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  1. As I read others posts I am noticing most are bloat or digestive. I am curious if there is a site you would recommend to read up on more types of reactions? Or maybe a link here that I missed? I am trying to gauge the severity rating on some of my symptoms to see if it's something I need to discuss with my doctor or not. Some of my concerns revolve around the oral reactions like blistering on my tongue after eating corn (SHOCKED) and a tingling/burning sensation on my lips and in my mouth as an example. Thanks in advance!
  2. DesertDebbi

    Making Ghee in the Oven

    Well I made some crockpot ghee this weekend. After about 3 hours it was the right color. I used a fine mesh colander lined with double cheesecloth and strained it twice to make sure any ick was out. It is beautiful, and was SUPER easy to do! I highly prefer this to the stove method, and it only required minimal supervision in the form of a peek now and then to see how the solids were doing.
  3. DesertDebbi

    We did it!

    My son, husband and I are on day 31! Hubby has lost 14lbs, I have lost 8. The kiddo is eating new foods and liking them, plus he is calmer and more able to focus. I also notice a sense of well being and lack of joint pain. Heck.. I am even contemplating EXCERCISE (gasp) once the weather cools down. Personally, I would keep going whole 30 but I know my family is ready for reintroduction of some stuff. So today, we get corn. Frozen corn at lunch.. see how it affects us and then if good we will do corn tortillas with pulled pork at dinner. I know that's not the normal reintro.. but its what they wanted back most of all! So, we are doing our own reintroduction. I personally intend to stick to whole30 as closely as possible as I am enjoying how I feel while on it. However, I do not mind trying some stuff to see if I react.. or not.. so I can plan for enjoying them down the line! Thank you to everyone here who was so supportive, and thank you for this program! FINALLY, something that makes sense!
  4. DesertDebbi

    Making Ghee in the Oven

    No, but I am now wondering if you can crock pot it too....
  5. DesertDebbi

    Hubby had shoulder surgery today...

    Thanks all. He is doing whole30 as support for me, as is my son. He is liking the results though! They weighed him pre op and he has lost between 10-15lbs! His big issue I think is that he was looking forward to reintroducing some foods next week. I keep telling him that its OK to wait longer and do a whole 60 or even a whole rest of our lives! Its funny about the alertness MeadowLily, he was loopy for about 30 minutes. He kept asking me when the doctor was coming and when they were going to do the surgery /grins. Kept telling him they already had! No secrets though... he kept saying he loves us!
  6. They gave him "sugar water" intraveneously, and made him eat a cracker (saltine) before they would give him his medications. He is upset and worried that this means he has to restart his whole 30 (we are on day 24). Thoughts? I know medical supercedes plan, but is that only for medications?
  7. DesertDebbi

    Canning condiments

    /sad face Oh well it was worth a shot!
  8. DesertDebbi

    Canning condiments

    In the interest of saving time I was wondering if anyone has canned the mayo and ketchup, bbq sauce ect. I would prefer making big batches as it is more convenient. If so, any tips?
  9. I want to be supportive and I totally get what you are going through with the food nausea stuff. It sounds to me like your mind and body are throwing some major temper tantrums right now because they want breads and dairy NOW and if they do not get them then you are gonna PAY! What helps me whe I do have issues is writing it out. By involving more of your senses you are reinforcing the good reasons for being on plan. Instead of a negative list try writing down what you LOVE. Here are some of my loves as an example: I love how W30 has gotten rid of my morning aches n pains I love that I am no longer coffee dependant and that I am over craving it I love buffalo chicken salad with the OP ranch and buffalo sauce I love tuna salad made with OP mayo, Apple and celery dice I love chili over baked potatoes I love green grapes and walnuts in a protein salad over a bed of spinach and lettuce I can't get enough of the carnitas with homemade guac and salsa in butter leaf taco shells" By doing this you can remind your body and mind of the tasty stuff. If you salivate your on the right track. Visualization of how GOOD it tastes will Be another weapon in your arsenal. Make a mental commercial of the food, and someone slowly savoring it. Mentally smell it, taste it see it. By picturing yourself doing this it helps reinforce these foods as GOOD to your mind and it can help get you to want to eat these foods not as punishment, but because you honestly DO like them. This isn't a diet. This is a lifestyle change. Think of it like going to a favorite restaurant and picking something different off the menu. All the options are still there, you have chosen something else. NO one is denying you. You are in control!
  10. This weekend my prep looked like this: 4lbs pork made into carnitas for use multiple ways Batch of chili made Fritattas made for hubby work breakfast Protien salad (Greek w/ NO mayo used Italian style W30 dressing) for hubby lunches Paleo muffins for the kiddo Cut up veg for sides Roasted off 2lbs chicken breasts Made ketchup Made double batch of Mayo Made Ranch Made Buffalo Sauce During the week lunches for the kiddo and I will be tuna salad and veggie sticks. My breakfasts will vary:eggs one day leftovers another.. I like to mix it up =P Dinners will involve carnitas: we especially like them with guac and salsa in butter leaf lettuce taco shells, but stuffed in potatoes or on a salad work too. Chili for variety as well. Also if we get tied of the pork I can whip out some buffalo chicken salads super quick!
  11. DesertDebbi

    Low weight picky eater (8yo boy)

    Well he is getting to be a lot less picky. He is now eating fruits and veggies he wouldn't touch before. He loves tuna salad now, and he is asking for seconds almost every meal! It is so nice to see him changing. YES, he misses the goodies. However he is loving all fruit smoothies, and trying new things. Never thought I would see the day my kid WANTED cherries or blueberries or strawberries!
  12. DesertDebbi

    Here I go

    You can do it! Biggest hurdle is committing to it. You have done that now!
  13. DesertDebbi

    Birthday Victory!

    So, I just celebrated my 51st Bday. Instead of dining out, we did a bbq. Hubby grilled steaks and we also made plan compliant sides; "fried" potato slices (his daddy used to make them when they went camping), spinach (with a squeeze of lemon), and sauteed mushrooms in ghee, olive oil and with salt, pepper and garlic to taste. For a special treat... kiwis for "dessert". I was so satisfied with this meal, and did not miss cake at all! I know it probably doesn't sound like much of a victory to many of you, but for YEARS I joked that my 3 best recipes were dine out, order in and drive through. 20 days now on plan, and the only thing I truly feel like I am challenged by is eating so heavy for meal 1. My body is accepting it though, and no more heartburn, no more waking up feeling like a cripple due to inflammation, and feel more capable in the kitchen. My hubby even bragged to a friend that the meals are good!
  14. Was so happy to find these gems today! All organic, and compliant! We had them for dinner and they are delectable! Ingredients: Organic chicken, water, organic basil and spices, organic garlic (powder and fresh), organic paprika, sea salt, celery powder, pork casing and Sodium Lactate. The sodium lactate IS plan approved based on this response in can I have:
  15. DesertDebbi

    Crazy Person's Whole30

    /hug I DO get it. Its not easy for sure. TBH I am stressing about this upcoming week as my hubby is having shoulder surgery. My grill master will be out of commission.. and my HEY can you pick it up for me on the way home guy is bye bye =p