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  1. Day 30 tomorrow doesn't mean "Done"!

    @Fernsk - Congratulations to you! I bet you are feeling GREAT!!! It IS a process, for sure, depending on how set your lifelong eating habits were. I'm every bit as enthusiastic about this method of "resets" (doing a Whole30) as necessary, the reintroduction as a great buffer to keep you from the rush to all-the-remembered-good-things, eating mindfully, and then doing reset cycles again... until I find my Food Freedom. I'm ok with sliding backwards some, and keep a written journal, very honest with myself, about how I actually felt about the carb or sweet foods as I was eating them, so that maybe next time, I'll remember that I don't really need as much, or as often, in order to be satisfied with a little treat from time to time. That's my long-term goal... to be satisfied with a little of the less than healthy things, occasionally. Good luck with your reset and your journey to Food Freedom too! : - )
  2. Day 30 tomorrow doesn't mean "Done"!

    @Claudilicious - congratulations on your first Whole30 journey! The best thing you can do is to read, as you are doing, and be prepared for whatever comes. It's really not a hard way to live, eating healthy. Whole30 trains you for it, and then, it's just the "untraining" of a lifetime of habits that really need changing. That's where I am, and I'm good with it. I WILL get this!! LOL We start our next Whole30 on 2/26, and I'm looking forward to having a big jump on Spring and Summer, when our life changes dramatically with social interactions and outdoor activities. Maybe THIS will be the summer that I manage to get closer to my Food Freedom!
  3. Day 30 tomorrow doesn't mean "Done"!

    It's ten days PAST the 10 Day Re-Introduction. I feel like I've been testing myself. There are seven clearly non-compliant and potentially problem foods (for cravings/habits) that I've allowed myself in this short time, beginning with one of those quick-mart/gas station mass packaged mini donut packs (1). I decided after that I don't need those ever again. It was o.k. Not special. Not worth it. While out doing household errands and attending to a Trust to which I'm a Trustee, I chose to stop in at a favorite bakery, where I poured myself a flavored coffee and sat and savored a small pecan roll (2), and brought home a small loaf of yummy bread and one peanut butter/chocolate cake square that my husband and I shared that evening. All three, the roll, the bread (3) and the cake (4)... special. and. worth. it. Three chocolate peppermint cookies (5) at a client's house. Special- unusual and not readily available - and worth it. For Valentine's Day a tiny glazed three-bite cake and a chocolate covered strawberry (6). Definitely special and worth it, as a gift from my husband. Rolls (7) for homemade smoked pulled pork with our commercial favorite BBQ sauce, also special and worth it. We've added back into our diet the vegs we've missed, like corn and peas, with light sauces occasionally, and we've had some rice and some pasta in small quantities. So, this does seems like a lot in a short amount of time, and I recognize that perhaps I could have said no to some of these, definitely the donut pack... but... is it when opportunity presents itself or when I think I'd like to have it, or for a "holiday" that I should be allowing the not so healthy choices without guilt? To tie it in with a holiday is not changing the lifetime "I deserve it" mindset, so....? Maybe freedom would be if the holiday arrives and I don't feel like I really want it then? (Will that ever happen???) I am still trying to find my way, for if I am not restricting myself, are all of these, including the bread as sandwich bread or along with a meal, an indulgence, or now part of a normal meal occasionally? I have lots of questions, and will continue to read Food Freedom Forever again for some of the answers I seek. In the meantime, we have a few days where we intend to be mostly compliant, what I call "mindful eating" but with some foods, like the sandwich roll, that we know are not causing us physical reactions or bringing back cravings. Then, we are away and staying with friends for a few days where we won't control our meals, returning home to visit another couple the next day, with a restaurant dinner plan. On the day after that, Feb. 26th, we'll be doing another Whole30 reset... my sixth.... where the rules are clear for the following 30 days. I have a daily planner, and a small part of each day's page is dedicated to tracking... not my foods in particular, for that is not Food Freedom, but the same NSV's as when doing a Whole30; you know, "energy", "cravings", "sleep", "reflections". Instead of "Day ____, I made it!", as this section of my page reads on line one during a Whole30, it says " ____ Mindful Eating, Day # ___"... a place to check off that I was mindfully eating (that red check is important to my structured mind), and keeps a running tally of the days where I made conscious food choices. Even if I chose to eat something indulgent which I deemed special and worth it, I continue to count the day. It is not intended as a punishment for the choices, but a nod at the fact that those types of foods could be a problem to my sweet tooth/old snacking habit, and staying aware of the choice to eat it. I'll list it, but still check off that I ate mindfully. Now, should I eat those things without restraint on that day just because the taste is SO GOOD(!), or buy and eat one of those little packaged donut packets again, knowing full well that it is not special and worth it to me, I would have to start my mindful eating count back to day 1 the next day. An acknowledgement of having slipped a little bit to eating sweets just for the sake of sweets. Am I doing this right? I don't know. But I'm working at it, and I'm happy with myself and my efforts.
  4. Day 30 tomorrow doesn't mean "Done"!

