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  1. Haysmith91

    So tired - need positivity

    Thanks so much! I will focus on adding fat to each meal this week.
  2. Haysmith91

    So tired - need positivity

    My food is in the thread "My First Whole30" in Your Whole30 log section. My water intake is between 64 and 96 oz per day. I definitely salt all my food - I've actually been worried that I put too much on, good to know I need to be eating it. I probably could increase my fat intake.
  3. Just need some inspiration. I'm on Day 7 and I'm so exhausted. I felt fantastic the first 5 days, been feeling cranky, pessimistic, annoyed, but mostly just so tired yesterday and today. I've been eating according to plan and have done light exercise 6/7 days. I know this fatigue is expected on days 6/7, but does anyone have any tips or advice or wisdom on how to push past it and stay positive?
  4. Haysmith91

    Uses for Basic Mayo

    I LOVE the basic mayo recipe from the Whole30 book! I've used it for the base of certain sauces and dressings (from the Whole30 book) and also to hold together my protein salad (the traditional recipe in the book = heaven). Just curious, what do other people use basic mayo in or on? P.S. On day 5 and loving every second of it! No desire to Kill All the Things (yet anyway...haha)
  5. Haysmith91

    Bones for Bone Broth

    This is all great info - thanks!! Can't wait to try.
  6. Haysmith91

    Bones for Bone Broth

    Another question - if I use the bones from a 4 lb chicken, is that enough? Or should I save them and wait for more?
  7. Haysmith91

    Bones for Bone Broth

    Good to know - thank you! Going to stop by my local butcher and talk to them today. I'll let you know how it works out!
  8. Haysmith91

    Bones for Bone Broth

    I'd some tips about where to buy just bones for bone broth, preferably chicken. I've done research online but I can't really find a clear answer. Also, any advice on making bone broth? I make a whole roast chicken and then make broth from those bones, but I'm still new to the game and I struggle with technique. I know that it takes practice, but I'd appreciate any tips on the process.
  9. Haysmith91

    Starting Whole30 on July 25th!

    Hi everyone! Day one is tomorrow for me too. I have suffered from Hidradenitis Suppurayiva which is a skin condition since about 6 years ago. It's been a painful and embarrassing nightmare - physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausting. I believe my diet is the cause and that the Whole 30 will put me into remission. I'm also looking to feel more energetic and just healthier all around. I'm looking forward to the challenge and to hopefully see results. -Hayleu P.s. - does anyone here suffer from HS, or can you point me in the direction of a thread on this forum that I might find useful?