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    Breast Cancer Members?

    Hahahahaha. You crack me up Onco!! But its true! My one side is nearly 2 cups smaller than the other because of how big of a chunk the surgeon took out. Had I known before I went to sleep that I was going to have to have chemo, I would've told him to take them off. And because I had radiation to my naughty side, no decent plastic surgeon would touch me. In their eyes, the skin was too damaged and it wasn't worth completely destroying it to make me feel normal again. So I'm going to have the scars tattooed with something really awesome LOL Only 3 nodes, that all I had in my armpit, thank goodness! You must have a high node count, given that you had a BMX.
  2. firestorm531

    Breast Cancer Members?

    Natasha, My breast surgeon was overly confident that I wouldn't need more than a lumpectomy and radiation...I went to sleep with that knowledge but woke up to the bigger nightmare; node involvement, my mass (which had built its own, dedicated, blood supply had evolved into a much more aggressive tumor. So me and my dented right side went home to my mother's to get ready for what was to come. I was in treatment for a year. 20/20 being what it is, I would've preferred a BMX with small reconstruction. Crazy how much we have in common! Its a sign ;-)
  3. firestorm531

    Breast Cancer Members?

    Hi there! I'm a BC survivor as well - grade 3 mass, stage 3, lymph nodes involved, ER/PR positive, HER2-, chemo, radiation (which I seriously regret), currently taking Arimidex (until 2023), chemo induced fibromyalgia, fried nerve receptors, osteopenia in my spine, 70lb weight gain, PTSD, anxiety and depression. I popped positive on my very first mammogram. I'm doing this program to gain control over my body, to heal the damage from my cancer treatment and to conquer my sugar addiction. Very little exercise as I'm awaiting foot surgery but we're installing a pool and (hopefully) it will be completed by mid August. On top of that...I'm asthmatic, allergic to plants/flowers/trees/etc, and shortly after I finished treatment, I developed chronic bronchitis. I'm looking forward to meeting others like us that have had a positive impact with this program. PS - I loved your comment about people fearing catching something! hahahaha I had people act like that towards me while I was bald and going through treatment.