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    BonnieStP reacted to Jager07 in Bonnie StP's log - 1st Whole30   
    Congrats on making it to the halfway point, Bonnie!
    Hope your restaurant dinner was an absolute success because you sure sound resolved.
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    BonnieStP got a reaction from anniebird in Bonnie StP's log - 1st Whole30   
    Day 14 Completed!
    Tomorrow, we will be at Day 15 of our 30 days.  Wow.
    The weekend is done, and we kept on plan, in spite of repeated suggestions to do otherwise.  Friends actually asked us if we wanted to accompany them to the ice cream shoppe, to socialize with them and watch them enjoy their after supper ice creams, when we had politely declined an invitation to join the group for supper because typically a gathering with these friends means hors d'oeuvres and drinks first, plus we were more comfortable for now handling our meal plan for satiation and satisfaction in our own kitchen.  I'm not sure what the invitation for watching them eat ice cream was all about, maybe not wanting us to feel left out, but we said no thank you and moved on, seeing them today socially without any food involvement at all.
    Clothes are definitely looser.  Knee pain was back for a bit over the weekend, but is now gone again (we had a very active work weekend, renovating a camp). Skin IS looking better!

    My husband is motivated, and that makes all the difference in the world.  I did experience some hunger the last couple of days, but didn't snack, and I believe that it was easier to stay the course because he's doing so well.
    Tomorrow I am meeting friends at a restaurant for the first time since beginning Whole30.  I've checked out the menu and lobster roll is a special tomorrow- perfect.  That, minus any mayo's, or roll.... and a Cobb Salad minus the cheese, checking out the bacon to make sure it's not cured with any sweeteners, and I'll have a pretty hearty meal!  Thinking of bringing my own dressing.  Beverage won't be a problem; I'm good with unsweetened iced tea.  Looking forward to the time with friends!
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    BonnieStP got a reaction from Mamba in Bonnie StP's log - 1st Whole30   
    It's Day 5.  Thankfully, my energy level is much improved today.  I slept wonderfully last night!
    The day, however, has been one full of adventure.
    First, had to push myself to eat meal #1, as much as I could before I finally quit, to save about 1/3 of it for lunch.  (Kitchen sink eggs with shredded brisket, baby spinach, strawberries - yummy - just wasn't hungry!)  At a networking meeting, I went for black coffee and barely looked at the muffins sitting out on the table.  I didn't even give them a second thought.  Wow.
    At the appropriate time for meal #2, I made myself less of what I originally intended (the cucumber cups with ground beef - VERY tasty recipe!!), because I still had some meal #1 on my plate.
    Didn't finish all that either.  But did get the rest of meal #1 in.
    and that's not all....
    Planning ahead for the weekend, where we will be at our camper instead of at home.  This is the first time I'm having to plan SIX nourishing and filling meals ... for AWAY.  
    I've got the pork carnitas in mind and have the pork butt to go into the crockpot, salmon tonight that we will have left-overs from for a meal and to add to the canned salmon for making salmon cakes, all the spices I'll need, vegs, eggs, clarified butter and animal fat, plus fruit.  Phew!  I had originally intended to make the squash soup there, but I decided to do it here, ahead.  
    All went well with the soup until I poured the hot chicken broth/cooked butternut squash mixture from the stovetop into a blender, as suggested (or I could have chosen a food processor). I put the cover on, holding it there with my hand, hit the switch, and hot liquid pushed up the lid and sprayed me and about an 8' half circle in front of me, and all over the counter. Not to be discouraged, but just chalking it up to not being kitchen-gadget smart, I took about half the mixture out and put it back into the pot on the stove, put the blender cover on again, and did the SAME THING with the remaining soup in the blender...same force of spray too.
    My dog really liked the new taste of the floor. I was not seriously burned, thankfully.  I moved 1/2 batch at a time now into the food processor, did my blending, put it all in the pot, and washed the floor, the counter, myself. 
    Eating healthy is not hard. All THIS is.
    It's not over yet - we haven't traveled to our weekend retreat yet, and passed all our normal snack stop locations.  But I don't think that will be a problem.  We will have eaten our salmon and vegs, plus a half baked potato and will be full.  We are both very content with our 3 meals/day, and so far, neither of us has had terrible cravings or felt the need to snack.
    I hope all of you on this journey are having a good day too, for even with my mishap, I count this as a good day.  And I learned to use the food processor as choice #1 from now on.

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    BonnieStP reacted to Jager07 in Bonnie StP's log - 1st Whole30   
    Hope your surgery goes well tomorrow and recovery is quick. 
    Way to go staying compliant, planning ahead and getting great kitchen tools to help both you and hubby succeed! 
    Keep up the awesome job!
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    BonnieStP reacted to Jager07 in Bonnie StP's log - 1st Whole30   
    My salmon thingies (a real word ) are super easy:  a can of salmon drained, 2 whisked eggs, a bunch of chopped onion, Frank's red hot.  Pour into mini muffin tins and bake for about 15 minutes at 350.  They're quick, easy and very portable. 
