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  1. aprilb

    Complete and utter food boredom

    I also found this thread by googling and I'm only on Day 14!!!!! Very bored!!! Argh!
  2. aprilb

    Help! Not losing weight

    That's what I was going to say. Trust the process. And weight loss is merely one possible positive side effect of this program. If you are measuring your success or failure by a number on a scale, you are bound to be disappointed.
  3. aprilb

    Gas Pocket -- Day 2

    It might even last another day or so, but I feel confident it will pass. (No pun intended.) :-) Just keep that water going to help flush. And double check that your proportions are consistent with the meal template. :-)
  4. aprilb

    Blue apron

    I am also interested in possibly checking this out. I've enjoyed Blue Apron in the past (not while I was on Whole30). I went on the website the other day and had a hard time finding the Whole30 selections ... is that just me? I might have to call them.
  5. aprilb

    Panic that I'll forget

    Its been a while for me, but I think I remember that I have had similar.
  6. aprilb

    Reintroduction Failure :( HELP

    I agree with @ldrolling about needing more space between your reintroductions. That would help. I like the way that Melissa frames the shame issue: it's not about foods being good or bad. Rather, some are more healthy for you than others. Try to remember that. To encourage you: I just finished my second Whole30. After the first one, I literally went right back to eating (and drinking) the way I did before. Certainly not recommended, and I suffered some side effects obviously. During the second round, something clicked that hadn't before. I bought in to the change. I accepted a new way of life. I loved how I felt more than I loved the foods that I previously thought I'd just die without. I say this to remind you that it's a process. For some, they do a Whole30 and never look back. My guess is that there are MANY others that struggle and fight their way to food freedom with some lapses (and recoveries) along the way. Give yourself some grace. Maybe a reboot for a couple of days or week, and then re-evaluate. But don't lose heart.
  7. So true on all counts, @perceivingperdita and thank you for not being judgy with my tantrum. I think part of the issue is that I'm coming down with something (probably the cold my husband had last weekend) and I'm feeling the strain of keeping the house rolling in all areas while I'm not feeling my best. I will get over it, and you're right ... our great grandmas did not have these options and they put on their big girl panties and handled it!!
  8. ... convenience. I may take some heat for being real here, but this is hitting me. Eating real food, all the time, is constant work. The planning. The shopping. (And its not a one-stop-shop for the best quality.) The dishes. And just when the dishes get done, its about time to start gearing up for the next round. Don't get me wrong. I love cooking! So much so that I blog about it. But on Friday nights? Yeah I'll readily admit that this used to be the night we would call in a pizza order or visit the greasy taqueria down the street for some down-n-dirty tacos and enchiladas. And now I can't do that. Maybe ever again. At least not once a week! That's for damn sure! So I love how I feel. I love how well I sleep. I'm not going to go running off program, BECAUSE all of the benefits far outweigh the pain-in-the-ass part of this new lifestyle. But I do miss the state of blissful ignorance. That is gone. Pandora's box has been opened and I can never go back. At the same time, I don't WANT to ever go back to living how I did before. But sometimes ... I miss just having an easy night. There is my rant. Go ahead and tell me I need to "reframe" this and get myself an attitude adjustment. I already know I need to. And I will. But for right now I just need a small temper tantrum. LOL
  9. aprilb

    legumes and insomnia

    It's definitely worth exploring. I had a poor reaction yesterday as well but I inadvertently ate some chips that had rice bran flour and yeast extract so I'm having a hard time pinpointing the cause. My situation is a little different but I'm going to go back to Whole30 straight up for a couple of days before I do another reintroduction and you may want to do the same. I may even give legumes another shot just so I can see if it is actually them that made me feel so bad yesterday.
  10. @cottagequeen It is crazy. After both rounds of Whole30 I've been SUPER sensitive to every little thing (see my post in this forum) and my husband actually said tonight that I need to be careful to not become a hypochondriac. Back to straight up Whole30 tomorrow.
  11. I want to cry. I feel AWFUL. Nausea, headache and extreme lethargy. I reintroduced legumes today. Peanut butter this morning. For lunch I had some organic hummus with organic Kettle chips (ingredients attached) for lunch. I felt very tired this afternoon and took a nap. I chalked that up to having a hard night with my son being up a lot last night. However, I did a workout this afternoon and by the end of it I was nearly puking. Not because of the workout. I'm used to that! It's either the legumes or the chips or both and I'm SO disappointed that when I read the ingredients a few days ago I didn't notice the yeast extract or brown rice flour! I'm mad at myself for doing that and also I feel like garbage and I'm really hoping this passes quickly and that I haven't sabotaged my reintroduction!
  12. Same here! PB with breakfast and hummus with lunch and I am SUPER nauseated after my afternoon workout! I want to cry!
  13. aprilb

    When to reintroduce wine

    I'm going to wait until after I've reintroduced the 4 main groups simply for the reason that I don't want to be confused about what is having an impact on me. IE: Was it the cheese or the wine that are making me tired the next day? Etc.. I'm treating it as its own separate group and doing it last.
  14. aprilb

    Gluten or Alcohol - So Sick

    I'm stealing this!