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  1. Start February 13th

    @RebeccaM you won't regret completing a whole30. I am 25 weeks pregnant and owe getting pregnant at 34 in my first month of trying to whole30. I had my AMH tested in May 2016 to see where we stood in terms of my egg reserves. My score came back at a 12 & my physician told me not to wait a year. My husband and I started trying at the end of August 2016 and I got pregnant straight away! I completed my first whole30 on August 24 and the official first day of my pregnancy is August 29. I've never felt so good. Need to get back into whole30 for longer than 3 days.
  2. I just cant!!

    How are you doing now @KristenNash? I'm 7.5 weeks. I had morning sickness for 3 weeks; but last 2 days I've felt great. Now I want to get back on track... I got pregnant immediately after doing my first whole30 in our first month of trying. I'm praying all goes well with the little bean. But I need to stop eating chicken nuggets and corn chips and guac I'm here if you need someone to talk to in the same boat as you!
  3. Starting Whole30 on July 25th!

    Well done @MuseM !!!!!! 15 pounds is incredible - you must feel so good!!! I get back to Nola on the 19th of September so I will be looking to do another whole30 around that time. I hope to find you on here again. Your children must be also so thrilled to have you playing with them and not watching from the sidelines. I bet your crossfit lifts improved as well. I also hate that I'm not doing strict re-intros but am just so thankful that I found the program!! Again WELL DONE. @Whiplash Congratulations on losing 14 pounds!!!!! That's amazing. You must feel better by not having to carry extra weight everyday..?! Such a shame you didn't get any NSV's but as they say it's not the answer for everyone. Enjoy your glass of wine tonight!! Well deserved. YAY!!!
  4. Starting Whole30 on July 25th!

    @Carli I'm not really happy about the 6 hours of sleep - I was up at 4:40am this morning. But I'm just shooting up awake at that time. It is messing with me though because I'm not eating breakfast until 6:30/7 and that is not within an hour of waking. I used to be a 9 hour girl! I want to sleep in!!!! I have had some really good benefits but I am certain I could of benefited from another 30 days. I have ulcerative colitis and I think I need to do some more healing in my gut. We are headed on vacation today so I am going to stay away from dairy (should be easy in asia), reintroduce rice, and soy, and alcohol, and see how I go. As soon as we get home I am going to do another round - I may even try and do a whole60. I am hoping to get pregnant by the end of the year so I want to be as healthy as possible. I hope your tummy settles - I wonder if you have some underlying issue? Or it could just be a lot of healing taking place. 3% fat loss is awesome!! I agree that I understand more about what a balanced diet looks like! This program has really been of huge benefit to me. I look forward to hearing what you discover in your extension - will you continue to post in this thread?? I will keep checking back :-)
  5. Starting Whole30 on July 25th!

    ok ladies I really quickly jotted down these dot points and I'm going to paste them below. Originally I really wanted to lose those last 10 pounds *eyeroll* but I've realized that this program is much more than that. I'm feeling some relief in my back but I still look ridiculously twisted. And constipated from the opioids ... awesome! TMI I know sorry! Hope everyone has a great last day; thank you to each and everyone of you for your support. NSV Emotional stabilized moods my self talk has been a little kinder with not some much emphasis on my weight Less bad day or good day based on the scales Food freedom - no sugar rewards or celebration Not using alcohol as a crux when there is a problem or driving straight into alcohol as a celebration Physical Skin looks really clear Stomach is less bloated Bowel is happy Energy I am running on about 6 hours of sleep - don’t seem to need anymore Less tired My back hates me - I think I need to change the way I work out. More pilates and yoga rather than this lift heavy ‘beast mode’ business Environmental So pleased about my reduced impact on the environment I bought less pre packaged foods and no condiments, pastes, sauces therefore less waste Other Tried new recipes and new vegetables Made homemade mayonnaise and it tastes amazing and so easy to do My big take away A lot of women would love to be my size. I’m already slim and healthy. I can walk into any shop and get something that will fit. The size of the clothing doesn’t matter and how much I weigh doesn’t matter. What matters is nourishing my body so that it can function at 100%. Starving myself to be at high school weight does not matter!!!!
  6. Starting Whole30 on July 25th!

