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  1. This is my 4th (or maybe 5th) Whole 30 in 2 years. While the others have been during times when I've had a mostly healthy lifestyle (sticking to a mostly paleo diet (at least at home) and exercising regularly) before starting. This one, however, follows about 4 months of food and (lack of) exercise debauchery...just because #life. I knew it was exactly what I needed to reset my body (and my mind). Because my previous Whole 30's were so successful, I had high expectations. I've been very frustrated that I haven't been feeling the extreme positive results and NSV's this time that I have in the past. I started questioning whether I was "doing it wrong" and considered giving up...because, you know, my newfound love of good, craft IPA's was much more satisfying (see debauchery above) I've been reading the Whole 30 day-by-day and trying to stick with it. At any rate, the point of my post is to offer encouragement to others who are as frustrated as I was. Whether this is your first or your 5th+ Whole 30. Everything that the program says about everyone experiencing Tiger Blood differently and at different times as well as where you are coming from before starting your Whole 30 making a big difference is 100% true!!! Stick with it!!! 2 days ago I was considering giving up. Today, I'm considering extending for another 15 days (though I'm not gonna lie...I'd still kill for a good IPA LOL!).
  2. dawndblue

    Eating if not hungry

    Hi guys - Sorry to hijack your post Dawn but my question is definitely related and I'm still learning the forum etiquette. Day 8 here and for the first time I feel like I can't possibly put another bite of food in my mouth today. In hindsight, I probably overrate at meal 2. I ate a "bunless" BLT -- butterflied grilled chicken breast is the "bun", 2 strips compliant bacon, 2 slices tomato, lettuce, compliant avocado mayo, plus 1/2 an avocado and salsa. Lunch was delayed due to work meeting so didn't have lunch until 3:00. Around 1:00 I was feeling hungry but couldn't stop for lunch so I had a couple celery sticks with almond butter and coconut flakes to hold me over. Meal 1-serving of buffalo chicken, egg and sweet potato casserole, arugula drizzled with homemade ranch dressing and some cherry tomatoes. I worked until 6:30. Went to the gym at 7. Got home at 8:45pm and couldn't even think of eating - I'm still stuffed from meal 2. Given the late hour I am not going to eat tonight. I have an early morning tomorrow and a long day of business travel ahead (but already have a foolproof plan to make sure I get a good 3 meals in) so I don't want to risk being too awake to get a good night sleep. but I welcome any feedback on what to do if this happens again or why I might be too full to eat. Too much fat today? Thanks!!
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    Day 3 -- Need Encouragement & Advice

    Thanks for the responses so far. All very helpful! Staggolee41 -- THANK YOU! You are a star!!! S o good to know that it's not just me and that someone else felt the same way in their first week. Oddly, I thought that I was eating well before starting the program. And I mostly did. Very few grains (if any), lots of protein and fresh veggies. I've been spiralizing any veggie I can since January. But I also used lots of convenient dairy foods -- cheese, yogurt, etc. and short-cut items (dressings, cheese again, soy sauce, etc) made it much easier. I haven't eaten fast food in probably a year and you'd rarely find me throwing any kind of prepared food in the oven for a meal (or a snack). However, I must say -- THANK GOD for Rao's marinara sauce. Anyway, thank you. I'm sure it will get better. I appreciate your words of wisdom as someone who felt the same way and lived to talk about it.
  4. Ok. I'm on day 3. So far so good with the eating. I don't yet miss the things that I thought I would miss. And I'm happy to report at 1:00 pm I do not YET want to KILL ALL THE THINGS -- even my co-workers and I typically want to kill them on a normal day. So this is good -- for everyone Here is my biggest frustration... I thought that part of the program is to break our unhealthy relationship with food. Yet, since the day before I started to program I feel like food has been consuming me -- prepping, planning, cooking, cleaning up after. It takes A LOT of time and I am not comfortable with the amount of space that food is now taking up in my life. It feels like that is ALL I am able to think about/act on What am I doing wrong? I planned our meals through breakfast on Saturday. I shopped according to the meal plan. I did as much prep as I could on Sunday in preparation for our week. Maybe it will get better from here as my next 2 dinners are crockpot meals. Any advice on how to be mindful without letting it consume me is much appreciated.