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  1. I am getting a little tired of hot and heavy meals. Does anyone have recipes for light cold food, other than salads? FYI - I am not fond of avocados Any suggestions?
  2. DMKC

    Starting Whole30 on July 18

    So day 3 for me is complete. I found eating out was actually easy yesterday and today. Getting a little bit of heartburn today. The problems I had on Day 1 was that I ate so early and then was not able to eat lunch at a regular time so was starving. I had to have an Epic bar at 1:30 pm and ate lunch later. Dinner was not too hungry since ate lunch so late so ended up just eating a baked sweet potato plain. Next day ate breakfast early around 7 am, lunch ok time, then at 5 pm had to have another Epic bar until I could get home and finish preparing my dinner. So I have had to use the Epic bar twice to save me over the last two days. Day 3 woke up with a soar throat due to allergies draining all night and just could not bring myself to eat something since I was nauseas too. I ate out for lunch at 12:30 pm and it was good, stayed on track. Then I did not have any more Epic bars and did not get home until 6:30 pm and fixed dinner. Really hungry of course, but only got two meals in. I may have a little something to hold me over until breakfast. It is 10 pm so probably just a piece of fruit or a veggie. Anyone have suggestions for when I am out all day going to different appointments and not getting to eat at a normal time, and going several hours in between meals? Also no refrigerator of course. Most of the time I will need to eat breakfast by 6 am and sometimes do not get home until 6:30 pm or later. I am usually not out all day on the road and can work in normal times to eat, but I am used to eating four small meals a day. Trying to keep to three and no snacking per the plan. Just getting hungry since most times it is at least 6 hours or more between breakfast and lunch, and can sometimes have to eat dinner late. That is why I used to do four small meals. Planning to cook more tomorrow so I have more meals ready. Going to have scrambled eggs in the morning with mushrooms and compliant bacon, then for lunch a hamburger with portabella mushrooms for the buns and a tomato, plus a veggie, unsure what for dinner yet, probably something with cauliflower though. Then cook an additional one or two meals to have on hand.
  3. Posted day 1in the July 18th thread. Day 2 here I come.
  4. DMKC

    DAY ONE -- JULY 21

    Great to see you are planning ahead. I started yesterday as well. I also joined the July 18th thread since it is for those that started July 18 through today. Good to have a group to talk with so you should join too.
  5. DMKC

    Finished Day 1 (June 22)

    Come join us in the July 18th thread. It is for those who started on the July 18th through to today. Great to have an online buddy system to help.
  6. DMKC

    Day 2 of whole 30

    Glad you are on your way and you have someone doing the program with you. Best of luck.
  7. DMKC

    Starting Whole30 on July 18

    OK, so today was day one for me. I was excited to get started I woke up early. I do eat breakfast, but not much of a breakfast person. I have to eat a little before 6 am and the smell of food that early, lets just say not so good. I had two eggs scrambled and as a side I had a mashed up banana with approved coconut flakes. It was hard just to get that much down. Also never really liked eggs. I know no veggies, but working on it and I had extra at lunch. Also black cup of coffee, but just one like always except without the cream and Splenda or Stevia. I did not get to have lunch until 2:00 pm and was a little light-headed around 11:30 am. I did have to have an Epic bar at 1:30 pm while was preparing lunch, I was just too hungry, I had zoodles with compliant tomato sauce and apple slices with almond butter. I still feel really full and a little tired. So far still on track, no cheats, and will have seasoned chicken and a veggie for dinner later tonight. Just need to wait a little bit, just too full from lunch. I plan on cooking several meals this weekend to make things easier. Also unsure how to handle early breakfast and varying lunch times which can be far after breakfast. I have a breakfast meeting at a restaurant in the morning so a little nervous about that, but still looking forward to the next 29 days. Hope everyone is doing well and staying on track.
  8. DMKC

    Pine nuts

    I like to put a few pine nuts in my salad's is this ok?
  9. DMKC

    Well Fed Pad Thai

    For the noodles does everyone do the spaghetti squash or zucchini noodles?
  10. DMKC

    Zucchini noodles

    I bought a znoodle gadget and about to try it out. So I just want to make sure the best way to cook zucchini noodles is just put a little oil in a pan and fix them that way? or Can you also steam them? I just want to fix them the best way possible. Thanks for your help. D.
  11. You do not need to give up coffee completely just do not add milk or sugar products and limit it to one cup a day. Several people have used the nutpod non dairy creamers of coconut milk and you could too.
  12. You said no refrigeration. They must have one on the ship. Can you ask them to store and use some things you bring on board? I know you could not bring a lot, but maybe the coconut oil, compliant bacon or sausage, and a few other things?
  13. DMKC

    In need of serious encouragement!

    Hope you are doing better. Sometimes we get to much into our heads and thoughts then race. Just go do something fun and get your mind off bad thoughts. Once a day visual what you want and see yourself in the picture being happy. I agree don't date for awhile and just give yourself a break, do not be so hard on yourself. It's time to get back on track.
  14. Lisyhawk,Glad your starting on way to your goal. I joined the July 18th thread since some others started on the 18th, and the rest are starting through the 22nd. Great to have a group so we can support each other. Hope you will jin that thread. Let me know how I can support you. Good luck.
  15. DMKC

    Tessamae's Ketchup OK?

    Be careful the french and honey mustard dressing is not compliant. The first due to sugar and the second it says we are not to use anything with honeyon the Whole30. One of the 4 packs that they sell on Amazon has the French dressing, but is part of the Whole 30 approved pack.