    Carli this is not pleasant Are you thinking of extending? Have you seen the autoimmune protocol? http://www.thepaleomom.com/the-autoimmune-protocol/ I read about it on this blog.
  7. Starting Whole30 on July 25th!

    @Gigi In NOLA I feel for you! Sending lots of love. I am sure this wasn't easy but maybe this will be your biggest NSV.... loosing 180 pounds or there abouts. I wonder if this program helped you see that the relationship wasn't right for you? Break ups are never easy but now you get to move forward to something better and hopefully very positive. The meal planning will be a good distraction in the mean time. Take care and I look forward to hearing your NSV's.
  8. Starting Whole30 on July 25th!

    @emmers and @MuseM thank you for your well wishes. The pain meds are really strong wow. Some nausea and not eating as per the template. @Carli I think tomatoes are fine. I definitely am very sensitive to lots of avocado and I think some people can have an allergy to it..? Play around with the fodmaps. A big thing for me was not having lots in the one meal. In the beginning I was having mushrooms, avocado, and sweet potato (borderline fodmap) for breakfast and the combo was really causing some digestive distress. I'm going to do a bit of reflecting and i'll report some NSV's tomorrow..
  9. Starting Whole30 on July 25th!

    You guys bad day here for me.... don't worry I'm still 100% compliant foods. I had to go to urgent care this morning. Massive flare up of my back problems (3 disc bulges). I think I did something wrong at the gym. Anyway I am on corticosteroids and some heavy pain relief for a week. I'm really wiped out right now and I guess... sad. I'm freaking out that I will have fluid retention and possible weight gain from the steroids but trying to reason with myself that it's unlikely being such a short course (6 days tapered). Also this has rendered me quite inactive - I'm guessing for a few days too. Maybe just another indicator to stay off the scales at the end???? Well just wanted to share some of my misery! I am going to stick to compliant foods and get as close to the meal template as possible. Hang in there everyone. @teachermama I've been dreaming about oatmeal which is kinda weird considering I hardly eat it!
  10. Starting Whole30 on July 25th!

    @MuseM I really hope it passes quickly and you feel better soon!! Sending heaps of healing vibes. welcome @RKJ13 !!! Unfortunately I am going on vacation on the 24th so I am not even going to do the re-intros properly But i'll be back at the end of september to do it all over again!
  11. Starting Whole30 on July 25th!

    @Whiplash I am EXACTLY the same!!!! Earlier in this thread I said I was reluctant to weigh myself at the end of the 30 days. I have a long history of rewarding my sugar dragon when the number is 'good' or beating myself up when the number is perceived to be 'bad'. Good luck over the next few days. Starve that sugar dragon again
  12. Starting Whole30 on July 25th!

    @Whiplash I just read you got on the scales... I am assuming there was a reduction in number... Was the chocolate to celebrate? I'm just interested as I regularly 'reward' myself with sugar.
  13. Starting Whole30 on July 25th!

    OH NO! Chin up @Whiplash continue on and maybe make plans to do another whole30??
  14. Starting Whole30 on July 25th!

    thanks @ShannonM816 I woke up ravenous this morning and I've got some nice atlantic salmon fillets for dinner. I think i've turned a corner. This forum is such a great support. I'm so pumped to know that I have nearly (meal 3 to go) completed 25 days!!! Every day we get to make choices and I'm so proud that for the last 25 days I have made the choice to put my body first and stay true to the program. Woo hoo Ladies - we are nearly there!!!! Keep going strong everyone. I'll definitely be back after vacation so I can do another round and the re-introductions properly.
  15. Starting Whole30 on July 25th!

    Anyone got any tips for food apathy??? It started last night - I managed to eat a small chicken thigh and probably what amounted to one roasted carrot with some homemade mayo. I woke this morning with zero hunger; I had a black coffee and opted not to eat breakfast (I know so bad!!!) I've just eaten another chicken thigh, mayo, zucchini, lettuce, cherry tomato - I seriously had to force feed myself... I wasn't hungry and the thought of eating blegh Feeling ok otherwise