    Well, I made it through the Re-Introduction! Not perfectly, for there was that day where some dairy snuck in there ahead of schedule and I never did introduce the alcohol... it just didn't work out that I could, in a 60 hour work schedule!! I've begun to add foods in that I've missed. I enjoyed a vegetable with corn in it. Yesterday, I had gluten and SUGAR, in the form of a VERY worth it and special Congo Bar and flavored brewed coffee with girlfriends following a fantastic movie matinee. And guess what... after eating a nice lunch before heading to the movies, I didn't even WANT any cinema popcorn! I sat with my 3 friends, who all had their bags of popcorn, and I didn't give it another thought. No watching them out of the corner of my eye, or being aware of the crinkle of the bag as has happened to me in the past while dieting and using will power. I just enjoyed the movie, with a bottle of water at hand!! I had a good, healthy late dinner last night, was up well into the night with some work to be done, and no cravings surfaced following that sweet mid-afternoon treat, even as I became over-tired. Today, I had a carmelized sugar topped toasted bagel at a breakfast meeting. No cream cheese, just because they didn't have the one I wanted. I've been to this cafe many times during my Whole30, and the Re-Introduction and stuck to coffee only for those visits. Today, I had that bagel. I also had some basmati rice at lunch with my taco burger, adding some taco seasoning and zucchini. My helpings have been moderate, not a pig out. That one Congo Bar took me the whole 1 1/2 hour coffee sipping time. The bagel was breakfast (no protein), but lunch brought me back to satiation status. It and supper tonight were both delicious compliant meals. These next couple weeks I think I'm going to try to go right back compliant meal days following any indulgence. In March, I intend to do another Whole30, so I will read Food Freedom again in this time, and take a look at how having things like peanut butter, rice and breads and other glutens affect my cravings status. I still have that bothersome PND, which thankfully did NOT yet turn into a cold, so I'm considering being careful and very aware about any dairy I might have. I have no intention of choosing some but am not sure what might be cooked with my meal out with friends later this month. After the next Whole30, I think I will pay particular attention to that dairy re-introduction, making it the last foods to re-introduce. If I lose the PND during the Whole30, and it comes back after dairy, then I think I might go without dairy a couple weeks, and try again. I'm feeling pretty good about where I am with my food right now. I think I'll keep this topic thread going right up to March 1st start of the next Whole30. This will help keep me honest to myself. I hope your journey is going well too!!
  5. Day 30 tomorrow doesn't mean "Done"!

