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  1. quick breakfast ideas beyond eggs

    Recently, I've been making these, which are easy to vary: Egg Veggie Muffins 350 F; makes 12 muffins Cherry Tomatoes, cut up Large handful fresh baby spinach, chopped Jarred chopped jalapenos, or chopped sauteed bell peppers and/or onion Other leftover cooked veggies (Broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, etc.) Leftover chicken, or any cooked meat, diced or crumbled (Recently I used Applegate ham diced) Seasonings such as salt, cumin, taco seasoning, Frank's hot sauce, etc. 6 eggs beaten with small amount of water Divide veggies into 12 muffin cups (silicone works best; this will stick to paper liners). Beat eggs and seasonings together, and pour evenly over veggies into muffin cups. Bake for about 20 minutes until set. Could try other veggies; salsa; sliced olives, tomato paste; other seasonings depending on the flavor you want. We allow 3 per serving and bag up the rest for a quick breakfast; I even like them cold!
  2. Mayo and Ranch Dressing in One Session

    Yeah, it's mostly the icky name, but I don't like the idea of that much coconut milk in a salad dressing either. :-) Stephanie
  3. Mayo and Ranch Dressing in One Session

    I love the Whole30 Mayo recipe and have had good success with it most of the time. The only failure I've had was when trying to make a double batch, so I generally make a single batch at a time. (I make mine in a regular old blender.) Today I decided to try an experiment. First, I made my usual single batch of mayo in the blender, and it was perfect. I dumped out all I could into a container to go in the fridge. Then, without cleaning out the blender, I added the ingredients for another batch of mayo and blended it up. It too turned out perfectly. After adding the lemon, I added about a teaspoon of homemade ranch seasoning mix that I found here: I blended that lightly and threw it in a separate container. Voila! Regular mayo and ranch dressing in about five minutes, and only one cleaning of the blender. Frankly, the idea of Dump Ranch turns my stomach, and this dry seasoning mix was easy to make and will last along time. Cheers, Stephanie
  4. Help me make softer meatballs!

    I always add water to the meat mixture; I saw a chef on TV once who did that to make his meatballs more tender.
  5. PSA: Don't Get Lost!

    Thank you for doing all you can to help us! It can't be easy... and yet you remain kind and supportive! Thank you! Stephanie
  6. Starting New and Feel Unprepared

    You'll be fine! We started on the spur of the moment in July 2016, and it was very successful. Just keep it simple. Planning to start another round in 2018 after the holidays, a cruise, my birthday, and Super Bowl are behind us! People seem intent on buying lots of prepared foods, and I would say forget that and go with the simpler, the better. Stephanie
  7. Mandarin oranges in 100% juice

    Concentrated grape juice can be a pretty strong sugar hit. I remember watching for labels saying "packed in fruit juice" when buying packaged fruit cups for my kids, and feeling cheated that the fruit juice wasn't from the actual fruit itself. Using concentrated grape juice is a way of making it sweet while still being able to call it 100% fruit juice. So I'd use care if the sweetness is a trigger. Stephanie
  8. How often do you grocery shop?

    I'm leery of grocery store sprouts; it seems like there are ongoing issues with contamination. Years ago I used to grow my own sprouts... that might be something to consider if you really like sprouts! It's pretty easy. Amazon has sprouting kits... of course! They have everything. :-) Stephanie
  9. Whole30 Christmahannukwanzadan List 2017

    Good quality chopping knife (This is my daily essential, and it's totally worth paying for quality) Vegetable peeler Silicone muffin pan Stephanie
  10. Dijon Mustard

    Yes, I bought Woodstock brand at my health food store and it was compliant. Not sure what's available overseas, however. Stephanie
  11. Dijon Mustard

    Another thread here said to avoid anything with sulfites: You could try making a dressing using dry mustard powder, just a pinch, with olive oil and vinegar, salt, pepper, and other dry herbs and/or spices you have in the house. Or sometimes I just drizzle a little oil and fresh lemon juice on my salad. Good luck! Stephanie
  12. Pumpkin Curry Soup

    I made a Pumpkin Curry Soup today that was really tasty. I used a small pie pumpkin, and the texture was so lovely; it was much nicer than butternut squash and/or sweet potato. Cut a small "pie" pumpkin in half, scoop out the seeds and fibers, put cut side down on a sheet pan, and roast at 375F for about an hour. Let cool and scoop out flesh. In a large saucepan, saute an onion in ghee, and add some curry, cumin, garlic, cayenne pepper, salt, and other spices you like, such as cinnamon. Add about 3-4 cups of homemade chicken stock, the pumpkin, and a can (or tera-pack) of coconut milk, and mash together. Add some browned ground beef if you like, or you could add some chicken, or use veggie stock and leave out the protein for a vegan dish. Heat and serve When I make butternut or sweet potato soup, I usually whirl in the blender, but this was so silky and heavenly, mashing it was enough, And canned pumpkin (NOT pie filling) could substitute for the fresh pumpkin. Stephanie
  13. Brussels Sprouts

    Brussels Sprouts are amazing tossed in olive oil and roasted on a sheet pan at 400F for 20-ish minutes. Nothing wrong with adding a little bacon of course, but they are great on their own.
  14. Veggies

    I still think summer squash and zucchini are gross after cooking, unless you get a lot of the water out of them. They're much better raw, and even better if salted, drained, and rinsed to get out the watery texture. I love roasted cauliflower; just toss the florets in olive oil and bake on a sheet pan at 400F for 15-20 minutes. It's also good lightly steamed, and then tossed in lemon and olive oil, maybe with some Kalamata olives, capers, and pine nuts. I think a lot of us grew up on overcooked vegetables. But now we have an opportunity to re-learn how good vegetables are meant to be when they're treated simply. Stephanie
  15. cream of soup alternative

    One of my favorite sauces is to take homemade stock, and reduce it over high heat until it's thickened and the flavor has intensified. It makes sort of a "gravy." A little tomato paste can also deepen the flavor, or some coconut milk can make it more creamy. (A little late for tonight's supper...) Stephanie