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  1. sstrayer

    2nd Time Around starting 1 October

    HI! I started second round Oct 1st too. Day 7 now. It seems a little harder this time around and I'm not sure why because I had not added too much back in since finishing the 1st round in June. But I had added back wine regularly and dark chocolate and occasionally tortilla chips when out to eat....that sort of thing. So I'm missing those things a lot. But sticking with it regardless because I feel so much better overall. I don't need to lose weight but I have other benefits like better skin and more energy! Good luck everyone!
  2. My husband and I did our first W30 in June. July I did reintroductions but stayed pretty complaint most of the time. August...I found myself having more off-plan foods more frequently (tortilla chips are the devil!) and September has even been worse....I've had non complaint food almost every day. I haven't gained weight but I definitely have not felt well. So, I started a W14 today, and going to take 1 week off for my birthday week and then start a full W30 on October 1st. I feel lIke I need the strict rules still, so I'm hoping this will help me get back on track!!!!
  3. sstrayer

    Where can I find ghee?

    Trader Joes has it. It's in the aisle with the oils, not in the refrigerated section.
  4. sstrayer


    Yeah that's what I'm chalking it up to. From now on, I'm a one glass of wine gal.
  5. sstrayer


    Okay thank you for the feedback. I guess I'll just be happy I was able to have a nice night out without having any major digestive problems etc. And I need to remember your points for next time I go out....that even though it seems like I'm making good food choices, I'll never really know what kind of stuff restaurants put in their foods. That's just a risk I have to assume whenever I decide to go out to eat, I guess. Good thing I never went out to eat while I was doing my strict whole30!
  6. sstrayer


    Husband and I went out to a very nice restaurant last night. We tried to stay as compliant as possible ----but relaxing the "no added sugar rule" for dressings etc. We had calimari sauteed in olive oil and spices for an appetizer, I had a warm spinach salad that had bacon and onions and a dressing that tasted sweet, a filet mignon (specified no butter to the waiter), sauteed brocolli (again no butter), I also had 2 glasses of white wine. I didn't knowingly reintroduce anything during this meal, although I had 2 glasses of wine when I've usually only been having 1 glass whenever I do have wine. I slept horribly and tossed and turned last night because I was so hot! We always keep the house cool at night but even with the temperature down, I was so hot all night and couldn't sleep. Could it have been the wine that did that to me? Just trying to figure out what I did wrong......
  7. sstrayer

    How much do you off-road?

    Ladyshanny--- that's a great point! Perhaps the longer I do this, the less and less I'll feel like off-roading with the wine/dark chocolate and the bigger those "off-roads" will seem because they are less and less frequent. That would be great if that's what happens!
  8. sstrayer

    How much do you off-road?

    I finished my first W30 two weeks ago. Have felt so great. I'm at my goal weight (5'3" and 111 pounds) and no health issues. So far, my "going forward" post W30 plan is going to be eating W30 (but relaxing the "no sugar added rule") MOST of the time (95%), avoiding dairy, grains, legumes, but allowing myself a glass of wine and/or a piece of high quality, delicious dark chocolate several times a week. So far, the dark chocolate hasn't made me crave more sugar and so this plan seems to be working so far. And I just LOVE a glass of wine and dark chooclate and so it's totally worth it to me. And then on special occasions, I will probably allow myself a delicious treat like for dessert at a nice restaurant, every now and then or when on vacation. So far, that's my plan and we'll see how it works! I also plan to do another STRICT W30 once a year (next June) or sooner if my eating habits worsen over time.
  9. sstrayer

    Junebugs 2016 - Pressing On!!

    Wow SherriC -- I wouldn't have been able to survive even 1 minute if I had chocolate peanut butter ice cream in the house! That would DEFINITELY be my downfall! Don't be too hard on yourself. You'll get back on track!
  10. sstrayer

    Coffee Creamer Cravings

    I absolutely LOVE the Nutpods Unsweetened Original. I have 1-2 T in a cup with 2 expresso shots every morning and it is a life saver! I finished my W30 on June 30 and the first 2 weeks of my W30 I drank it black, but ever since then I've been adding the Nutpods. I'll never go back to the milk or regular creamer.
  11. sstrayer

    Junebugs 2016 - Pressing On!!

    So that latte this morning sure didn't taste as good as I remembered! I guess I'm used to the stronger coffee now without all the milk to water it down. I didn't have any horrible reaction --- just felt so full and slightly bloated after drinking it. But it just didn't taste all that good. So back to strict W30 for now until I feel like trying something else!
  12. sstrayer

    Question about lentils

    Renee Lee --- I really love your post above. It really made a lot of sense to me --- the question of whether the trade-off of health vs food enjoyment is "worth it" for a particular food. My husband and I finished our first W30 June 30 and are doing a very "slow roll" reintroduction. But neither of us really missed very much and have felt wonderful eating only W30 complaint foods. The only things I want to add back in on a somewhat regular basis are wine (on weekends only) and 80-85% dark chocolate (a tiny square maybe twice a week). Other than that, I don't really want to add anything back. But we are still slowly going through the "testing" phase just to see how our body reacts. I can envision that on rare occasions, the enjoyment of eating a small scoop of vanilla ice cream after dinner on a date night would be worth it, but I can't imagine much else! Anyway, thanks for your insights!
  13. sstrayer

    Junebugs 2016 - Pressing On!!

    Trying dairy for first time today ---- a latte from starbucks. I never plan on adding back milk in my coffee at home or on a regular basis because I know from a previous similar elimination diet I did a few years ago that it affects my digestion and complexion (at least back then it did), but I want to test it now because if hubby and I are on the road or on vacation, I might want a latte. We will see how it goes!
  14. sstrayer

    Junebugs 2016 - Pressing On!!

    Glad you're feeling better BigMamma! I feel back to normal now as well...those corn tortilla chips (or whatever it was) that I reacted to are out of my system and since yesterday afternoon, I've felt great again! I'm basically staying complaint now until Tuesday, when I think I'm going to try dairy for the first time with some milk in my coffee. I'm not wanting to add back milk in my coffee on a daily basis, but I'd like to know how I react to it in case I want a latte from Starbucks every now and then. We'll see!!!
  15. sstrayer

    Junebugs 2016 - Pressing On!!

    Thanks for the feedback! Trying just plain corn tortillas is a good idea. I just miss chips and salsa so wanted to try that. I asked about the salsa and the ingredients were compliant. I didn't ask about the oil used for the chips. The rest of my meal was compliant --- just a salad with ceviche on top and an oil and vinear dressing. Tytbodyin30 --- yes I finished my first whole30 on June 30. Love this way of eating so much. I'm doing a slow roll reintroduction just adding foods I miss. So far wine and dark dark chocolate have been fine and a little xylitol in my coffee. Thanks for the feedback! This is like a science experiment!