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  1. Glad I dropped in to see others are a bit restless also. Originally, I had considered a Whole45, but this week has had me reconsidering. I want to reintroduce a few things over time, carefully to honestly see how I do with those things. Challenges: desire for xylitol gum (which I obviously did need since a gum/tooth did give me trouble, but I didn't use gum anyway.) wanting to weigh a few times (but didn't) kidneys got upset and now won't let me have AM tea, also made me pretty sick for a few days (not sure WHY) I did not make as many new recipes as I had put on my goal sheet-I order Premade Paleo which made this a breeze-still have almost 3 weeks of meals. pistachios also began to make me feel bad in the digesiton department. (thus, nix those nuts) not being a food "Nazi" to tohers' about their food choices. (this was mostly in my head but unpleasant all the same) Victories: lots of social situations went smoothly no cravings, except gum served 20+ folks pecan pie and ice cream without a molecule crossing my lips. Last night, filled cupcake tins without any stray batter winding up near my face-LOL. BIG change in outlook on nourishing myself and what consitutes deeply satisfying food for my body (not mouth food!) a few others have started a Whole30 due to my being on the program. (yay!) my household is eating more healthily!!! HUGS to all on Day 27.
  2. From a cardiologist. He says a very small percentage of his cardiology patients actually need statins. Females, maybe 1% need statins. Taking out vegetable oils is big, eating more grassfed stuff is helpful too.
  3. Well, it may not be the bacon. I had a full blown stomach virus after posting this... I'll give bacon a try in a few days, but I think it still might be an issue.
  4. After having a couple of exquisite slices of uswellnessmeats sugar free Whole30 approved bacon with brekkie, I'm tired. Honestly, I think I already knew this as we've been uswellenessmeats customers for years, and I have on some level noted the energy dip after bacon for breakfast in times past. Maybe the pronounced dip today is due to my being on Day 23 with pretty good energy. Console me, Bacon Loving Gentiles, please.
  5. Hey, I think my problem yesterday was an overdose of Progesterone cream actually. I had a new delivery system and accidentally doubled up. Much Better today! Thanks for the replies!
  6. Today, is day 19. I entertained 20+ people at my home while our water was out last night so prepping food was a bit awkward- try cooking without anything but a trickle of RO water. Anyway, I had some zuchinni and olives that were compliant but my protein went missing because the proteins I had for guests were non compliant. I could have had some jerky, but the event ran until 10PM, and I was pooped, and just thought, "I'll be fine, it's too late to eat anyway." Well, today, I am tired and considering a rest day from Bikram. I ate a nice big bowl of leftover arm roast (grassfed) with plenty of bone broth in there this AM...still sooo tired. Any suggestions? Maybe I should add a TB of coconut oil to some tea or something. I have some spaghetti squash and could bake a sweet potato if starches might kick start me. Thanks! PS served pecan pie and Amy's ice cream without temptation. I thought, "they are feeding their mouths and not nourishing their bodies."
  7. Unsupportive Doctors??

    I am my primary health provider with a Physicians Assistant (PA) who supports me and a chiro who rocks. My college roommate is a Family Practitioner so I can run some stuff by her. Nutritionally, she fails though as do most MDs as Tom pointed out- nutrition is a short course-almost a blink of an eye for medical schooling. She comes to me for her peronsal nutritional support. Many MDs only want to treat the symptoms, and then a cascade of side effects with greater Rxs to cover those. I have several friends who want the "pills" to fix them, and the number of meds grows and grows. They NEVER get better, only worse. I want to scream sometimes, "look what THEY'VE done to you!!!!" as they swell and suffer, hoping the next pill will fix them. It breaks my heart. I loved the title ISWF. I've been putting some pieces back together after an autimmune thyroid attack plus estrogen dominance, and getting tons better, but I needed a solid food foundation to take my health up to the next level. Food was a missing component for me although I probably ate better than 99% of Americans. My PA is totally on board with Whole30. I saw her a few days before beginning
  8. Whole30 PDF "Tracts"