    It's early a.m. on the 9th day of Re-Introduction. Yesterday was a compliant day following the introduction of dairy. I enjoyed the cheese in my frittata. Then, the alfredo was DELICIOUS... but... it was very rich and I didn't finish my plate of it in one sitting! I ate the other half in my 3rd meal of the day. I truly enjoyed the taste, but I got kind of tired of it and was wishing for more bites of something clean and not cloying. That was an interesting response, I thought. I have to write this here too, so I'll remember in the future. It IS possible, being winter-time, that I got a touch of something that caused this, or, perhaps, I do have a light food allergy? I have an increased post-nasal drip happening that is more persistent than the occasional that I've experienced in the past. I've had an instance of waking with a sore throat as well, I think it was before Tuesday (dairy intro day), but, since dairy (cheddar cheese) was also part of my Saturday morning breakfast, I have this tiny little suspicion growing in my mind. I will be eating mostly compliant after the reintroduction, and perhaps I'll stay away from dairy specifically when I am not... plan to re-introduce it fresh after a period of time without it, a week or so at least, and watch to see if the PND had gone away or become less of a problem, and then, if it comes back. If it turns out that dairy is a problem food for me, I'm not too worried about it. I do love a big old bowl of ice cream, sliced cheddar cheese and saucy things, but I don't HAVE to have them frequently or feel deprived. At the least, it'll be a nice way to keep myself from falling back into the couple/few times a week bowls of ice cream habit! I feel GREAT otherwise. I've been keeping up the creation of a new daily exercise routine, and I've noticed at a couple meals during the Re-Introduction that my appetite is actually smaller than it has been in a long time. That's all good - for I feared a surge of cravings or over-eating as we added foods we'd not been eating to our meals. These ten days are a nice way to ease out of the Whole30 without falling right back to the old ways.
  6. Day 30 tomorrow doesn't mean "Done"!

    Day 6 of Re-Intro, compliant eating. No problem with this at all - the key is to continue to create healthy, satisfying and satiating meals... which is the goal for life anyway, right? Had a wonderful meal tonight, a crockpot meal since I am in between back to back overnight shifts (for a total of 60 hours this week!!). This is one meal provided by my online subscription meal planner, Real Plans. I highly recommend using this app - it makes this planning, cooking, eating thing so much easier. Truly. Tomorrow is re-introduction of dairy. I admit I am looking forward to a creamy spaghetti squash sauce (an Alfredo!!) tomorrow night, using heavy cream, grated parmesan and cream cheese, not to mention the cheddar cheese in the frittata and some of that cream cheese on celery with the third meal. We, my husband and I, are discussing eating compliant to Whole30 for most of the time, even when off the re-introduction. I know we all have to work with what makes our brain/cravings tick... and I'm thinking that if I follow a day or even a weekend of enjoying non-compliants (mostly sweets and alcohol are my concern) with two days of completely compliant, I might be developing a good pattern of behavior towards my Food Freedom. What do you think? What do YOU do, to re-set yourself before it goes too far backwards?
  7. Day 30 tomorrow doesn't mean "Done"!

    Yesterday, Saturday, was another food introduction day. I had planned that it would be alcohol, but woke up early dreaming of a local favorite breakfast place, and the Ultimate Egg Sandwich. So, my husband and I discussed it, and we decided to introduce gluten instead!! The sandwich was amazing and wonderful - TRULY "worth it". Every bite was as I'd dreamed. Dan had his favorite burrito. Now.... if I were to get picky, I'd worry about what oil/butter(?) was used on the griddle to grill the oh-so-tasty bread used for this sandwich, and the sulfites that are possibly in the pastrami. And I know they added a slice of cheddar cheese, so... dairy. But I made a conscious choice to eat this particular entree, with that in mind. The Re-Introduction, for me, is more about continuing to make healthy, mindful choices and not ending back up in a food free-fall, so I'm good - in fact, I'm TERRIFIC - with the meal choice yesterday morning. For lunch, some home-rolled Spring Rolls (pork and shrimp), cooked in Safflower Oil. For dinner, cooked up some Basmati Rice and turned it into Spanish Rice and zucchini, with all other components compliant to Whole30, baked haddock protein (a few less calories... though I'm not really counting as I did pre-Whole30 experiences, but am aware... just to balance those lunchtime fried Spring Rolls. I froze the rest of the rice in two portions, for some other day when I want to have rice with my entree. Oh.... I almost forgot (and that is the problem with S-N-A-C-K-S!), I had a handful of cashews about an hour after lunch. What that tells me, is that as tasty as the Spring Rolls were, they did not have HOLDING POWER. So, a lesson here is that I should have had a vegetable side. What I know about myself when I eat a breakfast out, is that I am often feeling not hungry at lunch, but then mid-afternoon, snacks start to call my name. When eating those balanced three meals with all the components that satiate and satisfy, I don't even think about snacking. I know this about myself. I'm just writing it here to share, and to look back at if I find myself sliding into old habits. Back to compliant eating today and tomorrow, and introducing DAIRY (for real, not just one slice of cheese) on Wednesday! Hope any of you on your Re-Introduction Phase are learning good things about yourself in the process also.
  8. Day 30 tomorrow doesn't mean "Done"!

