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    Mariaviquez got a reaction from Staggolee41 in Maria's whole 30 food log   
    Btw after lunch I was really bloated and decided not to train in the afternoon, which I was planing to start today. I also felt tired and didn't think it was compassionate or smart to do that to my body so I didn't go to my second session. 
    I feel proud for that. 
    Although my bikini competitor mind is driving me crazy with this should've... This is the only way I know to look fit, so it keeps coming back with i guess unhealthy ideas talking to my mind. 
    Thanks for for support, guidance and comments in advance.
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    Mariaviquez got a reaction from Staggolee41 in Maria's whole 30 food log   
    So I've been encouraged in the forum to post my meals... This is so had for me (because I've been so embarrassed to eat to much or by the way I eat)..... So because it's hard I know I need to do this.... Somehow I'm sure it's going to set me free from that food shame and bodyweight shame I've been fighting with since I started competing in bikini fitness 2 years ago. 
    I already left the competitive sport and gained back for the 3rd time 8kg of pure fat just by stopping my really strict diet and eating "normal". 
    Im confused because in nutrition everything contradicts the last thing.... And I'm really hoping with all my being that the whole30 is the answer I've been looking for, to be able to have a happy, fit and SUSTAINABLE way of eating and living and a whole new relationship with my body and the food.... I'm also hoping at some point I can drop this extra pound I'm carrying and feel fit again, which is core importance for me..... 
    During the whole 30 I've been bloating a lot, I've had several headaches and digestive issues which I didn't have before and I'm also gaining what I consider quick a lot of weight (I can not put my shorts on any more) so I'm kind of freaking out.... 
    So here we go. 
    I I have a meal prep system so all my food get to my house at the meal times fresh, organic and the best quality possible here in Bali, Indonesia where I currently live. 
    So im not cooking, I give instructions that are very precise, I have some extra proteins and fats at home so that were not rrstricted in any ways in case we feel we need more food in one meal and it's an amazing practical thing for me since I was obsessed and a slave to cooking and measuring while in my bikini preps, so I really stoped liking cooking anymore. 
    (I enjoy cooking on Sunday's and I've really enjoyed that during the whole 30 which is great news, I've been really creative) 
    one me important thing to mention is that my height is 1.57 m, weight right now I guess could be aprox 58kg, in March this year for my competition I was 49kg, in October last year I was also 49 kg for competition and then bounced. I've never weighted so much as I do right now. I'm 32 years old. I just stoped taking my birth control pills wich I took for 18 years straight... This I did because I don't want to put more hormones in my body and decided to start the whole 30 and drop the pills same time. Also I excersice 7 to 10 times a week, I had stoped a bit because of a huge post competition depression and I started again 15 days ago with the whole 30. I do 4 days weights for 1 hour and 20 min HIIT and 3 days just group class's that are intense cardio with some resistance too and are 1 Hr long, and this week I'm planing to start  extra HIIT 3 afternoons.
    Yesterdays meals (day 14) we only ate meat because it's what we eat the least in the week so we enjoy to do that. 
    One piece of watermelon. 
    200 g aprox of Australian striploin with cooked with just sea salt. 3 grapes, handful of cashew nuts, handful of olives, organic cinnamon. And the 1/4 avo which was to bitter so I did not eat that one. 
    Arugula salad (rocket) + been tenderloin + mi de pitarles and veggies. (St french restaurant. 
    Post training 
    one palm of my hand portion of Australian skirtsteak plus sweetener portal homemade baked "fries" and a brócoli green bean salad. 
    One piece of watermelon. 
    200 g aprox of Australian striploin with cooked with just sea salt. 3 grapes, handful of cashew nuts, handful of olives, organic cinnamon, like 1/2 hand of Mellon. Broccoli and organic oyster mushroom.
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    Mariaviquez reacted to Staggolee41 in DAY 13 and gaining weight like crazy :(... (I know because of my clothes, not a scale)   
    Hi Maria! First off, welcome! I hope we can provide the support and answers you need.
    As far as your shorts getting tighter/being worried about gaining weight, a few things to consider:
    This is not a weight loss diet... many people lose weight as a side effect, but the goal is to reset your body with healthy, good, wholesome food Many people experience bloating - this would make your shorts tighter for sure Many people experience a... reappropriation? Not a word, but it seems right... a reappropriation of body weight - ie, not really an increase in weight, just a different shape It sounds like your body has been through some intense extremes, and with that, it will take time for your gut to heal - give your body time Depression/anxiety/emotional factors come out in full force during Whole30 if you ever used food as a crutch for these things (I did! My demons did a big ol' roll call within the first 10-11 days)... these will take extra time and effort to work out, and doing so can cause extra stress, which can then lead to your body not functioning optimally As I said above, this is about hitting the reset button - you need to establish a healthy baseline for your body, which might mean gaining a little weight in the short term; once you establish this baseline, you can move it, but until then, it's being determined by factors outside of your control - genetics, environment, choices made by you in the past All in all, I'm glad you're here - it sounds like you do need to hit the reset button. The plan is 30 days, which is a drop in the bucket when you think about all the time you spent doing things you now realize were unhealthy. Give it a shot, and give yourself a little breathing room with it. It's okay to allow some changes to occur while you're resetting. I can tell you really want to be your absolute best, which sometimes means taking a deep breath and just letting your body do its natural thing (which might be whatever it needs at that time).
    **If you'd like - post a couple of days' worth of meals, with amounts included, and we'll be happy to take a look.
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    Mariaviquez reacted to Staggolee41 in DAY 13 and gaining weight like crazy :(... (I know because of my clothes, not a scale)   
    I also meant to reassure you a bit, that things like this do happen, and you're not the only one. Every person on this forum has a unique story when it comes to his or her personal relationship with the body, food, and fitness. I'm just floored at how much you work out - I couldn't have lifted a dumbbell that first week!
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    Mariaviquez reacted to jmcbn in DAY 13 and gaining weight like crazy :(... (I know because of my clothes, not a scale)   
    Hey @Mariaviquez and welcome to Whole30
    I'm sorry to hear you're struggling a little... Staggolee has made some valid points above, but I'd just like to reiterate here that the diet you have been following for competing has (as you admitted yourself) played havoc with your hormones, and it will likely take more than 30days to fix that. I know a lot of people who compete. I've see how restrictive the diet can be at times. I've seen how they can bloat and gain weight in the days following a competition. Even when 'off season' there are still restrictions for those who are as dedicated as you sould  to have been. And all of that has your body in turmoil - will I be getting carbs today? where is the food? Oooooh, peanut butter....!! wait, what, no carbs again?? Hmmm. MORE chicken & spinach.... Yep, I know the drill

