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  1. Bellmaestra

    Where have all the people gone?

    Favorite movie ever. Stephanie
  2. Bellmaestra

    The Great Ghee Debate

    I love this quote: “Preach not to others what they should eat, but eat as becomes you and be silent." --Epictetus Stephanie
  3. Kind of sad when the popularity of Whole30 leads to price gouging... I like the "So Delicious Culinary Coconut Milk" to use in recipes; it's sold in convenient tetra packs so it's easy to store the leftovers. I've been buying it on Amazon. Last time I bought it, a 4-pack was $18.99 (Pretty high already); yesterday I tried to order it and a 4 pack was $39.99!!! I know I can find it elsewhere... I just love to shop online because sometimes I'm just too busy to get out. Oh well. Stephanie
  4. Bellmaestra

    Poland Spring Bottled water

    The struggle is real! :-) Stephanie
  5. Bellmaestra

    Poland Spring Bottled water

    That article was satire; the author is a comedian. The humor was lost on me, to be honest. As a resident of Michigan where some citizens have no access to clean water, while Nestle is pumping millions of gallons of our clean fresh water for their own profit, I implore people to drink tap water or filtered water from reusable bottles. Sorry to get on a soapbox... Stephanie
  6. Bellmaestra

    Help with easy to prep meal ideas

    One of my splurges is to buy fresh veggies that have already been cleaned and cut up: green beans, cauliflower, broccoli, or even a mixed veg like a cauli-broccoli mix. I buy new potatoes or small Yukon gold potatoes that don't need to be peeled. Then I use them as part of a roasted sheet-pan supper. Heat your oven to 350F. In a big bowl, toss veg of your choice in a little olive oil and desired seasoning, and arrange along one long side of a sheet pan. Toss a few cut up new potatoes in oil and seasoning, and arrange along the other side. Toss boneless chicken thighs, or sliced compliant sausage, in oil and seasonings, and arrange between the veg and potatoes. This all will take you about 5 minutes! Pop in the oven and let roast for 30 minutes while you go watch the news, read a book, or toss a green salad. Voila: instant supper! And the leftovers work great for breakfast in a scramble, omelet, or hash; you name it. Stephanie
  7. Bellmaestra

    So Delicious Culinary Coconut Milk

    I buy this all the time; it's great and the package size is perfect. My health food store carries it, and I also get it from Amazon. Stephanie
  8. Bellmaestra

    Mayo help!

    I've found that some days I use less or more EVOO that others... don't know if it's a humidity or atmosphere thing, but I reserve about a cup of oil and add it gradually. You'll hear a change in the sound of the blender as it begins to emulsify. When that happens, I don't try to add more oil... If I do, that's when it breaks and I get soup. Yuck! Also, I warm my egg in a cup of hot water to bring it to room temperature quickly. Usually I don't feel like waiting when I'm in the mood to make mayo! Stephanie
  9. Bellmaestra

    quick breakfast ideas beyond eggs

    Recently, I've been making these, which are easy to vary: Egg Veggie Muffins 350 F; makes 12 muffins Cherry Tomatoes, cut up Large handful fresh baby spinach, chopped Jarred chopped jalapenos, or chopped sauteed bell peppers and/or onion Other leftover cooked veggies (Broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, etc.) Leftover chicken, or any cooked meat, diced or crumbled (Recently I used Applegate ham diced) Seasonings such as salt, cumin, taco seasoning, Frank's hot sauce, etc. 6 eggs beaten with small amount of water Divide veggies into 12 muffin cups (silicone works best; this will stick to paper liners). Beat eggs and seasonings together, and pour evenly over veggies into muffin cups. Bake for about 20 minutes until set. Could try other veggies; salsa; sliced olives, tomato paste; other seasonings depending on the flavor you want. We allow 3 per serving and bag up the rest for a quick breakfast; I even like them cold!
  10. Bellmaestra

    Mayo and Ranch Dressing in One Session

    Yeah, it's mostly the icky name, but I don't like the idea of that much coconut milk in a salad dressing either. :-) Stephanie
  11. Bellmaestra

    Mayo and Ranch Dressing in One Session

    I love the Whole30 Mayo recipe and have had good success with it most of the time. The only failure I've had was when trying to make a double batch, so I generally make a single batch at a time. (I make mine in a regular old blender.) Today I decided to try an experiment. First, I made my usual single batch of mayo in the blender, and it was perfect. I dumped out all I could into a container to go in the fridge. Then, without cleaning out the blender, I added the ingredients for another batch of mayo and blended it up. It too turned out perfectly. After adding the lemon, I added about a teaspoon of homemade ranch seasoning mix that I found here: I blended that lightly and threw it in a separate container. Voila! Regular mayo and ranch dressing in about five minutes, and only one cleaning of the blender. Frankly, the idea of Dump Ranch turns my stomach, and this dry seasoning mix was easy to make and will last along time. Cheers, Stephanie
  12. Bellmaestra

    Help me make softer meatballs!

    I always add water to the meat mixture; I saw a chef on TV once who did that to make his meatballs more tender.
  13. Bellmaestra

    PSA: Don't Get Lost!

    Thank you for doing all you can to help us! It can't be easy... and yet you remain kind and supportive! Thank you! Stephanie
  14. Bellmaestra

    Whole30 Christmahannukwanzadan List 2017

    Good quality chopping knife (This is my daily essential, and it's totally worth paying for quality) Vegetable peeler Silicone muffin pan Stephanie
  15. Bellmaestra

    Failed Mayo 101

    I don't measure the "light tasting" OO exactly. I make sure I have at least a cup or so ready to add, but mostly I just pour it right from the bottle. The bottle holds about 2 cups, and I use half the bottle. I make it in a plain old blender and drizzle the oil in gradually. There's a point at which you hear the motor speed change as the ingredients emulsify. Once it thickens, I don't add any more oil. Some days it takes more oil, some days it takes less. I add the lemon juice afterward. I've had a couple fails, but most of the time it turns out fine. I sure love the stuff! Stephanie