    Day 3 Re-Introduction - compliant. Spent a part of today meal planning and food prepping (creating homemade hash brown potatoes for the first time). Conclusion on the hash browns... use a spiralizer as the best appliance for this, linguine blade is perfect, because when flash freezing the strands, they allow air between and don't develop into frozen clumps. Also, a silicone baking mat is the perfect liner for a sheet pan going into the freezer, for the potatoes don't stick to it, AND, you can pick up the mat and now frozen spiralized potatoes together to use it as a funnel to get them into a freezer bag, where, you can then karate chop the brittle spirals into pieces that are wonderfully bite sized. No cravings, no adverse affects still from the legumes re-introduction on Wednesday. No aches and pains, no energy lags, no mood swings... in fact, I feel GREAT!
  9. Day 30 tomorrow doesn't mean "Done"!

    Day 2 Re-Introduction - compliant. Everything's great! No cravings, though I really didn't expect any from legumes. No bloating or other adverse bodily functions, no aches, rashes or break-outs. It's all good. I sat with a couple friends at Panera this morning, following an hour brisk walking around the Mall upper level, and just as it was when doing the Whole30, I had no problem being there. I wasn't focused on the food... I was enjoying the company, and my coffee (black) was delicious! On a side note, I also had a phone conversation where I came out on the up-side with my internet provider today. It's not every day you can say THAT!! I handled it without creating drama, and the issue was resolved in my favor (as it should have, but there's never THAT guarantee, is there!! LOL) Do you suppose this feeling good as a result of Whole30 helped me to handle this as a calm, mature adult??
  10. Day 30 tomorrow doesn't mean "Done"!

    Day ONE of Re-Introduction. Legumes. This was fun! For the first time in AGES, I had peanut butter! I didn't want to go right back to the husband's favorite, Jiff, and all its sugars and God-Knows-What-Else in it, so I used my PB2 from the pantry. (IMPORTANT OBSERVATION: It appears this powder can go rancid!! I had some open, in a jar and it didn't smell or taste right. So, if you get some, and haven't eaten it in a while, sniff it first before taking a full spoonful!! I learned the hard way. Thankfully, I have two unopened vacuum sealed bags, and was able to make my peanut butter as planned today) There IS some sugar in the PB2 ingredient list, but it appears negligible. I love the way you just add water and mix as you need it, and you've got delicious real, creamy peanut butter. Here's an Amazon link, if you are interested. No, I am not an affiliate... I just like the stuff and am willing to share where I buy it. Since it was Legumes re-introduction day, I also made a pressure cooker recipe: Coconut Curry Baked Beans. These were SO good!! Everything was compliant to Whole30 but for the beans. It's been over 7 hours since the peanut butter, and over three hours since the baked beans. I am not observing any adverse affects at all. I have one more meal, at 11pm tonight during my 12 hour overnight shift, where I'll eat more of the baked beans, then it's compliant for the next two days (6 meals). I like this Re-Introduction Plan... it's kind of strategic. When something has a purpose, it's easy to follow through with it, don't you find that so?
  11. Day 30 tomorrow doesn't mean "Done"!

    Day 30 on my Whole30.... which means first day of Re-Introduction is tomorrow! Here is how I celebrated reaching my 30 days, for this, my 5th Whole30.... in my Photography Studio (, with my girl Sammi!
  12. Day 30 tomorrow doesn't mean "Done"!

