this coming Saturday, and I believe AA saved my life. If anyone really is questioning whether or not you are an alcoholic, feel free to private message me and I'd be happy to talk with you about alcoholism,recovery, and the sweet, lovely life that the twelve steps have given me.
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    Alouise reacted to 1Maryann in AG's Second Attempt   
    Physibeth, those 1-2 pounds a month are still miracles to me.  I came here after doing Atkins for several years, having stalled out and struggled mightily just to lose 2 lbs a month.  The fact that I can just eat--not count, not weigh, not log--and lose 2 lbs effortlessly is like Christmas every month.  I am convinced our bodies know what our true set-point is.  If we only continue to feed them properly, they will take us there on their own.  I feel like a passenger on my weight-loss journey now, not the stressed-out, obsessed driver I used to be.
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    Alouise reacted to amberino21 in sandzu_ w30 part 2   
    Yoghurt is dairy - and not compliant on your whole 30. You could either restart on day 1 tomorrow (or make it a whole 32 - whatever works best mentally for you), or delay dairy reintro's at the end of your whole 30.
    Remember to apply the template to every single meal!
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    Alouise reacted to CFDubbs in starting August 12   
    lizzie:  As someone who is pretty hard on myself, I completely understand the self-sabotaging aspects of perfectionism.  Even if everything I've eaten is compliant, I still worry whether I ate too much, if it was "good enough," etc.  If you can recognize this line of thinking for what it is--unhelpful to you and your goals--I think that brings you one step closer to being free of it.  Think of all you've accomplished so far!  Forgive yourself for any perceived imperfections and congratulate yourself on embarking on this journey.  I think what you're feeling is totally normal for this stage in your Whole30.  And don't throw in the towel!  You haven't spoiled anything.  You can continue to tweak and refine your Whole30, if for example you notice that eating late at night/fruit makes you feel poorly.  View this as a learning process--you are learning what works for you!  Your "mistakes" are actually helpful ways of learning more about yourself and how to treat yourself well. 
    It's only been 8 days.  Give it time.  Transformation takes a while!  I think you're a rock star and you're going to totally rock this Whole30.  I also think it's awesome that you posted here instead of just throwing in the towel.  I bet the others will have even better advice than I do.  Moral of the stoy: you can do it!  This too shall pass. 
    Amy4health: I am so on your wavelength about everything (and really glad you liked the soup!).  Feel precisely the same about a glass of wine (keep fighting the good fight!), sweetness of bell peppers and sweet potatoes (easily sweeter than the plum I ate this morning--how weird is that), AND the addictive properties of Candy Crush.  Embarrassed to say I'm on level 125.  It's becoming a problem.  I also joined a CSA and those veggies have really been keeping mealtime more interesting.  It's also teaching me to love eggplant.
    Keep on keeping on everyone!  Yeah day 11.  We can do it!
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    Alouise reacted to kitchenwizz in Day 28 - who's with me?!   
    I can't believe that in three days I will have finished the Whole 30 - not that I intend to end it there! I'd love to know how many are at this stage and how your experiences have been. I followed the journey of a few who started the same day as me but they haven't posted for a while......wonder how you're going?
    I'm post-menopausal and my cholesterol has been steadily climbing the last few years. I also had a problem with insulin resistance which I'd gotten pretty much under control by almost eliminating sugar and carbs, but I wanted to get that within a healthier range. Don't have more blood tests till May, so I'm hoping that staying as compliant as I can till then will make a big difference, especially to my cholesterol.
    I have my sister to thank for telling me about the Whole 30 (while not being pushy). She had great results last year and is doing her second or third W30 now. I read ISWF over the holiday break and it made so much I started on 1 January.
    While I won't say it's been easy - I still haven't had a massive energy surge - I've enjoyed the following changes:
    After sleeping pretty badly the first week, now I sleep like a log most nights (so much so, my husband complains that I snore!)
    People are commenting that I've lost weight. That was one BIG temptation I had a week ago - to weigh myself (I didn't cave).
    Skin feels softer and less dry
    Nails are harder and stronger, with no flaking
    No need for naps in the afternoon
    Being able to go 5 or 6 hours between meals without getting shaky and cranky is WONDERFUL!
    Haven't had to take any sinus medication or painkillers for headaches all month
    Muscle and joint pain has gradually disappeared

    I plan to do the re-introductions from Day 31 and see how I go with those.....I suspect dairy and gluten will give me problems. Then hubby and I are off overseas for a month. I don't know how easy it's going to be in South America to be compliant, but we'll see!
    Please let me hear your stories and we can celebrate crossing the finishing line together!
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    Alouise got a reaction from praxisproject in Coconut sugar in coconut aminos   
    I actually ordered 5 bottles from Nuilife and then read posts about the sugar content (I cancelled the order quick smart!). I have just ordered 5 bottles from for $6.13/bottle plus $18 postage, which brings the cost per bottle to less than $10. That is less than what I paid for Nuilife at the organic shop!! Happy with that. I guess if you can get a couple of people to add to your order it's definitely worth it.
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    Alouise got a reaction from Koneill12 in Anyone want to try a Whole 100 starting 1/1?   
    Count me in!! I have a feeling I'll need it after the next couple of weeks of holidays
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    Alouise got a reaction from Koneill12 in Anyone want to try a Whole 100 starting 1/1?   
    Count me in!! I have a feeling I'll need it after the next couple of weeks of holidays