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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Yep, I'm definitely continuing to use many of the principles of Whole30 even while on Weight Watchers. Though I'm optimistic (my coach and I had a long convo about being whole food/primarily paleo while on WW), time will tell if my plan of taking a bit of both food philosophies and merging them is the right one. I'll tell ya what - I'll report back. And don't worry. I'm not one to beat myself up. Frankly, being TOO KIND to myself is what got me overweight in the first place. Given my lifestyle and the fact that I get enormous joy out of cooking and eating great food--and a great variety of food --I need to at least try to incorporate occasionally eating foods that screw with "signals", as you describe, and often cause me to derail. But...one step at a time. Today is reintro day to try adding in lentils. Baby steps....
  2. Staggolee41-- First, congratulations on your success thus far! Second, I haven't really gone off the Whole30 plan yet. Thus far... Just a glass of white wine, the morning after which, I felt a little "hung over", but was otherwise I was fine. So....who knows what the future will hold? I just know that I am not so good with moderation/balance and don't have your confidence that won't fall off the wagon with a thud. Third, one thing I didn't mention previously that you all might perhaps find interesting/more in line with the Whole30 philosophy....I'm not keeping a scale in my home. I'll doing the Weight Watchers weigh-ins weekly, but that's it.
  3. It's a very good question. The short answer -- because I have 30+ lbs to lose and I like the structure. The longer one..... Portion control can be very hard for me (it was even during Whole30...). As I add back in to my diet whole grains, beans, and a bit of dairy (each only to the extent I find that I have no intolerance), I want to do it in a way that keeps me mindful about when and what and why and how much I'm eating. WW provides helpful tools for this -- at least tools that I personally find helpful. Its structure also helps to hold me accountable for my food/exercise decisions. It's a fallacy that there's no "measuring" on Whole30. Just look at the recipes! And how is eyeballing one's thumb to measure a fat different than taking out a spoon and pouring the oil into it before putting it in the pan? While some people weigh and measure every morsel on WW, that really isn't necessary all the time. For example, like Whole30, WW uses one's palm to measure proteins. If you ask many successful WW folks, they'll tell you they don't weigh and measure once maintaining proper portion size becomes a habit. I haven't pulled out my food scale or measuring spoons any more for WW than I did for Whole30. I dine out quite a lot, love a very broad variety of ethnic foods, and appreciate having tools to (at least while losing the weight) help me navigate the culinary minefield of my NYC life. I think Whole30 was/continues to be a great experience. But, while I think it's vital to know what you're eating, to eat whole and well-produced foods as much as one can, eat loads of veg, and to limit refined sugars and processed foods, I don't ascribe to the view that it's a great thing to restrict oneself from categories of foods unless I have to do so for health reasons. WW allows for this whereas elimination diets, on the whole, do not. At the end of the day, I haven't been my goal weight in 12 years. It took me a long time to get as heavy as I am/was and I suspect that it will take me some time before I not only lose the weight I want to lose, but am comfortable taking off the "training wheels" of a structured program. I think that WW is more realistic for me for the longer haul of my weight loss journey than relying exclusively on listening to my body (which often tells me to have just one more slice of sourdough...one more scoop of ice cream....). Ideally, of course, I'll get to a place where I can do it all on my own again without fear of backsliding. But until then. . . .
  4. Respectfully, though I appreciate the thoughtful feedback and your passion, you are absolutely wrong. You CAN do Weight Watchers and reintro. I'm reintroing this way and hitting all of my goals on both plans, have spoken to a WW coach, and it's all working out just wonderfully. WW CAN be about processed foods or "lowfat" or bread, but it certainly doesn't HAVE to be. It's one of the perks of WW -- it's actually pretty flexible if you're motivated and are willing to do the work (not so different for Whole30 in that regard, no??). WW also really doesn't have to be about calorie counting either. It's portion control (quite similar portions to Whole30 in fact) and eating balanced. Yes, grains and dairy, and plenty of other none-Whole30 foods are allowed --many even encouraged. But if I don't have a sensitivity to it after going through Whole30, what's the problem? I never did Whole30 expecting to go paleo afterwards (unless I need to due to sensitivities). I didn't learn about Whole30 by reading one article or watching one news story. I got the whole picture before embarking. And I'm grateful I did. Especially given your status as an "Advanced Member," I encourage you do the same about WW before spout off patently wrong information.
  5. It was a tough 30 days. I'll admit it. But, though I still crave bagels and pizza and anything bread or pasta-related, I stayed compliant for the entire time and have gotten much better at fighting off the food demons. I lost 13.5 lbs. My skin is clearer. I'm rarely hungry. I feel much more in control and confident in my ability to stay the course. And, at least for the final week, I had a ton more energy. I've got another 30 lbs to lose, but this was a great way to kick off my new regime. From here, I'm switching to Weight Watchers while doing the reintroduction. I don't eat processed or "diet" foods so it should be interesting. My goal is to also keep the gluten to a minimum. Also...new rule. NO TAKEOUT IN THE HOUSE! If I'm going to treat myself, I have to sit myself down at a restaurant with someone else. No more sneaking food that's no good for me and pretending like it didn't count because no one saw.
