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  1. "Don't be an idiot like me"

    So sorry you had to experience that!! But, you have a very witty way with words!! I look forward to reading more about your "Adventures in Re-Introduction Land". Running off to check out your blog!
  2. Starting in February, With Many Obstacles

    Sounds like you're off to a great start!! Congrats!!
  3. So, how DO I release excess weight?

    Funny thing, I recently developed sciatica, and the chiro has said no lifting. Guess what the only thing I want to do is? LOL!! I'm looking forward to getting back into exercise as soon as I can! But, to go along with my original post, it's just continuing to be hard for me. I'm now on day 34, and it's so hard to read success stories from "normal weight" folks who have lost 8-10-12 lbs. in a Whole30. To be honest, I'm feeling a little helpless. Between my lack of weight release, this unrelenting loose bm thing, and the sciatica, I just want to bury myself in a block of cheese.
  4. I'm a consultant, live out of a hotel M-Th...HELP!

    Although I didn't see them last week, in the past I've purchased individual chicken breasts from TJ's that are chicken, olive oil, salt and pepper. The pack of red/yellow/orange bell peppers is great! Bags of lettuce and baby spinach along with a package of cherry tomatoes for salads. Canned tuna in olive oil, sardines (I haven't tried these, but others have mentioned them). Good luck!! I look forward to reading more suggestions in this thread!
  5. Commitment = Success!!

  6. I also hope you'll reconsider and continue sharing your truth. "Triggers" are very personal, and belong to the "triggered". We never know what triggers another person, and it's NOT YOU doing the triggering. Those sharing their sensitivities are also to be commended for sharing their truth. We all have a rare opportunity in this community to share and discover new ways of living, whether it's eating a new way, accepting ourselves IN THIS MOMENT and working toward a more healthy future, or just feeling fantastic and full of energy for life. I also have a long and varied dieting history, with adult weight ranging from 160 to 114 to 240 to 145 and now 190. Talk about a yo-yo! I am truly benefiting from reading the courageous words here, and I hope all will continue to contribute.
  7. So, how DO I release excess weight?

    Thanks so much for the reply!! Late summer I put on 20lbs. in about 6 weeks, and my hot flashes suddenly returned (I started having them 2 1/2 years ago and my gyno put me on a combination of non-soy herbal supplements which worked for a while). That's when I went for the bhrt. I thought it would HELP weight release!! Thyroid is fine, been checked (full work-up) w/in the last year. Activity is spotty, I've slacked the last couple of months, but my normal is about 3-4 days a week, cardio movement and weights (fairly heavy, Chalean Extreme style). I guess I was hoping for *something* by now, but I'll just stick it out to day 100 and re-evaluate.
  8. I know the Whole30 isn't about weight release, and I have resisted weighing myself. However, I am around 50lbs. overweight, and I NEED to let it go. My back is giving me problems, I feel big and lumbering (and un-sexy), my clothes don't fit. Over and over I see and read that weight loss isn't the goal. I'm committed to a Whole 100. Today is day 21. I've been following the meal guidelines as far as portions. But, my clothes fit exactly the same, and I don't feel much better than when I started. Granted, by diet was moderately clean to start with...but I was hoping for a little of the magic. I realize that my history of obesity - interspersed with some periods of normal weight - might mean I need the entire 100 days to see a difference. I guess what I'm wondering is if there is any SAFE and COMPLIANT way to create a deficit to release excess weight. I'm 50, menopausal, on bio-identical hrt but no other meds. I take fish oil, vit D3 and vit C. Thanks for helping!
  9. Friends who want to go "semi" paleo, is that legit?

    Friend 2 sounds a lot like The Perfect Health Diet book. I agree with everyone, some people need baby steps.
  10. An Amazing Kale Salad

    Nom nom!! Might have to re-think my "no kale" vow!! Do you think it would be ok to remove and discard those fibrous ribs?
  11. I keep thinking I should just give up...

    Chelle, I hope you'll take this in the spirit intended...you need to at least try to do what Renee is suggesting. STOP juicing!! No juice for a Whole30. I don't know if it's the whole issue for you, but you are asking for advice and then continuing to go with your intuition. I'm posting this because I do the same thing!! Not with juicing, but I do a lot of research and then think I "know best" and continue to fail to get results/reach my goals. Sometimes we need to surrender to the process and just DO IT. I wish you all the best!!
  12. Eliminating eggs.

    I'm sure a mod will be by soon, but in the meantime, you might want to look at eggs other than chicken's eggs. I think I read here (but it might have been somewhere else) that duck's eggs are often fine for people who can't eat chicken's eggs for some reason. Good luck!!
  13. Everyone's body is different, everyone's "pre-Whole30" diet is different, so it might just be that you will take a little longer to "detox". Don't give up!! Extra water is always a good idea for headaches! What foods are you eating? Maybe post some food logs so the experts can help you.
  14. How did you find Whole30?

    And it was this group that led me to Whole30, and the Whole9life site! I lost weight on that program as well (95 lbs), but floundered at maintenance and now need to re-lose about 50. Sad, but I'm glad I'm here now!
  15. Well, here's what I understand from reading here for a while. If fruit and sweets are your dragon, you need to limit or eliminate them. For people without the sweet tooth, 1 to 2 a day, incorporated into meals, seems to be what works best.