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  1. firestorm531

    Bones for Bone Broth

    How much broth is too much? I've been warming up a mug of bone broth with my breakfast and I really enjoy the flavor and the strange comforting sensation I get from it. I never drink it more than once a day, but out of curiosity, how much is too much?
  2. firestorm531

    Spiralizer or "Veggetti"

    I purchased mine from Amazon - makes 'spaghetti' taste WAY better than when using traditional pasta.
  3. firestorm531

    Where can I find ghee?

    I brought up using our KGB for some homemade ghee and my husband, who is not doing W30, said he prefers it in its current form LOL I'm plotting heeheehee
  4. firestorm531


    That's not what I meant LOL. I meant is it the popcorn she wants or is it the hand to mouth habit that she's trying to satisfy...
  5. firestorm531

    Can I have low country boil?

    Don't stay home, that will only make you resent this process...why not ask if she can make you a small batch minus the corn? Another sausage company that we like is Aidell's; not all their products are compliant, but they do have some.
  6. firestorm531


    Popcorn used to be an addiction for me...braces cured that LOL And Monsanto cured me of corn o.O I don't mean to misstep - but - is it the popcorn or the hand-to-mouth motion? That's my biggest internal dialogue when it comes to going to the movies...
  7. firestorm531

    Paneraa salad and soy

    One thing I truly appreciate about your posting style ladyshanny, is your ability to provide information in a way that is helpful without sounding condescending.
  8. I started on the 20th as well...just saw this post. Still going strong and only had a couple of tough moments on day 3 (nausea and intense cravings). How're you doing?
  9. firestorm531

    Non-Food Rewards?

    Kitchen gadgets! Though I'm not sure what's left that I haven't already purchased. Scrapbook/paper craft supplies Clothes Tech toys A trip to Magnolia Market in Waco with my husband's credit card (instead of mine). LOLOL More wreaths for the front door. Make a list of things you want, like you used to do when you made Christmas/Birthday/Etc. wish lists for your parents/significant other and use that as your reward list. Think about little stocking stuffers and the like.
  10. firestorm531

    What sayings help to keep you on track?

    One day at a time, one meal at a time. Now doesn't that (strawberry, etc) taste better than (junk)? Yep. You've done harder things, just keep putting one foot in front of the other. THIS is how you're going to heal the damage. Lots of internal dialog going on with me LOL
  11. firestorm531

    Shop local.

    I was shocked to see them listed too!
  12. firestorm531

    Paneraa salad and soy

    I think people come here with their questions in the hopes that moderators and experienced W30/60/90 folks can help them navigate through this program. Especially with the myriad of names that preservatives can be called and dizzying array of grains that are on the market. Reading rules isn't always enough and sometimes its helpful to bounce information off other people to truly understand the topic. As someone with cognitive function deficits as a result of chemo, I have found myself not always understanding the information in front of my face. Yet, when discussing it with others, I'm able to put the pieces together, so to speak.
  13. firestorm531

    Preserved Lemons w/Sugar

    There's something I never thought of doing...bringing my own dressing to a restaurant! I'm going to out to eat tomorrow for the first time since starting W30 and thankfully, I was able to pick the restaurant. I've already decided to have a Cobb salad, minus the dressing/cheese but never thought to bring my own dressing. I just figured I'd eat it with avocado. Has anyone taken their own dressing with them?
  14. firestorm531

    peanut oil

    I thought I was going to miss peanut products until I read about the amount of mold present in their processing. Cured me in an instant LOL