  6. Just wanted to provide an update....The GI issues got quite a bit better. The Natural Calm helped quite a bit! The other good news - I finished my first Whole30 and my skin's clearer, my appetite is much better regulated (though I still am dying for a bagel and cream cheese), and I lost 13.5 lbs! Hooray!
  7. Thanks so much for all of the encouragement! Adding lots more veg (broccoli, string beans, snap peas), keeping my onion intake lower, and drinking even more water seems to have helped quite a bit. I suspect also just being patient and letting my body adjust to this new diet also helps.....'m still not fully past the issues, but it is much better and I actually can tell I've lost a bit of weight now (by the way my jeans fit). As of tomorrow, only 10 days to go! (But I still would give my left arm for a bagel and cream cheese. . . . )
  8. Thanks for the quick feedback! Really helpful. I'll definitely up my water intake, though, as I think about it, it's probably even more than what I wrote, as I drink throughout the day in addition to meals. And, I'll add in significantly more sturdier non-starch veg. But, FWIW, when I had the salmon and salad it was a palm-sized portion and I ate an entire head of romaine. And the shrimp were 3/4 of a pound worth of large shrimp. Definitely palm-sized or two of protein. When I have iced coffee with almond milk, I tend to make it a bit light (using about a 1/4-1/3 c almond milk). I thought that would count as a fat. No? Certainly always happy to add in more avocado or nuts!
  9. Hi. I'd be feeling GREAT about Whole30 if I wasn't constantly battling constipation and bloating. I've read tons of stuff on the forum here about possible problems and solutions and, I think, have tried virtually all of them, largely to no avail. This morning, I woke up again with my stomach distended and the feeling like I have a bowling ball in my lower GI tract. I poop every day, but not alot and it's much darker than before -- certainly not as much as before Whole30. And....I've been waking up with a bit of reflux, something else I never had before Whole30. That usually eases over the course of the day....but still.... About me: I'm 48. Went on Whole30 because I'm overweight (5'2, 175) and want to get more mindful about my eating, as well as break my bread/starches addiction (as well as my fondness for sneaking terrible takeout chinese food). I'm an experienced cook and, long before starting this, when not eating too much bread or bad takeout, ate mostly high quality proteins and veg (organic/local/pastured/grass fed). I didn't eat nearly as much red meat. I also always ate dairy, though not a ton (lowfat yogurt, a bit of cheese here and there, cream in my coffee). I exercise by running and walking @ 4x/week. What I've been eating: I've been following the food template to a tee, I think. I was using cauliflower rice and onions as two of my favorite "fall back" veggies during the first 10-12 days of the diet, but I've cut them out thinking that maybe this was a FODMAP issue. (I should note that I've cooked with lots of onions and garlic my whole life and never got the tiniest bit of indigestion from them). Yesterday I ate: BREAKFAST 12 oz lemon water when I woke up Sauteed a sweet potato in a bit of oilve oil with cinnamon and cumin; mixed it with leftover hamburger, and I ate it with a couple of tablespoons of homemade simple guac (avocado,salt, lime juice). Had another 12 oz lemon water LUNCH 15-20- baby carrots another leftover hamburger 1/2 c homeade simple guac per above 12 oz unsweetened iced tea and another 12 oz water DINNER sauteed in a generous amount of olive oil 1 very large zucchini with 8 fresh wild shrimp, added olive oil, crushed red pepper, and a moderate amount (less than I usually would - probably 1 clove) slivered garlic. I tried to avoid eating the slivered garlic when I ate dinner 2 more 12 oz glasses of water Day before I ate: BREAKFAST 2 scrambled eggs with 6 crimini mushrooms 1 cup fresh spinach 2 small slices of proscuitto ghee for sauteeing iced coffee with homemade almond milk LUNCH grilled organic salmon romaine lettuce salad (it had a small amount of shredded red and green cabbage, shredded apple, and shredded carrot in it) closed handful of cashews 1/2 cup homemade pineapple salsa (pineapple, a tiny bit of red onion, a little bit of jalapeno, cilantro) 24 oz iced herb (non-caffeinated) iced mint tea DINNER 2 grilled applegate organic beef hotdogs 1 cup + saurkraut 12-15 baby carrots 1/2 cup of my homemade guac Another 24-36 oz of water. Supplements I used to take a gummy cal/mag and gummy vitamin c/d. I ended these when I started Whole30. I've been taking a probiotic (PB8) in the morning since I started Whole30. The past 4 days, I've been taking papaya enzymes before every meal in the hopes that they may help. (They do, I think, but not much). I take fish oil every morning too. THANKS FOR ANY SUGGESTIONS! MY PANTS ALREADY ARE A BIT LOOSER AND MY NAILS AND SKIN LOOK GOOD, BUT I WOULD FEEL SOOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER IF I COULD SHAKE THIS!