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  1. Hi LadyShanny, I've left my 2nd ferment as long as a week with no real fizz... It must be the strength of my actual tea. I'm using a 2 .5 gallon CB that I drain 1 gallon from every 5-7 days and cap off with a gallon of fresh tea. It tastes to me like it's ready and tests out a 2.3 on my meter but, perhaps if I left it a bit longer I will have better results.
  2. I'm new to Kombucha making since summer Started out with 2 ( one gallon ) jars and quickly moved into a 2.5 gallon CB. I've bottled approx. 6 batches to date. So far the only ones I have gotten to fiz in the 2F are ones that I've added Dried or Fresh/Frozen fruit. The times I tried pure fruit juice it did not fizz at all. Is this pretty normal? Perhaps it just takes longer when using fruit juice?
  3. I just wanted to share that I tried my first bottle of my homemade Komucha last night. It had only been 2 days at F2 in the cooler. I choose the Ginger/Lemonade flavor. Oh My - - SOOO much better than store bought- It had a hint of carbonation and interesting to me that I was satisfied w/ just 1/2 of the bottle and put the rest in the fridge for today. I left my other 3 bottles in the cooler and will tranfer them to the fridge tonight giving them an extra day to ferment. One thing I'm not sure about is how to know it's ready... So much depends on the
  4. Hi LadyShanny , I prefer the cloth too but, this is direct from KombuchaKamp / Kombuchamomma.. so that's why I added ok for plastic cover. —————————————STORING YOUR SCOBY HOTEL: You can cover this jar in a couple of different ways: a. With a cloth cover; the liquid will evaporate more quickly and you will need to check it more frequently but a new SCOBY will form to slow the evaporation process. b. With a lid; plastic lids work best. Avoid metal lids or line them with a piece of plastic wrap to avoid met
  5. Hi Jen, For my gallon jug I used the starter tea that came with my Scooby plus 1/2 cup of distilled vinegar as I was not sure it was enough. I've since read various schools of thought on the distilled vinegar but, have concluded it worked just fine especially since it produced a fine Scooby baby. I hear ya on the amount of tea you might have to sacrifice during the first few batches to get your brewer(s) and hotel up and running. I'm patiently waiting for this baby to arrive so I can start my CB system.
  6. Hi Jen, I'm a new Kombucha brewer too. I just finished up my first F1 yesterday ( 1 gallon Batch Brew) and saved quite a bit of the starter fluid for my new baby Scooby that developed that is not sitting in it's own hotel waiting for my CB crock to arrive :). Meanwhile, I started up another batchf in my gallon container from my original mother Scooby. I only got five 16 oz bottles from my first batch due to needing starter tea for my new batch and sufficient tea for my hotel but, ok with that for now I put dried ginger and lemon juice in