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  1. I love y’all but I’m getting some gluten free grains for reintroduction. Sorry but for me, it IS about the pasta! Things that will stick: proper breakfast (though I cannot even look at an egg rn), the meal template in general and I’m not going back to drinking soda. I will not be reintroducing gluten or dairy.
  2. I’m on a tablet so I can’t hover. The site is a little wonky on my tablet, it’s hard to bring up the menu under the whole 30 link.
  3. I really wish, when you’re on the forum and you click the “home” link it sent you to the forum homepage, NOT the whole 30 main page. Because that makes no sense. I know it’s just a little thing but it drives me crazy! Especially because when you’re at the homepage there is no link to the forum.
  4. An air fryer is basically just a small oven. You can make really anything in it.
  5. Can you be more specific? Are you talking taking pasta sauce (I assume you mean marinara), fresh broccoli, and chicken breast and throwing the whole thing in the freezer and then putting all that into a crockpot? Because 1. You have to blanch broccoli before you freeze it and 2. That would turn into a bowl of mush.
  6. Flavored sparkling water (La Croix, Bubbly) is my saving grace. I don’t like it as much as I liked soda, but it’s fine for now. It got me off the soda at least. I also love turmeric tea with lemon. I had the same experience as Jihanna, detox was awful. I had a headache, my cravings were off the charts and I was exhausted. I slept a lot. But it passed and now I’m feeling lots better. I don’t even crave soda anymore.
  7. Chicken salad on romaine lettuce, sweet potato wedges.
  8. Thank you @ShannonM816 for explaining this!
  9. Crock pot meat marinara sauce on zoodles.
  10. I don’t think $20 for a meal planning app is worth it at all. I prefer to just do it myself. But then, I don’t work so I have time.
  11. I took a sip of beer a week or two in. Someone offered and I forgot for a second. I was so pissed I’d have to start over -and I was having a really hard time with the program- that I gave up entirely. Now it’s three years later and I’m 50 lbs heavier. So if it’s between continuing or giving up, I mean, isn’t it better to continue?
  12. Oh! Lightbulb! I wasn’t eating enough eggs on my first whole 30. No wonder I was so hungry.
  13. Tessamae’s is my favorite compliant ketchup. It’s stupid expensive, but totally delicious. You can get it on Amazon.
  14. My period was incredibly late this month, and I didn't even finish my first whole 30 (though I've remained as compliant as possible). Like, I am on the pill and it was 7 days after taking my last active pill that my period finally started. And it only lasted 2 days. I was definitely odd.
  15. I am curious about this topic as well. I'm on the pill (ortho cyclen) and it would be quite unusual for me to have a period when it's not my scheduled time. Hmm. I'm completely mid cycle right now. On day 3 of the Whole 30.