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  1. Hi... I'm sure this has been answered numerous times but I'm in such a fog and so much pain I don't have the patience to search... sorry, just being honest. I am on day 13 after a re-start and am having the WORST fibro flare of my life! I am literally bound to bed or the couch and everything hurts--especially my back, shoulders, and neck. I also have raging headaches that feels like a vice-grip is attached to my head! Anyone out there suffering from fibro flares and headaches at this phase of the program? Your help is appreciated.
  2. swimmingjess

    Such a failure

    My breakfast consists of 2 egg cups (zucchini, red pepper, red onion, turkey bacon) and arugula with a little olive oil. Lunch this week is tuna mixed with sun-dried tomatoes, red bell pepper, artichokes hearts, olives, hearts of palm, olive oil, and pepperoncinis. I also have a pluot or nectarine. I am pretty active during the day (8th grade PE teacher) and then usually work out after. Maybe I'm not eating enough? Not sure how to adjust. Thanks for your help.
  3. swimmingjess

    Such a failure

    So I am seriously struggling with staying Whole 30 for more than a week. By week 2, my Sugar Dragon, and all his friends, are breathing fire down my neck. I eat a great breakfast full of protein, healthy fats, and vegetables, and then an equally comparable lunch but by 3:00, all those desires to EAT ANYTHING are knocking at my door. So frustrating!!! If I try to ignore it, I find myself chewing on my fingers and/or the inside of my mouth which is also not healthy. Am I doomed? Will I ever beat this thing that keeps setting me back and putting me back on day 1 over and over again? HELP!!!!