    Hi @FaithJ!! Glad to see you here! The reintroduction is new to me too, but I am definitely doing it this time. You could certainly keep on with another Whole30, there's certainly no harm in that! My plan is the following - 10 days of reintroduction, and doing it properly with those two days of compliant eating in between each of the 4 re-introduction days, then eating mindfully (mostly compliant but for some special food/occasion exceptions), and THEN, doing another Whole30 beginning March 1st. If you feel that that schedule would work for you, then we could do it all together. So you know, but not to pressure you, having you to follow that plan with would make me even more committed and accountable to it. What do you think? The only difference between continuing to "do what you are doing now", and what I'm suggesting, is that you do reintroduce the foods and evaluate, and then be accountable to Feb. 12 - 28th in eating compliant with just a few special exceptions. It would be a good way to evaluate where you are in your journey towards Food Freedom.... and if you're doing it with me, we can check in with each other at the end of every day. I can't remember, do you have any of the Whole30 books? There are sections in dealing with the Reintroduction and the good emotional and physical reasons for it. We could discuss that further if you wish. Faith, If you decide to stay completely Whole30 and start counting those days as such again instead of the Reintroduction, I won't think any less of you ;-) These are decisions we must make for ourselves.
  13. Hi! Tomorrow is Day 30! Woo hoo! Oh wait, there's this "Reintroduction" thing they want me to do TOO?? TEN MORE DAYS??? I'm not DONE?!? OK, yes, this is not a surprise to me. I've read the books, which by the way, I heartily recommend, and this Reintroduction is revealed right from the beginning. I can't tell you how many times I've used the books as a resource since reading them the first time. Mine is the type of mind that needs the "why" before wholly embracing something new, so 'It Starts with Food' convinced me that this was not one more fad/diet dead end, the others in between I devoured (no pun intended!) and studied, on how to get started and stay on track (plus 1st week meal plan example - which I followed - and RECIPES!!), but then, it was 'Food Freedom Forever' that confirmed that I was definitely doing something for myself that should have been done a long time ago. Most recently, the 'Day by Day' was added to my Whole30 library, because, well, that damned sugar demon. Though I'm on my 5th Whole30, and I have learned a lot, feel great and love eating the meals I prepare, I have not yet tamed my sugar demon. I recognize that I still have much to learn, and I'm a willing pupil. So, THIS time, for the FIRST time, I am going to follow the Reintroduction Plan! It's true, I admit it. The first 4 successful Whole30's... I didn't do the Reintroduction Plan. I suspect that thinking about 30 days puts a period to the plan in my mind that needs to be adjusted, and I'm thinking the Reintroduction is just the thing. Then, I have some thoughts for after THAT too (Resets!), so that I can someday find my Food Freedom. I use to make my meal planning easier all year long, but especially during a Whole30. My reintroduction weeks are already planned. I shop on Thursday and I already have my legumes for Wednesday, Day 1 of my Reintroduction. If you are new to the Reintroduction too, or you are seasoned and want to help a girl out, please join this conversation. I think I got this, but my ears are open, plus I'd love to hear about your journey.
  14. For those of you considering the Whole30....

    @JLHill - Jennifer, congratulations on your decision to take control of the things you can make better in your lives through the foods you eat! The Whole30 can be very challenging, but I have no doubt that you can both do it. As I'm sure you read, focus only 30 days. That's not so hard, just 30 days. This immediate challenge/goal can be motivational for any tough moments you might face. You may not have any... you might sail right through! Being prepared with your reading and research is wonderful and can make ALL the difference. If you find the meal planning to be overwhelming, I suggest you look into Real Plans online. It made such a difference for me in planning, shopping for, and preparing meals in my 2nd Whole30, and every day since(!), instead of my white board, lists and notes in the kitchen. Good luck!! You can do it!! Bonnie
  15. For those of you considering the Whole30....

    Thanks everyone, for your positive feedback on the post. I'm glad you found it helpful! It's 2018 (already!!) and I am on Day 21 of my 5th Whole30... still working on those habits. It's a work in progress, but it is certainly not an unpleasant one. It never feels like a diet, just as described... a reset. I am feeling good, and have learned much about myself, tried so many more different foods and spices and methods of cooking than I ever did before this journey, and it's pretty easy for me to put together compliant meals now. How are all of you doing with the goals that brought you to Whole30?