    So, the Mom who started with her Mom called today. She is on Day 10 and feeling great. A coworker of hers wants the "tracts" also. It's contagious, I suppose.
  9. I was taking a Standard Process ox bile before Whole30, but it had honey in it so I dropped it when starting. I feel like I need more ox bile but cannot locate a stand alone. When I upped my Now enzymes, it was too much HCL-LOL. I almost found a combo without HCL but it said, contains dairy" on the label- ugh. Anyone know of a compliant ox bile stand alone?
  10. gallbladder out

    I no longer have my gallbladder. My surgeon did not tell me the long term effects on having it cut out. Weight gain is most common. Doc also did not tell me I should take bile salts with meals in order to not overtax my liver...oy. Do your research. I know the gallbladder pain was worse than childbirth for me, and you just never want to "go there" again. Our best man was having allbladder attacks, and he went on some sort of gallbaldder diet (NO olive oil flushes though!), healed his gallbladder and lost about 50 pounds. It was really vegetable based and low fat, totally gluten free. Lots of artichokes, beets, asparagus...if I recall.
  11. Today, I had a regular Whole30 style brekkie, went off to Bikram about 1.5 hours later. After 90 minute Bikram class, I had Chipolte-probably 3.5hours later from breakfast and about 30 minutes from w/o- the Whole30 approved one from a thread on eating out here. I brought carrots but forgot they were in my bag-LOL. About 3.5hours after Chipolte, I was hungry which I have not had any during my 12 days in...except at specified meal times I was supposed to have been heading earlier home but had to wait in town to pick up someone. All I had were macadamias and those forgotten carrots. It was difficult to stop the nuts, but did after pretending my closed fist had a bit of Lycra in it-LOL. (I probably ate a few extra in other words). So, in the future, what should I do differently post workout? I really don't like having too much in my tumm before class so a few strips of jerky and half a non-Lycra handful of nuts I take about an hour prior but today, breakfast was only 1.5 hours out, and I didn't want ot eat anything pre w/o. Should I have? Thanks for your observations, experience, and tips!
  12. Whole30 PDF "Tracts"

    I started my Whole30 on Friday. My hubby took my one of my sons to a friend's house Saturday. The family was discussing health...hubby mentioned Whole30. He had heard me talking about it for more than a week prior, plus he's been party to my Weston A Price rantings for many years as well. Their son came over to our house Sat to spend the night. I printed a few pages of the basic Whole30 pdfs, hubby dropped those off the next day when returning the friend. Tonight, I had a phone call from the Mom who had some quesitons- they were on Day 4 (ouch). The Grandmother was wondering about something called "stevia"-LOL. So I was able to relay allowing our tastebuds to enjoy nourishing food for awhile without processed uber sweetness...26 days from now, stevia would probably be an OK item. How cool is that that those pdfs sent the family down a Whole30 trip? I also sent a sticky note recommending the website and the Whole Daily emails (50 cents/day- hello!) I guess those pdfs are like effective Whole30 tracts-LOL. Go print some for your friends!
  13. Well, my trip was cancelled, but I like the idea of taking a tuna thing. I take my own food lots of places, but my 12 year old would be with me that day when I would have travelled, and eating out would be nice for him.
  14. I know I can try Chipolte easily. I'll be in Plano/Dallas/Addison area so plenty of those around-anyone have any other ideas? I am 100% committed to eating the proper foods for my body. My mantra is: "I love whole30 foods which deeply satisfy me and nourish my body." Thanks for input, Joy
  15. Sausages-need source

    I've been getting Shelton's turkey ones that work with compliance, but boring and nto crazy about the flavor. I'll be at a Whole Foods on Friday, could someone give me a brand and type to save my aging eyes the label squinting over them all? I'll still double check the label of the suggested ones-just in case. Thanks, Joy