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  1. Starting August 1!

    Hey all of you great people in here, I'm joining! Just got back from a "workation" (ten days of work, five days vacation) in lovely Brasil, where I derailed way too much - now feeling bloated, put on some sugar-booze-carbs pounds that were unnecessary and my skin is showing me its middle finger as well. All in all, time for my third Whole30. Not much clearing to be done as pantry and fridge were emptied before I left Detoxing right now and preparing - I know the prepping is also one of my week spots, as for many others here. I do eat tons of raw veggies though, my favorite no-prep lunch being raw veggies with guacamole and hard-boiled eggs. As a side comment for those debating whether to get the book: It is totally worth it - I have read A LOT about nutrition in my life and still learned a lot from it. Looking forward to supporting and being supported - thumbs up for prepping days
  2. Day 16 No noticeable weight loss.

    Tasha Bird and others, thanks for sharing, having same trouble, but just reading your posts re-encourages me to stick with what I am doing. Mental note to self: Be patient, have less nuts & fruit, sleep more! Have a great day you all
  3. Start date: March 20th

    Hey golden, great that you feel better energy- and mood-wise! Happy to hear that! I understand that you might be a little concerned or simply a little annoyed by that digestion issue. Do you feel you still need additional digestive enzymes to get your digestion going? It looks as if it is working pretty well Maybe the additional enzymes are too much now. My digestion works fairly well, too, but luckily I haven't had to get up in the middle of the night yet for it. I'm pretty sure your body is adjusting well. Enjoy your day!
  4. Start date: March 20th

    I feel with you. Here is a big hug for you!
  5. Start date: March 20th

    Hey golden, back again from my trip to Red Rocks - I feel good so far, thank you. Bit of an emotional up and down, but less due to the W30 than just all the changes going on in my life right now. I decided I am going to extend to a W100. Wish me luck How are you?
  6. Starting my W30 journey March 18!

    Let us know in case you find one - got a little upset at the supermarket yesterday cause I couldn't find ANY!
  7. Start date: March 20th

    Yes, I agree, it is normal, no worries. I also feel a little sluggish.
  8. Start date: March 20th

    Ok, I'm happy you are better. For the feeling stuffed: I know that, I'm still learning to listen as well. One of my issues is that I eat too fast because I already think of the next things I want to get done while I should just enjoy my food, so that's a thing I'm working on right now. As Granny used to say "chew thirty times" And: Water! Yes! I feel I need more water on W30.
  9. Start date: March 20th

    Hi Golden, Not necessarily better but I can agree to what W.J. said. Make sure you get enough sleep - it is normal that you have a slump during the first week, depending on how many carb-intense foods you were relying on before it might take 2 weeks, but I promise it will improve. I also have that issue of getting tired of so much animal protein and I try the same as W.J. - just have some salmon in between. What works pretty well for me is for three meals a day I would have eggs one time, meat (white or red) one time, and fish or shrimps one time. If that is too much cooking, you can at least alternate the days. Hang in there, you will feel tiger blood soon, just make sure you get the rest your body needs. Hugs!
  10. Starting my W30 journey March 18!

    Hey Tamara, I feel with you - I started again on March 21st (luckily only after 2 days) because I realized with the first bite of sun butter that it contained sugar. Oh well, there we go. I am sure this time you'll manage! And me, too. We are strong, as everyone else in this thread by the way Spirit's up!
  11. Start date: March 20th

    Yep, completely normal, both: headache and sweets you don't even used to like a lot
  12. Start date: March 20th

    Hi W.J., sounds good to me! Engineering? Nice - informatics on my side I am at UCI. If the ground meat leftover was little, then you might want to have a second egg in that breakfast to make sure you have enough protein. And if you don't like cooking more veggies in the morning, there are also many that I like to snack raw. Baby carrots or snow peas are some of my favorit "morning veggies". The amount of fruit in there sounds alright to me as you didn't have any sweet potato or the like. Your "pragmatic approach on the formula" seems to work well so far - keep going and post your meals if you'd like me to have a look at them (not because I am the expert, just because a second pair of eyes often helps). People are always questioning, I know, and the feeling you have to defend is not nice. Just remember that most of them are likely to question because they care about your well-being. Just tell them that this is your experiment phase and you will be happy to tell them in a couple of weeks when you have figured out how well it works for you. That is a strategy that has at least worked for me to postpone too many enquiries in a very short time, and after two weeks, when people already see a difference, they will simply congratulate that you seem to have found a way that works well for you (and maybe want to know some more details). Enjoy your weekend!
  13. Start date: March 20th

    Hi W.J., this is normal. Many people either feel increased hunger or hardly any appetite. Happened to me during my first W30 as well. Have you read the book already? It does a very good job on explaining why this is likely to happen. (I strongly suggest buying it, which I didn't do for my first W30 and made it through, but now I did buy it for my second W30 and I feel a deepening of my understanding. I also want to know the "science-y stuff" behind it as I am a researcher, something you might also be interested in as you are a PhD student.) The short story about "no appetite" is that the hormones in your body are most likely out of balance right now and with the new way of eating, the body has to adjust and repair to get back to balance and the appetite will come back. It is important for you to put proper food into your body until then, even if you don't feel that much appetite. But as you report that the recipes are delicious, it seems you are doing that. So, good job, and keep us updated. Btw: If you were used to eat many carb-loaded foods, you might have slight headaches over the coming days, which is normal, but will go away soon. Sorry, don't mean to discourage, you might also be lucky and not get them at all
  14. Start date: March 20th

    Eww, not so nice - back to Day 0 for me as this morning I made the big mistake of first having a hearty bite of my sweet potato with sunflower seed butter that I had with my omelet - and, guess what, the bloody stuff contains sugar... always read your labels first! Angry at myself, I had the rest of the potato with more of it - sure, that helps After being angry at myself for about ten minutes I sighed and thought to myself: "well, back to day 0 then it is, because I want to keep it 100% clean". There we go, never mind, lucky it was day 2 instead of day 22 Have a great day you guys!
  15. Start date: March 20th

    Hi W.J., golden, podiumchick - I'm in, too. Like podiumchick, I am on Day 2. It is my 2nd Whole 30 and might turn out longer than 30 days. You are welcome to take a look at my 'Project Phoenix' log in the forum to get the whole story. Short version is: Sugar dragon still alive and working on a few minor other things. W.J., my suggestion: When it feels hard, come back to book & forum. We'll be there for you. And get some cool things to cook you never tried, and dare preparing them - it's fun. Looking forward to having a bunch of people on the same timeline! Thumbs up