    Right now your body is adjusting to the new food regime, and wondering if it can trust you, wondering if this is a permanent change, and wondering perhaps if it should hold on to all this delicious food because in a day or two (if history is anything to go by) you might start restricting again. Like any relationship it takes a while to build up the trust, and your body hasn't learned to trust you yet. Many people find that it takes much longer than the thirty days for that trust to come, for their body to find that 'happy place' (which incidentally may be about 5 pounds heavier than you would like/think it should be) which is why so many people extend to 45 or even 60 days. And of course this is a 30 day program - you're only on day 13 - many people don't see or feel the magic until the latter stages of the program.

    Also worth bearing in mind is that many people who have come from a background of over-restriction, or counting macros etc, sub-conciously limit their portions, and since you are training 6-7 times a week it's quite possible that you are under-eating, which is counter productive as your metabolism will slow so as to burn less fuel. That's difficult to tell without actually knowing what you're eating though, so it would be helpful to see a few days worth of your food log, along side activity levels.

    The bloat can come from a number of things - off the top of my head nuts/nut butters/dried fruit, larabars, seltzer, cruciferous veg, too much raw veg, raw cruciferous veg (double whammy!!), or foods that you are sensitive too such as high FODMAPs (think avocado, onions, garlic, sweet potato, again nuts & fruit....) The food log would helpful here to identify any such issues.

    Furthermore, you say you sleep well and are not at all stressed (& yet you are stressng about your weight), but training is a stress to the body in and of itself, and the fact that you are training 6-7  times a week may be stressing your body more than you realise. I assume you factor in rest &recovery days?

    Lastly, this is not about weightloss, although weightloss is often a pleasant side effect. This is about resetting your gut & being kind to your body, by providing it with the nutritious, wholesome fuel that it needs to be the healthiest version of you. Your history of dieting has been the antithesis of that - it's been all take take take, pushing your body to it's limits. Now it's time for you to give.

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    Mariaviquez reacted to liz517 in DAY 13 and gaining weight like crazy :(... (I know because of my clothes, not a scale)   
    Hi Maria!
    I'm so sorry you are experiencing this. I can only speak from my personal experience - I too, used to be obsessed with working out and my diet. I was drastically under eating, and I also lost my period for over a year. Once I stopped restricting and started eating to my body's content, I gained a LOT of weight. But I also got my period back. Like the moderator stated, I think our bodies need to be assured we will not starve them again. As long as you are following the template and nourishing your body with nutrients, TRUSTING it and what it's telling you, everything will fall into place! Yes, I did gain a lot of weight to get my period back, but my hormones are finally starting to normalize and I'm dropping weight without trying.
    I wish you all the best - keep your chin up, it WILL get better!