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    BonnieStP reacted to ShannonM816 in Bonnie StP's log - 1st Whole30   
    A hint: if you happen to have an immersion blender, you can blend soup right in the pot. So much easier than transferring it to something else to blend it. But that recipe should have mentioned that when you put something hot in a closed container and then blend it, it will create pressure and it's not pretty.  Should you ever need to use a blender to blend hot liquids, remove the middle part of your blender lid and cover the whole lid with a kitchen towel folded a couple of times that you hold over that opening -- it will let the steam escape so you don't get the explosion. Glad you weren't seriously injured.  (Did you happen to glance up and check the ceiling? It's unlikely, but occasionally when things like this happen, it can spew that far up, so if you haven't yet, go look to be sure.)
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    BonnieStP got a reaction from Mary G-P in Bonnie StP's log - 1st Whole30   
    Day 3 & 4 successful!
    Took a 20 minute nap around lunch time, and felt much better afterwards.  Today I wasn't as bone-sore exhausted as I was on Day 3, but still am not myself.  Mid-afternoon, a walk around the yard to enjoy the summer plants did wonders.
    Yesterday evening, I peeled and prepped a large butternut squash for today's meal #3, and this weekend's soup.  We had the brisket & squash today, using the crockpot, and it was fabulous!  It practically cooked and shredded itself.  I planned it for some left for meal #1 tomorrow and meal #2 early next week, so cooked a larger brisket than the recipe called for.  I am getting better at looking ahead and doing some prep hours, or even the day or days, before I need the ingredients for the meal I'm currently putting together to consume.  Also yesterday evening, I prepped the greens for my husband's lunch, separate from the tuna protein all mixed up and ready to assemble together in the last minutes before he walked out the door.
    No hunger, no real cravings.  Very cranky yesterday, but mostly from being so tired.  Mood was improved some today, and especially in the evening.  Now though, it's time to call it a day.
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    BonnieStP reacted to Arielle73 in Day 2 today, Aug. 2, 2016 - excited but also as exhausted as if in school!   
    Day 4: Seems like we started simultaneously on Aug 1. I have enrolled husband and 3 young boys. Am utterly exhausted and can barely hold my head up. And, all the additional cooking (3 meals for 5, every evening this week) is cutting into my sleep time.  
    I am shepherding the effort at home and the rest of family are going along with it but I feel that if I don't have meals completely pre-made, they'll all slip up.
    Am not having much trouble with cravings and do feel satiated but the exhaustion is wearing me out!!
    Good luck!
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    BonnieStP reacted to Staggolee41 in Bonnie StP's log - 1st Whole30   
    Good work, Bonnie! If you find yourself needing some pep as mentioned above, a great way to break the old habit is to create a new one. Go for a walk outside, read a few pages, or listen to an upbeat, ultra-catchy song that'll have you whistling while you work.
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    BonnieStP got a reaction from Staggolee41 in Day 2 today, Aug. 2, 2016 - excited but also as exhausted as if in school!   
    Thank you @Staggolee41!  It's encouraging to hear others went through it and it gets easier to plan/prep!
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    BonnieStP reacted to Staggolee41 in Day 2 today, Aug. 2, 2016 - excited but also as exhausted as if in school!   
    It sure is a big adjustment! You'll get there. The first week, I thought the Hartwigs had to be totally insane to expect so much work all the time. I felt like I was drowning in prep and cooking, but it got easier every single week. Eating W30-compliant this week because I feel like it, even though my W30 is over, and I suspect that next week will be more of the same.
    You'll naturally get faster with prep as you get comfortable with it. Once W30 thinking becomes a habit, many other things will get easier, too.
    Also: Day 2 is a common time for extreme exhaustion. I was a total zombie on the second day! It gets better.
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    BonnieStP reacted to ShannonM816 in Day 2 today, Aug. 2, 2016 - excited but also as exhausted as if in school!   
    Definitely this is a common feeling, especially for people who haven't cooked from scratch before.
    For me, I do best if I precook a lot of things over the weekend, then I can just heat stuff up during the week. This article has some tips for one way to do this, and the same author has some Whole30 weekly meal plans designed to be done that way, the first one is here. You don't have to use the exact same recipes she uses, but hopefully it will give you ideas for how to make this work for you.
    The other suggestion I'd make is to always cook more than you need for one meal. If you're grilling chicken or burgers or whatever, throw the whole package on the grill. If you're roasting vegetables for supper, roast a couple of baking trays of them. Use your slow cooker if you have one to be cooking things either during the day while you work, or overnight while you sleep.
    If you're willing to pay for the convenience, there are things you can buy to save yourself time. Pre-chopped vegetables, or even frozen ones, or sometimes even canned ones. Compliant marinara sauces and salsas are available at most grocery stores, though you're going to have to spend some time reading labels to find them. You can also find compliant sausages and hot dogs and cans or pouches of tuna, salmon, or sardines for quick protein options to keep on hand. Olives are a good fat source that take no prep on your part. Fresh avocadoes or some brands of premade guacamole, like Wholly Guacamole (read your labels, not every variety is W30 compliant), are other good fat sources that don't take a lot of work on your part.
    You don't really have to do recipes every time. You can throw together stir-fries with whatever vegetables you have on hand, you can make burger patties and roasted potato or sweet potato chunks and salad or other vegetables. Check out this list of other easy to put together meals from items you can mostly just keep on hand all the time.